Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
15-Jul-24 Nishtar Hospital Multan, Multan 49 Jobs 15-Jul-24 View
20-Jun-24 Multan Waste Management Company (MWMC), Multan 1 Jobs 20-Jun-24 View
11-Jun-24 Garrison Academy, Multan 1 Jobs 11-Jun-24 View
31-May-24 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Multan 3 Jobs 31-May-24 View
22-May-24 Pakistan Army, Multan 8 Jobs 22-May-24 View
13-May-24 The Bank of Khyber, Multan 2 Jobs 13-May-24 View
13-May-24 Ministry of Energy Petroleum Division Govt of Pakistan, Multan 1 Jobs 13-May-24 View
09-May-24 Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, Multan 3 Jobs 09-May-24 View
06-May-24 Frontier Works Organization FWO, Multan 14 Jobs 06-May-24 View
03-May-24 Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), Multan 10 Jobs 03-May-24 View
23-Apr-24 Private Company , Multan 1 Jobs 23-Apr-24 View
16-Apr-24 Ministry of Religious Affairs Govt of Pakistan, Multan 10 Jobs 16-Apr-24 View
04-Apr-24 Government Company, Multan 10 Jobs 04-Apr-24 View
22-Mar-24 Health Department Govt of Punjab, Multan 200 Jobs 22-Mar-24 View
20-Mar-24 The Next College, Multan 11 Jobs 20-Mar-24 View
19-Mar-24 National University of Modern Languages, Multan 2 Jobs 19-Mar-24 View
11-Mar-24 Punjab Police, Multan 8 Jobs 11-Mar-24 View
27-Feb-24 Punjab Masstransit Authority (PMA), Multan 1 Jobs 27-Feb-24 View
23-Feb-24 Govt Emerson College Multan, Multan 2 Jobs 23-Feb-24 View
23-Feb-24 Govt Emerson College Multan, Multan 3 Jobs 23-Feb-24 View

Jobs in Multan

Individuals who are seeking jobs in Multan are welcome here. In this article, you will get to know the complete details regarding the latest jobs in Multan. First, it is essential to note that Multan is a vibrant city offering various opportunities. To find out today jobs in Multan, keep visiting the job portals. You can contact with the company’s official website directly. Applicants who are living in Multan or in any other city can apply for jobs in Multan 2024, the jobs can be found in various sectors including private and government. 

There are number of vacancies available for various positions in Multan. No matter if you are related to the health sector, IT sector, agriculture sector, industrial sector, etc. The urgent jobs in Multan can be found in all of them.


Latest Jobs in Multan 2024

Jobs in technology and information technology are increasingly being concentrated in Multan. In the technology industry, there is a growing need for qualified workers in fields like software development digital marketing, animation, graphic design, web development, etc. However, the new jobs in multan Pakistan can be found in the companies that are related to I.T field. 


Government Jobs in Multan

To find out the government jobs in multan, you just need to check the various websites and read out the local newspapers, such as Jang, Express, and Dawn. The opportunities for the govt jobs in multan are posted in the mentioned newspapers. Individuals who are waiting for the latest govt jobs in Multan are advised to check the criteria of their desired position. The PPSC test is mandatory to apply for the Government jobs.

Additionally, the govt jobs in multan for female can also be found in many sectors. Female can apply for jobs in food department multan. There are many educational institutes including the schools, colleges, Universities etc. Females can apply as a lecturer. There is a great need of highly qualified professors. So, opportunities for female are getting increase than before.


Jobs in Private Sectors in Multan

The private sector in Multan presents diverse employment prospects across enterprises like assembling, administration, and IT. Private jobs in multan Pakistan arise consistently, taking care of people with changing ranges of abilities and encounters. The accounts jobs in multan can be found in many companies. Individuals are advised to keep reading the article. You will get to know more about the private jobs in multan 2024.


Jobs in Multinational Companies in Multan

The historically and culturally rich city of Multan is steadily becoming a center for global corporations, offering its citizens interesting job opportunities. This article will examine Multan's expanding job market and highlight the major international companies that provide work prospects. Individuals can apply for the biscuit factory jobs in multan that are working internationally. The latest jobs in multan companies can be found from the job portals. Applicants who meet with the criteria can apply for it. 

Although, if the rise of multinational corporations presents many benefits, it is important to remember that there are drawbacks as well, like heightened rivalry for positions and the need to adjust to global work norms. To achieve fulfilling professions, job seekers need to be ready to handle these issues. Moreover, applicants can found various multinational companies. The coca cola jobs in multan are also available for the applicants.


