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MBA Full Form, Master of business administration. MBA is a post-graduate degree program. MBA course covers different areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and operations in such a way that is most relevant to the management analysis and strategy. MBA can be done after bachelor of commerce degree. Basically Master of Business Administration degree is designed for the aspirants to develop their views about business as a program for post-graduation. In MBA programme students will have an opportunity to choose an area of specialization to strengthen their experience. It is designed for bachelor graduates with 14-year education who want to select business as their profession by enhancing their certified business skills. It provides opportunities to know about special methods required to surpass in the challenging and fast growing world. You can select MBA banking, MBA finance, MBA in human resource management, information technology etc, for specialization.

MBA Degree Courses

Undergraduate students mostly apply towards MBA because it is a general program that does not have any special requirements for undergraduate students whether they are from the art field, engineering, finance, marketing, mathematics or science. BBA graduates usually prefer to apply towards MBA degree program as it offers them grants, scholarships and special credit hour exemption towards their graduation which greatly benefits them to get a head start in the industry. You can check MBA degree courses in detail by visiting the MBA Subjects in Pakistan page.

Students applying towards MBA degree program usually have vide range of core business courses to choose from along with having some core business electives, business specialization courses, business final project or student thesis.

MBA Scope In Pakistan

This specific program fulfills the necessities to those students who need to seek after their career in administration or towards advanced education in business. This is a course planned with a progression of theoretical and practical study that assists the students with developing of their abilities like intuitiveness, collaboration, business decision making and quantitative techniques. MBA degree, after the completion, enables the students to work at managerial positions in the industry, business or government sectors etc. MBA salary is highly attractive in pakistan for degree holders. You can also visit MBA career page to check MBA job opportunities in Pakistan.

MBA Degree Requirements

Mba program requires undergraduate students to have completed a minimum of 14 years of education from HEC recognized university. Students also must have attained at least 60% marks in their bachelor to be considered. Merit criteria vary according to university ranking but it is usually set to be 70% entry test and 30% marks obtained in bachelors. Here you can check the MBA program eligibility criteria in Pakistan.

Program Duration Total Semester Credit Hours Required Qualification
MBA 3.5 Year 07 96 14 year of education
MBA 2.5 Year 05 72 16-year of non-business education
MBA (Executive) 2 Year 04 72 14-year of education with 4-year job experience
MBA 1.5 Year 03 36 BBA/BS (BA) 04-year program.

MBA Program Credit Hours

MBA program is offered consists of two-year study tenure with some exceptions offered to previous business studies students offered under hec policy. Undergraduate students are required to complete at least 60 credit hours to be eligible for MBA graduation. Undergraduate business students can waive off or exempt up to 30 credit hours depending upon the universities staff or faculty decisions. MBA 3.5 years consists of almost 95 credit hours, MBA 2 years consists of 60 credit hours and MBA 1.5 years program consists of 36 credit hours.

MBA Types In Pakistan

The MBA degree program is a very popular elected by many graduates these days due to rising demand by various startups companies as well as rise of multinational companies in Pakistan. The MBA degree program allows students to gain understanding of various business practices, appreciation of globalizing business and changing work environment. The MBA degree program is designed to attend to the need of various students who require a quality graduate degree program.

The basis MBA degree program consists of 2 year degree program with some exception for business studies bachelor students. There are various types of MBA degree programs being offered today at various leading universities of Pakistan. Some of the more popular type of MBA are as follows

  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Supply chain and Logistics
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA Executive


Those students who have people management skills are recommended for MBA HR as it enables then to upgrade their HR skills and enables them to deal with various management related problems and maintain profitability for the company in the long run.

MBA Marketing

This special MBA program is for those who are good at creativity, persuasion and strong marketing skills. People who are good at company branding, market research, advertising etc.

MBA Supply Chain and Logistics

This special MBA program is designed for people who wish to pursue jobs related to supply chain of leading manufacturing companies and deal with other issues like supply chain management and the management strategies involved in the business.

MBA Finance

This special MBA program is designed for those who have interested in pursuing financial field or want to becoming accountant, banker, tax accountant etc. The program enables students to understand the various financial operations related to various business departments comprising taxation, investment and finance in leading business organizations.

MBA Executive

This special program is designed to cater to the needs of various senior managers and corporate executives who are currently working in the leading business organizations and want to upgrade their business kills for increasing their business work efficiency and improve their output in business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:What is MBA?
    MBA full form is Master of business administration. MBA degree program related to business. It is a business degree in which students are taught technical, managerial, and leadership skills. MBA is a graduate degree in which students deal with business research.
  • Q: What are the minimum requirements for getting admission in MBA?
    For getting admission in MBA, the minimum requirements are given below:
    • Bachelor degree from a recognized university is mandatory.
    • The minimum percentage in Bachelor’s degree should be 45% - 60%
    • In some universities, entry test is also required. Minimum 50% marks should be in entry test
  • Q: What are the subjects of MBA?
    Some of the subjects which are taught in MBA are given bellow:
    • IT management
    • Accounting and financial management
    • Business economics
    • Financial reporting and analysis
    • Marketing management
    • Human resource management
  • Q: Which Are the Jobs after MBA?
    There are a lot of jobs after MBA degree. The MBA graduates have a lot of job opportunities. Some of the top good jobs are given below
    • Computer and information systems manager
    • Information technology director
    • Business operations manager
    • Marketing manager
    • Health services manager
  • Q: Is MBA equivalent to M.Phil?
    Yes, MBA generally recognized by HEC is equivalent to M.phil. You can do PhD after the completion of MBA. After doing MBA, you don’t need to do M.Phil. You can directly enroll in Phd after MBA.
  • Q: Is MBA a tough degree?
    MBA is not too difficult. It is not without challenges. You have to face many challenges in this degree. But this is rewarding for those who invest in it. MBA is not too much difficult and not too much easy. You have to deal this degree with fully attention. To get admission in MBA, the students must crack the MBA entrance exam. If you work hard, you will find this degree easy and interesting.
  • Q: Can I do MBA after 12?
    Ans: No, you can't do an MBA after 12th. You needs to have a Bachelor degree for MBA program admission.
  • Q: Which MBA course is best in Pakistan?
    Ans: MBA Economics, MBA HR, MBA stratogy, MBA Operation Management, MBA Leadership, MBA in Supply Chain Management are considered the best MBA courses in pakistan
  • Q: Is any MBA course in Pakistan after Intermediate?
    Ans: No, you must have minimum Bachelor's degree for MBA admission in Pakistan
  • Q:Which Universities are best for MBA?
    LUMS Lahore, GCU lahore, Punjab University, Institute of Business Administration (IBA) karachi, UMT Lahore and Bahria university are the top Univesities for MBA course.
  • Q: Which MBA gives highest Salary?
    Ans: MBA in Finance, Marketing, IT, Real estate, HR, Healthcare Management are the highest salary paid MBA courses
  • Q: Which Universities are offering MBA admissions in pakistan after BA Degree?
    Ans: NUML university, Preston university, Gift university, National Textile university Faisalabad, Minhaj university Lahore and among others offering admissions in MBA after BA degree

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