9th Class Computer S. Preparation

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9th Class Computer Science Short Questions Test With Answer for Computer Science Full Book

9th Class Computer Science Short Questions Test With Answer for Computer Science Full Book

The 9th class students searching for an effective platform to prepare for computer science short questions have arrived at the right website. We have:

  1. Chapter Wise 9th class Computer Science Short Questions
  2. Chapter Wise 9th class Computer Science Assessment Tests
  3. Chapter Wise 9th class Computer Science Short Question with Answers
  4. 9th class Computer Science Short Questions of Entire Syllabus

How these short questions are designed:

These short questions are according to the pattern of BISE Boards of Pakistan. The methodology and techniques used by BISE Boards while designing short questions has been considered. We have taken guidance from past papers and model papers and accumulated useful information to sketch the short questions of 9th class Computer Science subject. Chapter wise short questions of Computer science cover the chapter completely. After learning each chapter’s short questions of our website, it is unlikely that you will miss any topic of the book.

Self Assessment Tests of 9th class Computer Science:

We have set a timer to conduct self assessment test of each chapter. There are 10 questions worth 20 marks and the time allowed is 20 minutes. It is specifically designed to make students practice for their annual examinations. The marks will be awarded according to the criterion of BISE Boards. In BISE Boards, the marks for short questions will only be awarded if the answer is to the point and well written.

9th class Computer Science:

If you have chosen computer science in 9th class then you must be thinking about adopting IT or engineering field in the future. 9th class Computer Science consist basic concepts and topics of computer science. At this level, the topics are giving introduction of computer science’s fundamentals. The terms and concepts you will learn hear will become the basis of your further knowledge. The command on computer science subject you will grasp here will certainly aid you in understanding its more complex concepts.

9th Class Short Questions:

Shorts questions hold 40% marks proportion of BISE Boards. Without learning it inclusively you can’t attain high marks. The short questions are always derived from within the content of chapters. The key reason to introduce short question was to attest whether if students read their entire syllabus and how well they can describe the concepts in two or three lines. So while reading the book, one thing that you must keep in mind is that your concepts of the topic must be clear. Otherwise you will not be able to answer short questions.

Preparations Schedule:

It is highly preferable to cover your syllabus in small proportions with routine during the whole year. If you have not, you still have chance. Start out by preparing each chapter and attempting short question self assessment tests daily. We have 9th class short questions of all subjects. If you prepare each chapter of your every subject daily, you might be able to learn the short questions of your entire syllabus in a month and also self assess your learning by attempting our self assessment tests.

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