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General Knowledge Preparation for Pakistani Students

General knowledge is gained through experience and intellect. It is one’s brainpower to apprehend details and facts of his/hers surroundings. A person having acquired education of 16 years or so on might have lesser general knowledge than the one who is 12th class or even matriculation student. Higher general knowledge is dependent upon intelligence, long-term semantic memory, personality and achievements. A person who has higher general knowledge tends to be more accurate in decision making and judging personalities.

A general knowledge test assesses person’s intellectual capabilities in academics, proofreading and creativity. The online tests modeled by our website are consisted of world knowledge, terminology, sports, religion, Pak-Studies, Everyday science, Current Affairs, World Org and Literature. The aim of modeling these online tests are to facilitate those inquisitive individuals who are passionate about increasing their knowledge. Through these tests, those people get to know about their general knowledge level, intelligence and mental faculties.

Students, teachers, scholars or any person can attempt these online tests and get an instant result. It is source of increasing knowledge as well. The phenomenon of General Knowledge is not confined till a single medium, it covers numerous fields. Therefore, researchers have labeled general knowledge as culturally valued knowledge. According to researchers, there are 20 knowledge domains that come under criteria of general knowledge which include: Art, Biology, Classical music, Cookery, Discovery and exploration, Fashion, Film, Finance, Games, General science, Geography, History, History of science, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Politics, Popular music, Sport, Technology and Television.


General Knowledge Test Subjects