The flag of Denmark is designed with a decent Red and White color. The flag features two colors. Legally Denmark has two flags.

The Flag of Denmark is red with a plus sign of White color stripe. The stripes are attached to the edges of the Flag. The width and ratio of the Denmark flag are 28 to 34. The length of the flag might be extended until the ratio is 28 to 37.

History Of Denmark Flag

According to history, the Danish flag fell on the ground from the sky during the war of July 15, 1219. As a result, fate played its role and the Danish arm won the battle and Denmark got this beautiful flag. The Danish flag is one of the oldest flags in history having red and white color.

According to history the country of Denmark was known as Denmark. In Latin words, it is known as Dania. During the war of Denmark, almost 3,000 Danes have died. After the ultimate struggle, they got their national flag.

National Flag of Denmark

The National flag of Denmark is known as “Dannebrog”. The meaning of Dannebrog is well-made stuff and Danish cloth. The flag consists of a red background with a white color stripe that touches the edges of the flag.

References of Denmark Flag

There are many references that we got about the Denmark flag that the flag of Denmark is not uniquely designed. Different states used the same flag for themselves.

Origin Flag of Denmark

The tradition was recorded in the 16th century to trace the origin of the flag. According to history, we got to know that the flag fell from the sky as a result of Danes getting their national flag.

Denmark Flag and Facts

The Danish flag could look plain and beautiful, however, its history is interesting! Cherished by several people, the flag of the Scandinavian country could be a white cross on a red background. We will get to the symbolism later and is analogous in style to those of alternative Scandinavian countries. Most of the countries have the same Scandinavian cross on their flag. Switzerland is no exception.

Color Of Denmark Flag

The flag of Denmark represents two colors that are red and white. These colors represent the various signs that are given below.

  • The red color in the flag represents solidity, bravery, courage
  • The white color in the flag represents calmness and honor.
Color Type Red White
Hex #C60C30 #FFFFFF
RGB (198,12,48) (255,255,255)
CMYK 0,73,59,22 0,0,0,0

Symbolism of the Flag of Denmark

The red color of the flag symbolizes war and the white color of the flag symbolizes the holy cause for which the battle was fought in the country.

Danish Version of Denmark Flag

The Danish version of that war flag is like the banner of swallow that includes a distinctive off-center Scandinavian Cross, The white stripes arms touch the edges of the flag but it's been associated with the state and military. The people failed to build use of the Dannebrog till the center of the nineteenth century. In 1849, throughout the struggle for a constitution.

Danes represent a rectangular type of flag and commenced for the very first time to contemplate it as happiness to the people.

Flag of Denmark Capital

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. Here we will discuss its facts.

  • Copenhagen does not have its flag.
  • Copenhagen has proudly displayed the flag of Denmark without any fear.
  • You can see the flag all over the city while visiting Copenhagen.
  • It seems to be a happy sign for Copenhagen because it almost became its flag.

Shapes of Denmark Flag

This is the shape of the Danish flag that flew throughout the country.

Official Flag of Denmark

  • The official flag of Denmark's color is red.
  • The red color has no official meaning.
  • The merchant flag of Denmark is the same in form and identity.
  • The flag is recognizable the world over as the color of the Danish flag.

Old Flag of Denmark

During the wartime of Europe from the eleventh to thirteenth centuries, the flag of red and white color was in use having no affiliation to Denmark Around the 14th century, it became the Danish flag that makes it one of all the world's oldest national flags in continual use.

The flag of Denmark is very simple. Its design is elegant. There are just two colors that represent Denmark's country. These colors represent the struggle of Denmark's people during the war.

The pre-eminent feature of Denmark is the “Scandinavian cross”. The meaning of the Scandinavian cross is “Simple”. The sign of the Scandinavian cross is used by many countries in their flag to make the flag unique. The Scandinavian cross flag was developed as a symbol of Christianity for Christian and it was used on banners during the war.

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Denmark Flag FAQS

King Valdemar designed the national flag of Denmark.
There are only two colors in the flag of Denmark: Red White
The red color in the flag represents the war in Estonia.
The red color in the flag symbolizes solidity, bravery, and courage.
The white color in the flag shows calmness and honor.
Denmark uses the oldest flag. The Danish flag is known as “Daneborg”.
The specialty of Denmark flag is that: • It is a simple flag having two colors. • The flag is designed with great elegance.
During the war of June, the Danes army won the battle after a lot of hurdles. Meanwhile, a red flag with white stripes fell from the sky towards Danes. As a result, Danes won the battle and got their flag. From that day, the flag is raised all over the country.
The flag color of Denmark is a red color with a white Scandinavian that touches the edges of the flag. The vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side of the flag.
The flag of Denmark is considered to be the oldest flag as its name comes in the Guinness Book of the world because of using the oldest national flag in Denmark. The people use the same flag because, during the war, the flag came down from the sky, and the Danes army got the victory.
If you want to fly another countrys flag in Denmark then you have to pay a fine for that but according to law, it is illegal to fly another countrys flag in Denmark.
The flag of the United Nations and the European flag is allowed to fly in Denmark. Before flying the flag you have to get permission from Denmark Police. You cannot fly the flag whenever or wherever you want.
People used to fly the Denmark flag at special events, birthday parties, and the Danish flag was also flown on the National day of Denmark. You can see a lot of Denmark flags during summer festivals.