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Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2021

If you are searching for the prize bond schedule 2021, then you are in the right place right now. Here we offer users the complete prize bond schedule 2021. Users can find the schedule of the prize bonds of almost all the dimensions of the prize bonds. According to the prize bond schedule or prize bond draw 2021, the draw will be held in the different major cities of Pakistan and for every single prize bond the draw will be held quarterly. Every year, almost 4 draws are held for each bond.  

Bond Price Draw # Draw Date Draw City
Rs. 15000 86 04 January 2021 Muzaffarabad
Rs. 750 84 15 January 2021 Hyderabad
Rs. 7500 85 01 February 2021 Lahore
Rs. 1500 85 15 February 2021 Quetta
Rs. 100 33 15 February 2021 Karachi
Rs. 40000 Premium 16 10 March 2021 Rawalpindi
Rs. 200 85 15 March 2021 Faisalabad
Rs. 15000 86 01 April 2021 Hyderabad
Rs. 750 84 15 April 2021 Quetta
Rs. 7500 86 03 May 2021 Rawalpindi
Rs. 1500 86 17 May 2021 Karachi
Rs. 100 34 17 May 2021 Multan
Rs. 40000 Premium 17 10 June 2021 Muzaffarabad
Rs. 200 86 15 June 2021 Peshawar
Rs. 15000 87 02 July 2021 Quetta
Rs. 750 85 15 July 2021 Lahore
Rs. 7500 86 02 August 2021 Karachi
Rs. 1500 86 16 August 2021 Multan
Rs. 100 34 16 August 2021 Faisalabad
Rs. 40000 Premium 17 10 September 2021 Peshawar
Rs. 200 86 15 September 2021 Muzaffarabad
Rs. 15000 87 01 October 2021 Karachi
Rs. 750 85 15 October 2021 Rawalpindi
Rs. 7500 86 01 November 2021 Multan
Rs. 100 34 15 November 2021 Faisalabad
Rs. 1500 86 16 November 2021 Quetta
Rs. 40000 Premium 17 10 December 2021 Lahore
Rs. 200 86 15 December 2021 Hyderabad

Prize Bonds Dimensions

Currently, the prize bonds of almost 09 dimensions are running. These are included on Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 7,500, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 25,000, Rs. 40,000, and Rs. 40,000 premium bonds. Users can find the status or schedule of the prize bond with every single dimension. Every prize bond has different values of money. There are three awards or prizes are offered at every single prize bond draw. The first award is offered to only one user. The second award is offered to two users. However, the number of the third award is many. These numbers are different according to the different dimensions of the prize bond.

Sometimes, users also ask the question that what the better option for them is. For example, they want to know that what dimension is suitable for them. Well, the users are informed that the prize bond of any dimension can be suitable for you. You are recommended to buy the prize bonds according to your budget or your requirements. For example, if you can invest a lot then you are recommended to buy premium bonds of Rs. 25,000 or Rs. 40,000. However, if you are looking for a normal prize to cover your little requirements then you can go through the options from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 15,000.

Purpose of National Prize Bond Scheme

The national prize bond scheme has been running since 1960 in Pakistan. With this scheme, the government borrows the money from the users at a cheaper rate and in return offers the users heavy cash prizes. However, the government of Pakistan is earning billions of rupees through this scheme and the scheme is beneficial for both the government as well as the users. The scheme is playing a very important role in the economy of the country. However, the issue is that no one is sure about his or her nomination in the draws. It is a lottery and it totally depends upon your luck. You may or may not win the prizes.

Buy And Sell Prize Bonds In 2021

If you haven’t tried this scheme yet, then you are recommended to try it once to assess your luck. The year 2021 may be the lucky year for you and make you rich overnight. However, the process to buy a prize bond is quite simple. You can visit the national saving centers near to your home. Moreover, there are many designated branches of commercial banks are available in almost all the areas that are offering prize bonds. For further convenience of users, the authorized dealers are also available at your local sites that are dealing in the prize bonds of almost all the dimensions. You are recommended to buy the prize bonds from authentic sources to avoid any fraud or scam. Sometimes, users cannot get the idea that they are going to buy a fake or invalid prize bond and, consequently, instead of winning the prize, they bear a heavy loss.

