Brazil’s flag under Brazilian law is national symbol. Brazil flag is one of world’s recognizable flags due to its attractive bright colours, unique design and contrast. Flag of Brazil is called “The green, and yellow” or Verde e amarela in Portuguese is shown as a blue disk against stary sky having inscription motto “Ordem e Progresso” meaning order and progress on a curved band having yellow shape rhombus spread on green field. The design was adopted as national flag design by Brazil state on 19th November in the year 1889, replacing Empire of Brazil flag.

History Of Brazil Flag

Colonial Brazil in the years 1500 to 1815

In the Americas territory the Portuguese never had their official flag as it was tradition of Portuguese to hoist flag of kingdom of Portugal in all the territories of the crown.

The first flags used by Portuguese merchants were maritime flags having vexilological symbols used by ships sailing to Brazil. Flags having white and green stripes were used until 1692. The white and green colours represented house of Braganza and Portugal national colours. The flag’s usage was stopped in 1962 as it was used by merchant vessels sailing towards Portugal. A new flag was used for merchant vessels that sailed towards Brazil in 1962, having golden armillary sphere with white field as background. The armillary sphere was especially used as symbol for King Manuel I of Portugal having reign from 1494-1521.

The emblem became the Portugal national emblem representing the Portuguese empire. Portuguese ships sailing towards India used red armillary sphere. Armillary sphere was most used in Brazil, being most developed colony as it became an unofficial ensign of the colony of Brazil.

United Portugal Kingdom From Year 1815 to 1822

Brazil elevated to Kingdom rank in 1815 as a kingdom of Algarves, Brazil and Portugal were united. During the year 1816, the 1816 Charter act developed new kingdom symbols specifying arms of the kingdom of Brazil having gold armillary sphere on blue background for the United Kingdom of Algarves, Portugal and Brazil.

Brazil Empire From Year 1822 to 1889

Jean Baptiste Debret designed Brazil’s imperial flag as having new Royal Standard towards Prince Royal of United Kingdom of Brazil, Algraves and Portugal.

After coronation of Pedro I declared emperor of Brazil, Brazil declared independence having the Empire of Brazil flag became the Royal standard. Imperial coat of arms featuring yellow rhombus on green background field representing Pedro I dynasty and Austria’s Maria Leopoldina as his consort were displayed on the new flag of Brazil. During Pedro II reign, imperial arms acknowledging new territorial organization gained an extra star.

Brazil emperor Pedro I chose the colors of the national flag as Jean Baptiste Debret, the French painter, designed the national flag of brazil. Debret original design featured yellow diamond placed on green background as Brazil Empire’s Coat of Arms was added later to the flag. On November 19 during the year 1889, the Brazil’s new flag was officially presented. Deodoro da fonesca being president of Brazil ordered the flag’s permanent use of colors and agreed towards all the changes and that all adopt the new flag.

Brazil Republic From Year 1889 to now

During the Republic proclamation , Ruy Barbosa being a civilian leader of the movement proposed nation’s new design for national flag having inspiration from the United States flag. The flag was used from 15th November to 19th November during the year 1889 until it was vetoed by Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca for being too similar to United state flag.

It was suggested by Fonesca that new national flag should portray resemblance to the imperial flag emphasizing national unity of nation for transitioning from constitutional monarchy to republic state.

Brazil Republic First Flag With 21 Star Used From 1889 to 1960

The philosophers Miguel Lemos, Décio Villares, Manuel Pereira Reis and Raimundo Teixeira Mendes were involved in designing the new national flag of brazil project involving replacing the imperial coat of arms with new positivist motto “Ordem e Progresso” in the shape of blue celestial globe. The new Brazil flag was presented towards Fonseca, who gladly accepted, and the new flag design was adopted on 19th November during the year 1889.

Brazil Republic’s Second Flag Having 22 Stars Used From 1960 to 1968

As the Brazil Republic flag is constantly updated to reflect changes of demographics with regard to the addition of state and constellations as depicted by star size therefore the Brazil national flag frequently updates to present the new changes along the years. The Brazil Republic flag was modified in the year 1960 to add new 22 stars.