Part Time Jobs in Multan

Read the information related to the part time jobs in multan. The part time jobs for students in multan are an ideal option for individuals seeking flexible work schedules and part-time employment. Large portions of the city are accessible through part-time employment, whether it is in web-based outsourcing, retail, or hospitality. Those who want to increase their salary may find these positions particularly appealing. Moreover, the part time jobs in multan for females are also available for various sectors. 

The middle pass jobs in Multan are accessible for applicants who have not done with their matric. The part-time jobs can be found in the call centers and in the IT sectors that work internationally. The part time jobs in Multan for males are available in these sectors. 


Teaching Jobs in Multan

The city boasts a thriving education sector, offering numerous teaching jobs in multan for both males and females. With a focus on quality education and professional development, the latest teaching jobs in multan in high demand. Female educators, in particular, find ample opportunities in schools and colleges across the city. The opportunities for the female teaching jobs in multan can be found in many institutes. To apply for teaching jobs in multan for female, you can search the website of the specific institute's website. 

In Multan, there are number of private and government institute for the primary classes and secondary classes that offers school jobs in Multan. The teaching jobs in Multan public school can also be found in individuals who are interlinked with the field.


Jobs for Females in Multan

Multan acknowledges the importance of female participation in the workforce and offers various job opportunities catering specifically to women. From teaching and healthcare to administrative roles, jobs in multan for female prioritize gender inclusivity and equal opportunity. 

In several industries, there has been a strong emphasis on providing inclusive employment possibilities for women. The purpose of this article is to provide light on Multan's job market, with a focus on the today jobs in multan for female that exist there. Female who are linked with the education department and have experience in the relevant field can apply for the female teaching jobs in multan. 


Medical Departments Jobs in Multan

The healthcare sector in Multan continually seeks skilled professionals to fill roles in medical departments. With an emphasis on providing quality care to its residents, medical officer jobs in multan are available. From doctors and nurses to technicians and administrators, the demand for qualified individuals remains steady and it can be a great career opportunity for skilled persons. Females can apply for the nursing jobs in nishtar hospital multan if they are experienced. 

The Nishtar Hospital in Multan is known as the heart of Multan for its medical sector. Nishtar is one of the most largest and famous Healthcare Hospital. By providing medical care, Nishtar become so famous in the years that have passed. The hospital also provides diverse opportunities to individuals who are related to the Healthcare department. This article throws the light on the job opportunities in the Nishtar Hospital. There are various opportunities that you can avail in Multan. Some of the positions in Nishtar Hospital are mentioned here for which you can apply.

  • Medical Staff Positions
  • Nursing Opportunities
  • Administrative Roles
  • Technological and Laboratory Positions
  • Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Services
  • Research and Development
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Support Services
  • Nutritionist Jobs in Multan

By offering professional guidance on eating habits and nutrition, nutritionists play a critical role in improving the health and wellness of the people. Individuals who want to apply for the nutritionist jobs in multan, need a bachelor's degree in dietetics, nutrition, or a similar discipline. Particularly for advanced roles or research positions, some jobs can demand or need a master's degree. 


Online Jobs in Multan

In the digital age, online jobs have gained popularity, offering individuals the freedom to work remotely and flexible timings. Multan's workforce actively participates in online freelancing, content creation, and e-commerce ventures. These opportunities provide individuals with the flexibility to work from the comfort of their homes while contributing to the city's economic growth. The online jobs in Multan can be found to both male and female. Individuals can apply for the call center jobs in Multan remotely. 

The I.T jobs in Multan can be found in various companies. You just need to search properly to apply for your desired position. Individuals who have studied the computer subject can go for the computer operator jobs in Multan. It will be the best option for them. Students can also apply for the typing jobs in Multan as there is a great need for writers nowadays. 


Jobs for Male in Multan

Males in Multan can explore a wide range of job opportunities spanning various sectors. Whether it is in construction, engineering, or sales, new jobs in Multan cater to the skills and expertise of male professionals. With a bustling economy and emerging industries, Multan offers avenues for career advancement and prosperity and on the other hand, Multan is offering various freelance teaching opportunities to learn and earn. Moreover, the jobs in multan for male can be found in a number of companies. Explore more to apply for your desired positions.


Driving Jobs in Multan

Driving jobs are a staple in Multan's economy, facilitating transportation and logistics across the city. From taxi services to delivery companies, driving roles are readily available for individuals seeking immediate employment. With the growing demand for efficient transportation services, the driver jobs in multan can be found easily. On the other hand, there are lots of opportunities to apply for home driver jobs in multan 2019.  The uber jobs in multan can also be searched out by the online portal of the company. By using online cab services like Uber and others, lives become easier. The company driver jobs in multan remain an integral part of Multan's workforce.