Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, which is also known for having several best private and government colleges and universities. The best colleges in Islamabad have been designated specifically for boys and females while keeping in mind each student's convenience and comfort. The city provides a variety of educational options in many different levels including, Intermediate , Undergraduate, Master/post graduate program  and Doctorate or PHD level.

For undergraduate and graduate programs there are tons of fields to choose, depending on the student's interests and there are specific institutes for every field such as for the medical field there are top ranked medical colleges and universities in Islamabad. Students should have a look at the list of private and public colleges in Islamabad that offer these programs before applying for admission.

Private colleges and universities in Islamabad 

Like every city, private colleges in Islamabad are also slightly more expensive than public institutions but they offer their students a wide range of internationally ranked courses and outstanding educational opportunities.The fees will be depend on the private college or university you select and the course you consider to purue for your future. 

Government colleges and universities in Islamabad 

Islamabad has many prestigious public research universities and colleges offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in affordable fee range and have a reputable and excellent academic record. The List of Top colleges in Islamabad of the government sector is given below.

Students from all over the Pakistan are advised to view the list of colleges and universities of Islamabad before applying for admissions in Islamabad and can get the list of top colleges and universities in Islamabad from one page.