Brazil Republic’s Second Flag Having 23 Stars Used FRom 1968 to 1992

As Flag of Republic of Brazil was expanded with the addition of one star in the year 1960 therefore two more stars were added to reflect the addition of new states to the national Republic of Brazil Flag.The Brazil Republic flag was modified in the year 1968 to add new 23 stars.

Brazil Republic’s Second Flag Having 27 Stars Used From 1993 to now

The Brazil Republic flag was modified in the year 1992 to add new 27stars.In comparison to other nation’s national flag being update on the basis of political modification and subdivision; Brazil republic’s flag was not updated purely based on political reorganization resulting in various mismatch between the number of states and numbers of starts listed on the national flag. The latest update to the Brazil republic national flag adding 27 new stars portraying new states created during the year 1982 to 1991 having the new star positions matching astronomical coordinates.

Color Of Brazil Flag

Brazil republic national flag specific colours are not mentioned in the country legal document, so some of the approximate flag colours of Brazil republic are mentioned below.

Color Type Green Yellow Blue White
RGB 0,156,59 255,223,0 0,39,118 255,255,255
Hexadecimal #009c3b #ffdf00 #002776 #ffffff
CMYK 100,0,100,0 0,13,100,0 100,67,0,54 0,0,0,0

Symbolism of the Flag of Brazil

Brazil republic national flag slogan

The Brazil republic flag slogan “Ordem e Progresso” translated as “Order and Progress” means of having successful democracy in the latin America region as it was believed by the Brazil republic politicians that in order for democracy to be successful having educated people (order) and having advanced economy and trade (progress) was essential.

Brazil Republic Flag Colors Meaning

Generally, it was believed that Brazil republic flag colors being green represented forest, yellow represented gold present in the country and blue colour representing sky but this was actually not the case as this story was make-belief to encourage patriotism among the people of brazil. The new Brazil republic flag presented in the year 1889 was just a redesign of the old imperial design flag as the colors remained almost the same.

Green Colour:

The Green color of the Brazil Republic flag portrayed House of Braganza’s coat of Arms from the house of Emperor Pedro I.

Yellow Colour:

The Blue color of Brazil republic portrayed Portugal’s Coats of Arms including Habsburg House from the house of Empress Maria Leopoldina being the Emperor Pedro I wife.

Blue Colour:

The blue colour of Brazil republic portrayed the sky of Rio de Janeiro during the Republic’s Reclamation on the eve of 15th of November during the year 1889.

Republic Brazil Flag Stars Symbolizes

The Brazil republic’s national flag star have symbolic meaning as they represent constellations present in southern hemisphere and how they were perceived in the early morning at the time of 8:30 of November 15th (1889) in the city of Rio de Janerio on the birth of Brazil Republic.

The brazil republic’s flag shows the stars as would have been seen by an imaginary viewer standing outside the sky upon which the stars were to be placed having infinite distance above the city of Rio de Janeiro.

  • The constellation of Beta Crucis appears on the right, and constellation of Delta Crucis towards the left portraying mirror image of their sky appearance.
  • Spica star being above white band portraying Brazilian area in northern hemisphere (Para state)
  • The south pole star, known as Sigma Octantis being small but all-stars turn towards it as being in the south sky hemisphere, having important position showing federal district stability and union of Brazilian nation.
  • The constellation having shining star portrays state territory size among the Brazilian region. The Republic of Brazil flag, having 27 stars, represents Federal district and Brazilian states.

Constellation of Brazil Republic Flag

List of stars and constellations on the Brazil national flag

  1. Procyon
  2. Canis Major
  3. Canopus
  4. Spica
  5. Hydra
  6. Crux Australis
  7. Sigma Octantis
  8. Triangulum Australe
  9. Scorpius

States and Stars of Brazil Republic National Flag

Brazil republic national flag stars represent the following:

Star Constellation State State creation Star creation Star Size
Procyon Canis Minor Amazonas 1889 1889 1
Sirius Canis Major Mato Grosso 1889 1889 1
Mirzam Canis Major Amapa 1991 1992 2
Mulliphen Canis Major Rondônia 1982 1992 4
Wezen Canis Major Roraima 1991 1992 2
Adhara Canis Major Tocantins 1989 1992 3
Spica Virgo Para 1889 1889 1
Antares Scorpius Piauí 1889 1889 1
Graffias Scorpius Maranhão 1889 1889 3
Larawag Scorpius Ceará 1889 1889 2
Sargas Scorpius Alagoas 1889 1889 2
Iota Scorpii Scorpius Sergipe 1889 1889 3
Kappa Scorpii Scorpius Paraíba 1889 1889 3
Lambda Scorpii Shaula Scorpius Rio Grande do Norte 1889 1889 2
Xamidimura & Pipirima Scorpius Pernambuco 1889 1889 3
Alphard Hydra Mato Grosso do Sul 1979 1960 2
Gamma Hydrae Hydra Acre 1962 1968 3
Acrux Crux São Paulo 1889 1889 1
 Mimosa Crux Rio de Janeiro 1889 1889 2
 Gacrux Crux Bahia 1889 1889 2
 Imai Crux Minas Gerais 1889 1889 3
 Ginan Crux Espírito Santo 1889 1889 4
 Atria Triangulum Australe Rio Grande do Sul 1889 1889 2
Beta Trianguli Australis Triangulum Australe Santa Catarina 1889 1889 3
Gamma Trianguli Australis Triangulum Australe Paraná 1889 1889 3
 Canopus Carina Goiás 1889 1889 1
Polaris Australis Octans Distrito Federal 1889 1889 5

Brazil Republic Flag’s National Anthem

The music conductor and composer Francisco Braga created an anthem in the year 1906 for the Brazilian Republic while the lyrics were composed by Brazilian poet Olavo Bilac. The created anthem honours the nation, people of Brazil, Brazil’s national resources and the Brazilian Flag.

Brazil Republic Anthem English Translation

Hail, precious banner of hope!
Hail, August symbol of peace!
Thy noble presence to our minds
The greatness of our motherland does bring.

Take the affection enclosed
In our youthful chest,
Dear symbol of the land,
Of the beloved land of Brazil!

In thy beauteous bosom thou portrayest
This sky of purest blue,
The peerless greenness of these forests,
And the splendor of the Southern Cross.

Beholding thy sacred shadow,
We understand our duty,
And Brazil, loved by its children,
Powerful and happy shall be!

Over the immense Brazilian Nation,
In times of happiness or grief,
Hover always, o sacred flag,
Pavilion of justice and love!

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Brazil Flag FAQS

Raimundo Teixeira Mendes
The Brazil national flag motto stands for “Order and Progress”
The stars in the Brazil national flag represent the various constellations depicted in southern hemisphere on the sky of Rio de Janero on Brazil independence republic night.
Green color represents House of Braganza’s coat of Arms
Yellow portrays Portugal’s coats of arms from Hasburg house and his mistress Maria Leopoldina
The blue colour represents sky of Rio de Janeiro r on the republic’s birth.
Brazil flag has a proportion of 7:10.
The national flag of Brazil has 27 stars representing its various federal districts and states.
Brazil national flag has the following star constellations. 1. Procyon 2. Canis Major 3. Canopus 4. Spica 5. Hydra 6. Crux Australis 7. Sigma Octantis 8. Triangulum Australe 9. Scorpius
Brazil republic’s federal law 5700 defines its protocol as it must be hoisted in Brasilia on Praça dos Três Poderes as well as lowed daily among all presidential palaces in brazil republic.
Yes, Brazil Republic flag can be allowed to be burned on special ceremonies during Flag day by the military when no longer in usage.
Yes, it does as Brazil flag upper portion is folded toward reverse side , afterwards folding lower side into reverse side upto when motto and blue dish shows up and then folded towards three party of the width axis having the reverse side having fly and hoist showing brazil motto and blue disk.

Customized Governmental flags

Brazil Republic vice president and president have their own flag. Presidential flag having 2:3 ratio having national coat of arm in the center having green rectangle often hoisted upon official present residence being Palácio da Alvorada, president office Palácio do Planalto and President’s car.

Brazil vice president having 2:3 ratio flag having 23 blue star represented in cross by diving into four quadrants along with coat of arms place in left quadrant.

Republic Brazil Military flags:

Some of the branches of Brazilian Republic Military also have their individual flags.