2nd year, FSc Part 2, 12th Class Video Lectures in Urdu

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In Intermediate part 2 both the private as well as regular students are restricted to study only those subjects which they selected to study at intermediate part 1 level. At this level the aspirants are not permitted to their group or subjects at any cost. Like inter part 1, in inter part 2 the aspirants are also required to study seven subjects 4 compulsory and 3 elective.

The exams of both inter part 1 and inter part 2 conducted individually and the students are require to give their best in both parts in order to obtain good marks. After the successful completion of intermediate level along with the good grades the students will be able to get admission in their desired field of study to get higher education.

Keeping in view the needs of student’s ilmkidunya has also introduced a study section in which the aspirants of all levels will be able to get the online lectures of all subjects.

Here on this page, the students of inter part 2 will be able to get the online lectures of all subjects including English, physics, chemistry, Islamiat, biology and others. Online lectures are of a great importance as an online lecture is an educational lecture which is particularly designed to be posted online. These lectures are recorded in both formats audio as well as video.

The student of inter part 2 who have missed his lecture because of any reason or he has attend his lecture however, didn’t understand it completely can view the online lecture of that subject and topic to understand it completely.

If the lecture that you have attended in your class covers the modern terminology or contains the complicated material in it which must be remembered then the online lectures are an colossal help for you to be able to play back the lecture at their own pace and can view and listen those particular topics again which might not have fully understood in the first time.

Furthermore, if any student has any disability then they may find it difficult to listen to a lecture, process the information, and afterwards make notes in the first attempt. The lecture recording provides an audio and visual record which the aspirants could repeat as many times as they want.

Any part of any lecture and of any subject of inter part 2 can be found easily and it can be played back without any inconvenience here on this page.

The online lectures are also beneficial for the aspirants in a way that the electronic version of the lecture is stored and hence it is not a big issue if handwritten notes of the aspirants are lost.

Watching an online lecture also means that those aspirants who cannot be physically present in a lecture still feel part of the learning community and can watch and hear these tutorials of any subject.


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