Bangladesh, the Country of Bengal, is officially known as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The riverine country borders India and is located near Myanmar amid the Jamuna river and the Padme delta. Bangladesh has rich geography, which consists of fertile plains and a population that is mostly farmers. The celebration of Bangladesh’s fertility is undeniable even in its flag. Introduced officially in 1978, Bangladesh’s flag looks like a dark green field upon which a red circle is seen, creating a bold contrast. This circle is placed a bit off-center so that it seems centered when the flag is flying.

Although the green color symbolizes the rich green countryside of Bangladesh, it also represents Islam that further symbolizes heaven. The reason for it is, almost 200 million population of Bangladesh is Muslim (3rd largest Muslim residing country after Pakistan and India). So green is a gesture of Bangladeshis celebrating their country and its people. However, the red circle stands in the meaning of the rising sun and the bloodshed in the 1971 war of Bangladesh’s independence.

History Of Bangladesh Flag

First Version Of Bangladesh Flag:

The first or original version of Bangladesh‘s flag was introduced during the Bangladesh liberation war when the country was fighting for independence against Pakistan. Appearing when the war was going on, the flag was slightly different from the current design. It had a greenfield over which a red disk was placed like the current design. However, there was an additional yellow outline of the country’s map placed right at the center of the red circle. Its physical copy was created by some activists and students at a local university in 1970.

  • The crew included ASM Abdur Rab, Kazi Aref Ahmed, Marshal Moni, Shahjahan Siraj. Hasan Ul Haq INU, Yousuf Salahuddin Ahmed, Swapan Kumar Choudary, and Quamr Ul Alam Khan Khasru.
  • The flag’s cloth was donated by a tailor named Bazl Ur Rehman Lasker at Dhaka New Market.
  • The map of Bangladesh was traced by Yousuf Salahuddin Ahmed, Enam Ul Haq, and Hasan Ul Haq at the Quaid-e-Azam hall.
  • Shib Narayan Das then painted it on a red circle.
  • Bangladeshis want their country to be separate from Pakistan. That's why they chose a design for their flag that worked in their best intention.
  • The replacement of the star and crescent with Bangladesh’s map placed on a red disk was an entirely new symbol that spoke their demand louder.

Second And Current Version Of Bangladesh Flag:

The first version seemed not suitable for the nation's routine use. Bangladesh’s government removed the country's map outline in 1972 because it was difficult to achieve on both sides of the flag accurately. It provided specifications upon which the flag was designed again.

  • The base of the flag will remain as it is ( rectangle base of bottle green color) in a proportion of 10:6.
  • The red circle will be placed near the center with a radius of one-fifth of the flag’s length.
  • The center of the circle should be placed at an intersection made if you draw a perpendicular from the 9-20th part of the flag and a horizontal line through the center of the flag's width.
  • The green base should be Procion brilliant green H-2RS 50 parts per 1000.
  • The red circle should be Procion brilliant orange H-2RS 60 parts per 1000.
  • The size of the flag will vary with the size of the building that will be 10 ft * 6 ft *5 ft * 3 ft, 2.½ ft, * 1.½ ft.
  • And for cars, the size should be 12.½ ft * 7.½ ft. And for the conference table, it should be 10 in * 6 in.

The flag’s design has never changed till now since it was first changed in 1972.

First Display Of The Bangladesh Flag:

The flag of Bangladesh was raised on 3 March 1971 for the first time at the University of Dhaka. As the leader of the Awami League was speaking in favor of independence, the flag was displayed behind him.

Then it appeared at the United Nations for the first time in September 1974.

Color Of Bangladesh Flag

The Bangladesh flag features two colors - Green and Red. It mainly has a green field with a red circle inside in the middle of the flag. The colors of Bangladesh flag in HEX, RGB, and CMYK are as follow

Color Type Green Red
Hex #006a4e #f42a41
RGB rgb(0, 106, 78) rgb(244, 42, 65)
CMYK 100-0-26-58    0-83-73-4

Symbolism of the Flag of Bangladesh

Made in two colors Red and Green, the Bangladesh flag has a rich and competitive history. The green in the original design of Bangladesh represents the rich green fields of the country as it was designed by a secular nationalist. However, the majority of the population in Bangladesh is Muslim, so the green color of the flag is also a representation of Islam.