Where you can buy prize bonds, at the same time, you can sell them if you do not want to have them anymore. The saving centers, the designated branches of the commercial banks, and the authorized local dealers all can sell the prize bonds from you.

Tricks For Prize bond Schedule 2021

Most of the people come with some tricks to win the prize bond. Well, you can take an idea and can estimate the values of the prize bond or number. No one can have the exact idea that what number will be drawn. Prize bonds are issued with a proper sequence or series. You can buy a prize bond of any number that you want or that you feel is lucky for you. But, there are very few chances to take the exact idea that what number will be nominated in the prize bond draw schedule 2021.

Users are also advised that do not forget to bring a copy of your CNIC and original prize bond while claiming your prize bond. Moreover, you are also advised to fill the claim form carefully to get your prize on time. Keep in mind that any error or mistake in the claim form may delay your amount or prize. So, be careful at this point. Moreover, to avoid any frauds, you are also recommended to visit the authorized national savings centers to claim your prize bond. Otherwise, any fraudulent activity may happen to you.

Well, you are recommended to check the complete schedule on this page that when the prize bond result of what dimension is going to be announced in 2021. For any further queries, you can contact us. Moreover, for having any serious issue regarding your prize bond or winning amount then you are recommended to contact the National Savings Pakistan directly and they will facilitate you shortly. In the end, you are also requested to share this helpful platform with your friends to make them updated too about the prize bond schedule 2021 or prize bond results 2021.

FAQs About Prize Bond Schedule 2021


What is the prize bond schedule 2021?

The prize bond draws are managed by the National Savings Pakistan and these are held in the different major cities of Pakistan. After passing a couple of weeks a new draw is held. Every year almost 36 draws are held. The complete detail of prize bond schedule 2021 can be checked by the issued schedule by the National Savings, however, these are also available on this page.


What is the date of the prize bond draw?

The exact date of draw for every single bond is different. You can check the exact date for every single prize bond through the given list on this page. For every bond, the draw is held quarterly. So, in this way, for a single prize bond total of 4 draws are held in a year.


How To Check Prize Bond Results  

On the day of the draw, the national Savings Pakistan issues the complete prize bond draw list of the nominated numbers. These numbers are comprised of 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize. For the convenience of the users, the complete list of the nominated numbers will be issued on this page.


Can I attend personally the prize bond draw ceremony?

Yes, the users are allowed to attend the prize bond draw ceremony personally. Users have to visit the national saving office of the respective city where the draw ceremony is going to be held. Users can visit after 9 AM on the given dates. However, you should take your CNIC with you for security reasons.


The prize bond 2021 schedule is same as the 2020 schedule?

No, the prize bond schedule 2021 is totally different than that of prize bond draw schedule 2020. You are recommended to check the given schedule carefully to get to know the exact dates of your prize bond. Keep in mind that the schedule for every year is different.


Can I download the prize bond schedule?

Users who want to download the prize bond schedule are advised to download the prize schedule 2021 from this page.


What to do if I will win the prize?

Once winning the prize, the winners can claim the prize within the coming 6 years. However, for claiming the money, winners are required to fill and submit a claim form that is available at the national savings centers. You have to appear with the original prize bond along with a copy of CNIC. Once after submission, your award will be given within 3 to 4 days.


What is National Savings?

National Savings of Pakistan is a division of the State Bank Of Pakistan. It is known as the largest investment and financial institution in Pakistan. 3.5 trillion rupees is the worth of the National Savings and this institute plays a vital role in the economy of Pakistan.


Are overseas Pakistanis allowed to purchase the prize bonds?

Any Pakistani citizen with the NADRA issued identity card is allowed to purchase the prize bonds of any dimensions they need and can participate in the draws.


What are the security features of prize bonds?

With the increasing number of fraud cases, one may have the fear of purchasing a fake or an invalid prize bond. National Savings Pakistan offers helpful instructions on its official site that help in identifying the original prize bond. Moreover, today a prize bond app is also using to identify whether the prize bond is fake or original.

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