14th Chapter

10th Chemistry Urdu Medium Chapter 14 Test

Matric Part 2/10th Class Chemistry Chapter 14 MCQ Test With Answer for Unit 14 The Atmosphere

For all the students who are soon appearing in their 10th class Chemistry Urdu medium board exams, we have prepared the class 10 chemistry chapter 6 mcqs online test for them. Students can solve these online Chemistry mcqs of Chapter 6 in Urdu and fully assess their exam preparation. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors have prepared this online test, which means it will be really helpful for you in your exam preparation. A cherry on top, students can attempt this test from anywhere they want and it is absolutely free. Students don’t have to spend money on expensive Urdu medium Chemistry test sessions and travel several miles every day. Our online test system will save students a lot of time and money. The process of attempting this online test is not so difficult, and students can start their online mcqs test by just clicking the “Start Chapter 14 Test” button. Students can also go through benefits and features of our Online Test System from this page.

10th Chemistry
Chapter 14 Test

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10th Chemistry Chapter Wise Test
(Urdu Medium)

Benefits of Our Online Mcqs Test:

  • It will minimize candidate’s travel time and expenses.

  • It allow students to cover more syllabus in less time.

  • It will undoubtedly boost your paper attempting speed.

  • You can also provide us feedback on the results if you discover that our online test system has marked your correct answer incorrectly.

Features of our Online Test System:

  • Students will be able to observe their mcqs test results right away.

  • Students will be able to view their mistakes along with the correct mcqs answers.

  • Our Online Test System will also record every student's paper attempting time.

  • Candidates can challenge their friends and family by posting their test scores on Facebook through our online test system.

How to Attempt Mcqs Online Test:

  • First of all Log in to our website to successfully attempt the mcqs test.

  • “Start Chapter 14 Test” can be seen on the top of this page, press that button to start your test.

  • A new page with the title “Chemistry 10th Class Unit 14 Online Test” will appear on your screen.

  • You will be able to note the total test marks and time to attempt that online test from that page.

  • Your online mcqs test will start right away in the after pressing the “Start Test” button.

  • You will have a total of 15 minutes to complete the whole test. There will be a total 12 multiple choice questions and total marks of the test will also be 12.

  • Mark your answers of each question individually.

  • Please click the “Submit Test” button, when you finish answering the mcqs.

Mcqs Solved File:

Our online test is not that difficult but if students still think that they are not prepared to take the online Chemistry mcqs test yet, we have also provided the chemistry class 10 ch 6 environment chemistry the atmosphere solved mcqs file on this page. The file can be found right beside the “Start Chapter 6 Test” button. The chemistry mcqs for class 10 chapter 6 pdf file contains all the important mcqs of chapter 14 in Urdu language. Our highly qualified teacher have arranged this mcqs file, so the students can easily attempt our online mcqs test of 10th class Chemistry. This 10th class Chemistry Chapter 6 mcqs solved file will ultimately assist you in your chemistry board exam preparation.

Click Here for Chemistry English Medium Ch 14 MCQ Test

Matric Part 2/10th Class Chemistry Chapter 14 MCQ Test With Answer for Unit 14 The Atmosphere

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 مندرجہ زیل میں سے کونسی وجہ اوزون کے خاتمہ کے لیے نہیں‌ ہے؟
  • A. متعدی بیماریوں‌میں‌اضافہ
  • B. ٍفصلون کی پیداورامیں اضافہ
  • C. کاربن ڈائی آکسائڈ کا اخراج
  • D. کلوروفلورو کاربنز
2 تمپریچر میں تبدیلی کی بنا پر ایٹموسفئر کو کتنے ریجنز میں تقسم کیا گیا ہے؟
  • A. چار
  • B. تین
  • C. دو
  • D. ایک
3 ہمارا سیارہ زمین قدرتی سفیر پر مشتمل ہے-
  • A. 1
  • B. 4
  • C. 6
  • D. 8
4 فوٹو کاپیئر کے قریب ایک ناگوار بدبو محسوس ہونے کی وجہ ہے:
  • A. SO2
  • B. H2S
  • C. O2
  • D. O3
5 ٹمپریچر کی تبدیلی کی بناء پر اٹموسفیر کو کتنے ریجیز میں تقسیم کیا گیا ہے؟
  • A. MGN-G1)-15)
  • B. MGN-G1)-14)
  • C. MGN-G1)-13)
  • D. MGN-G1)-12)
6 مندرجہ زیل میں سے کون سا ہوا کا پلوٹینت نہیں ہے-
  • A. CO2
  • B. CO
  • C. NO2
  • D. O3
7 اٹًموسفیر کو کس بنیاد پر چار ریجیز میں تقسیم کیا گیا ہے-
  • A. دباؤ میں تبدیلی
  • B. ریڈی ایشنز میں تبدیلی
  • C. ٹمپریچر میں تبدیلی
  • D. والیوم میں تبدیلی
8 عمارتوں اور مجسموں کے حسن اور چمک دمک کھودینے کی وجہ ہیں-
  • A. آلٹراوئلٹ ریڈی ایشن
  • B. کلوروفلورو کاربنز
  • C. ایسڈ رین
  • D. انفراریڈر ریڈی ایشنز
9 ایسڈرین کی وجہ سے عمارتوں کو نقصان پہنچتا ہے- یہ کس سے ری ایکٹ کرتی ہے؟
  • A. کیلشیم سلفیٹ
  • B. کیلشیم نائٹریٹ
  • C. کیلشیم کاربونیٹ
  • D. کیلشیم اکسلیٹ
10 ایسڈرین کی وجہ سے عمارتوں کی نقصان پہنچتا ہے کیونکہ یہ مندرجہ زیل میں‌سے کس سے ری ایکٹ کرتی ہے
  • A. کیلسیم سلفیٹ
  • B. کیلسیم نایڑیٹ
  • C. کیلسیم کاربونیٹ
  • D. کیکسم آگزیلیٹ

Top Scorers of Chemistry 10th Class Unit 14 Online Test


Suleman Bhtti

Lahore05 - Mar - 2024

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Rana Farooq Ahmed

Lahore30 - Apr - 2024

59 Sec

Rana Farooq

Lahore28 - Apr - 2024

01 Mins 58 Sec

Aqsa Ashraf

Lahore31 - Mar - 2024

02 Mins 58 Sec

Haji Sarfraz

Lahore26 - Feb - 2024

02 Mins 33 Sec

Suleman Bhtti

Lahore05 - Mar - 2024

01 Mins 52 Sec

Nadeem Khan

Lahore05 - Mar - 2024

03 Mins 59 Sec

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