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10th class is considered as the main educational phase in the student’s life as at this level students choose the group in which they wish to go in future. There are two groups in matric from which students have to choose one group according to their choice of subjects.

These two groups comprises of arts and Science. The science group involves the study of science subjects whereas arts group involves the study of arts subjects. There are total seven subjects that students have to study in 10th class. Out of which four subjects are compulsory whereas the remaining subjects are elective.

The educational boards are responsible for conducting exams at this level. The papers of 10th class of all subjects consist of two sections, objective and subjective. The objective part involves multiple choice questions in it. For this reason, ilmkidunya has introduced the online testing system. This online testing system contains the objective paper of all the subjects.

By getting through this online testing system, students will be able to prepare themselves for their objective type paper is a better way. As the objective type is an important part of the paper and it is necessary for all the aspirants to attempt this section and there is no choice in it.

10th Class English Medium Subjects

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