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10th Class G. Science English Medium Chapter 7 Test

Matric Part 2/10th Class General Science Chapter 7 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 7 (Energy)

Our online testing platform is allowing all the 10th class students to attempt the general science 10th class chapter 1 mcqs test from this page. Students can attempt these online mcqs test for free from the comfort of their homes. These online mcqs are specially prepared for the students who are appearing in the 10th class General Science board exam this year. Students can definitely prepare better for their 10th class General Science board exam by trying out our 10th class general science chapter 1 mcqs test, also these online mcqs have been designed by our highly experienced teachers. You can find benefits and detailed instructions on how to attempt the mcqs test below from this page.

10th General Science Chapter Wise Test
(English Medium)

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Solved Files for Mcqs:

We have designed this online mcqs quiz for the better preparation of 10th class general science students. But if some students think that they aren’t ready to take this online test yet, they can access the 10th class general science ch1 mcqs solved files from this page. 10th class general science chapter 1 all important mcqs are included in this file. It’s really easy to download the file from this page. The file is free of cost. Our highly experienced teachers have comprised this file which means all the answers in the file are accurate. With the help of this file, students will be able to prepare better for our online mcqs test and students will also score better marks in their general science board exams.

Click Here for General Science Urdu Medium Ch 7 MCQ Test

Matric Part 2/10th Class General Science Chapter 7 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 7 (Energy)

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 One Btu is equal to.
  • A. 1100 joules
  • B. 1055 Joules
  • C. 1050 Joules
  • D. 1040 Joules
2 Organic material and their residues are called:
  • A. Biomass 
  • B. Nuclear waste 
  • C. Smog 
  • D. Garbage 
3 Prodcut of forces and distance is called.
  • A. Work
  • B. Energy
  • C. Power
  • D. Heat
4 Themethod of production of electricity that does not produce pollution is.
  • A. Hydroelectirc power
  • B. Thermal power
  • C. Nuclear power
  • D. Burning of biogas
5 The part of atmosphere where all living bodies reside is................ thick.
  • A. 4 to 10 km
  • B. 6 to 18 km
  • C. 8 to 20 km
  • D. 10 to 20 km
6 The unit of energy is.
  • A. Newton
  • B. Metre
  • C. Joule
  • D. Second
7 Excessive growth in population is also one reason of enhancement in.
  • A. Pollution
  • B. Radiations
  • C. Conduction
  • D. None of them
8 Natural gas is measured in:
  • A. square meter 
  • B. cubic meters 
  • C. Btu 
  • D. B and C both 
9 The Si unit of power is;
  • A. Joule
  • B. Ohm
  • C. Watt 
  • D. Ampere 
10 The part of atmosphere where all living bodies reside is:
  • A. 8 to 20 kilometers 
  • B. 8 to 40 kilometers 
  • C. 8 to 30 kilometers 
  • D. 2 to 10 kilometers

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