But putting aside all the secular or non-secular representations, it is a representation of an independent nation.

Bangladesh was considered a part of India (East Bengal) before the 1947 partition. After partition, it went to East Pakistan under British rule. But this is not what Begakis want; they want their own identity liberated from India or Pakistan that led to a civil war.

Bangladesh achieved victory against the West Pakistani army. This ended the liberation war of Bangladesh on 16 December 1971, and the country celebrates this day annually as a Victory day. So

  • The color red of the circle seen in the Bangladesh flag is a commemoration of the bloodshed during a fight for independence. However, the circle shape was a replacement for the star and crescent seen in the East Pakistan flag. Moreover, the red circle is also associated with the rising of a new sun after a long struggle for freedom.
  • Green (Procian Brilliant Green H-2RS 50 parts per 1000 ): Symbol of the richness of the countryside-Islam.
  • Red (Procion Brilliant Orange H-2RS 60 parts per 1000): Dawn of Independence- Blood of the Independence fighter.

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Bangladesh Flag FAQS

The first flag of Bangladesh was designed by Serajul Alam that had a red disk in the center along with the East Pakistan map.
The red disk in the center of the flag represents the bloodshed in the Bangladesh liberation war, where the green color of the flag symbolizes the rich green landscape of the country.
The design proportion of the Bangladesh flag is 3:5, where the ratio of length to height is 3:2.
The national flag of Bangladesh has two colors - Green and Red. It represents the hope and importance of the youth in Bangladesh.
The first version of the Bangladesh flag was introduced in 1970.
Other than the national flag, Bangladesh has Civil ensigns, Government, Military, Political, Police, and Scouts flags.
The name of Bangladesh flag in Bengali is ?????????? ?????? ????? that is also romanized as Lal Shôbuz.
The East Pakistan map was removed from the Bangladesh flag in 1972.

Protocol Of Bangladesh Flag:

  • Bangladesh’s flag has an important significance even in the routine of Bangladeshis. That means it should be flown on all the working days on significant government houses, like Legislative assembly buildings, the president house, secretariat and ministries buildings, offices of the high court, courts of session, and district judges.
  • Offices of the commissioners of divisions - Chairman, deputy commissioners, central and district jails, Upazila Parishad, educational institutes (primary, secondary, and higher secondary), the government also notified the buildings that they should fly the flag on their buildings.
  • Significant people of the country, like ministers of the state or deputy ministers, should fly the Bangladesh flag on their vehicles or vessels when going to tour within the country, outside the capital, or abroad.

Bangladesh Flag On Official Residencies:

Significant people of the country should fly the flag on their official residences. It includes

  • The President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh
  • The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Bangladesh’s Parliament
  • The Chief Justice of Bangladesh
  • Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Chief Whip of the states
  • Chairman of Chittagong hill tracts
  • Heads of the Bangladeshi Consular or Diplomatic Missions abroad

Special days or Occasions Of Bangladesh’s Flag Display:

Other than the regular use, Bangladesh’s flag is displayed on Private and public buildings and office premises throughout Bangladesh on the

  • 16 December: Bangladesh’s Victory Day
  • 26 March: Bangladesh’s Independence Day
  • 12 Rabi Ul Awal: Birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
  • Days notified by Bangladesh’s Government

Guinness World Record:

16 December is the victory day for Bangladesh as they succeed in achieving independence from Pakistan on this day. Although it cost them millions of lives due to the nine months of guerilla war, it is celebrated annually in Bangladesh. So, on the 42nd Victory day of Bangladesh (16 December 2013), 27,117 people gathered to create a human version of the Bangladesh flag at the National Parade Ground located in Sher-e-Bangal Nagar, Dhaka. They stayed in the form of the Bangladesh flag for six minutes and sixteen seconds. This was the world’s largest human flag at that time and was also recorded in the Guinness Book Of World records. However, India beat this record on 7 December 2014 by gathering 43,830 people to make the largest human flag in an attempt to achieve a new Guinness record.

Bangladesh Flag On Motor Vehicles And Vessels:

Some government officials are entitled to fly the Bangladesh flag on their vehicles, including

  • The President and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh
  • The Chief Justice of Bangladesh
  • The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament
  • Chief Whip and All Cabinet Ministers
  • The leader of the Parliament’s Opposition
  • Heads of the Bangladeshi Consular or Diplomatic Missions abroad

Occasions Of The Half-Mast Display:

Bangladesh flies its flag at half-mast on the

  • 21 February: National Martyrs Day ( Now the International Mother Language Day)
  • 15 August: National Mourning Day of Bangladesh
  • Days Notified by Bangladesh’s Government

Other Flags Associated with The State Of Bangladesh

Government Flags:

Government Flag A

This flag has been in use for Presidential Standard since 1972 that shows the Presidential Seal placed on a dark red background.

Government Flag B

This flag has been in use as a standard for the Prime Minister of Bangladesh since 1972. It shows a seal of the Prime minister on a dark red background.

Government Flag C

It was in use as a standard for the chief advisor of Bangladesh from 1996 to 2008. The seal of the chief advisor on a dark red background creates a royal contrast.

Government Flag D

It has been in use as a flag of the parliament since 1972. The seal says parliament, placed on a Bangladesh Green background.

Government Flag E

This flag has been in use as a flag for the supreme court of Bangladesh since 1972. The seal of the supreme court is laced on a blue background.

Civil Ensign:

This flag has been in use for a civil ensign of Bangladesh since 1972 and is inspired by the red ensign of the British. It appears as a red ensign with the flag of Bangladesh in the canton.

Military Flag A

This flag has been in use as the flag of the Bangladesh army since 1972. It appears as the army’s badge placed on the green field.

Military Flag B

Since 1972, it has been in use as the flag of the Bangladesh air force. It appears as a sky-blue ensign with the flag of Bangladesh in the canton. An airport roundel can also be seen placed correspondingly.

Military Flag C

This is the ensign of the Bangladesh navy that has been in use since 1972. It appears as a white ensign with the flag of Bangladesh placed in the canton

Military Flag D

It has been in use as an ensign of the Bangladesh Coast Guard since 1995. It appears as a light blue ensign with the Bangladesh flag in the canton.

Military Flag E

In use as a standard for the chief of army staff since 1972, the flag appears as a greenfield adoring the army’s badge.

Military Flag F

This flag has been in use as a standard of the chief of Naval staff since 1972. It appears as a Navy’s base placed on a blue field.

Military Flag G

In use as a flag for the border guards Bangladesh since 2010, it appeared as a BGB’s badge placed on a maroon background.

Military Flag H

This flag has been in use as a flag of the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (Armed Forces) since 1977. The DGFI’s badge on a yellow field marks its completion.

Bangladesh Police

This flag has been used by Bangladesh police since 1972. It appears as a logo of Bangladesh police on a blue field.

Political Flag A

The first flag used to represent Awami League from 1947 to 1971 appears as a greenfield adoring white stars with white ar at the hoist. Then white changed in 1971 to red as Bangladesh got separated from Pakistan.

Political Flag B

This flag is in use on Bangladesh's Islamic front. It appeared as a white color Arabic Shahada inscribed on a black field with a green bar at the hoist.

Political Flag C

The use of the Bangladesh Muslim League since 1906 is similar to Pakistan’s flag as it appears as a star and crescent placed on a standard green field.

Political Flag D

It uses a South Asian communist banner. It appears as a large hammer and sickle of color white placed in the center of the red field.

Political Flag E

It is in use by the Bangladesh Communist party, and it shows a hammer and sickle placed at the top left corner of the red standard.