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Updated January 2024
The Punjab Boards has made a significant announcement by releasing the Matric Date Sheet 2024. These exams, representing a crucial milestone for students, will be scheduled to commence in March 01, 2024. The date sheet serves as a vital resource, providing essential details about the exam schedule and timing, enabling students to prepare adequately. Here are key highlights of the matric date sheet:

  • The official declaration of the Matric Annual Date Sheet 2024 has been declared on January 2024.

  • According to the date dheet, the exams will be conducted on March 01, 2024.

  • The Matric Date Sheet 2024 is now available on this page for the convenience of students.

  • Stay connected with us for the latest updates on matric date sheets.

Matric Date Sheet 2024 Punjab Board
Date Day Subject Morning Shift (Paper Starts 8:30 A.M To 11:30 A.M) Subject Evening Shift (Paper Starts 1:30 P.M To 4:00 P.M)
1-03-2024 Friday 1-Civics
2-Business Studies
3-Clothing And Textile
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M )
1-History of Pakistan
(2:30 P.M To 5:00 P.M)
2-Computer Hardware
(2:30 P.M To 4:00 P.M)
3-Food and Nutrition
(2:30 P.M To 4:00 P.M)
4- Poultry And Farming
(2:30 P.M To 4:00 P.M)
2-03-2024 Saturday Punjabi (First Group) 1-Punjabi (Second Group)
2-English (Literature)
3- Urdu (Literature)
4-03-2024 Monday English (Compulsory) First Group English (Compulsary) Second Group
5-03-2024 Tuesday 1-Arabic
2-Geometrical and Technical Drawing
1-Art and Model Drawing
(1:30P.M To 3:00 P.M)
2-Wood Working
(1:30 P.M To 3:00 P.M)
3-History (Islamic & Muslims)
6-03-2024 Wednesday Chemistry (First Group)
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
2-General Science (First Group)
Chemistry (Second Group)
(1:30 P.M To 3:30 PM)
2-General Science (Second Group)
7-03-2024 Thursday 1-Element of Home Economics (First Group)
2-Electrical Wiring
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
1-Elements of Home Economics (Second Group)
2-Environmental Studies
3-Military Science
8-03-2024 Friday Physics (First Group)
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
Advance Islamic Studies (Elective) First Group
Al-Fiqa (Dars-e-Nizami)
Physics (Second Group)
(2:30 P.M To 4:30 P.M)
Advance Islamic Studies (Elective) Second Group
(2:30 P.M To 5:00 P.M)
9-03-2024 Saturday Islamiyat (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
Islamiyat (Compulsary) Second Group
(1:30 P.M To 3:00 P.M)
11-03-2024 Monday 1-General Mathematics (Art Group) First Group
2-Mathematics (Science Group) First Group
1-General Mathematics (Art Group) Second Group
2-Mathematics (Science Group) Second Group
12-03-2024 Tuesday Pakistan Studies (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 To 10:00 P.M)
Pakistan Studies (Compulsary) Second Group
(1:30 To 3:00 P.M)
13-03-2024 Wednesday 1-Education (First Group)
2-Al-Quran (Dars-e-Nizami Group)
3- Repair and Maintain of Domestic Ref. and Air Cond. and Deser Cooler
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
1-Education (Second Group)
(1:30 P.M To 3:30 P.M)
14-03-2024 Thursday Biology First Group
(8:30P.M To 10:30 P.M)
Biology Second Group
(1:30 P.M To 3:00 P.M)
15-03-2024 Friday Tarjam-Tul-Quran-ul-Majeed (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
Tarjam-Tul-Quran-ul-Majeed (Compulsary) Second Group
(2:30 P.M To 4:30 P.M)
16-03-2024 Saturday 1-Economics
2-Physiology & Hygenio
3-Fish Farming
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
4-Dress Making And Fashion Designing
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
1-Health And Physical Education
(1:30 P.M To 3:30 P.M)
2-Comercial Geography
18-03-2024 Monday 1-Urdu (Compulsary) First Group
2-Urdu (Compulsary) Dars-e-Nizami Group
Urdu (Compulsary) Second Group
Geography of Pakistan (Compulsary)


PBCC will be issued the Matric Date Sheet 2024 Annual Examinations for all the Boards under Punjab. It is an Annual date sheet that will be uploaded in March 2024. The meaning of "Annual" refers to the fact that students should plan their papers around the dates stated on the date sheet. Students of Matric will appear in the annual exams from March 2024. Following the paper matric, the practical papers will be started. Students of matric class can get their date sheet of all the affiliated Boards of Punjab from the respective pages of ilmkidunya.

Time Schedule for Matric Date Sheet 2024 Annual Examinations

  • The Morning Session Paper will start at 8:30 AM
  • The Evening Session Paper will start at 1:30 PM
  • The Evening Session Paper on Friday will start at 2:30 PM

Time Schedule for Practical Papers of Matric Date Sheet 2024

  • The First Batch of Practical papers will start at 8:30 AM.
  • The Second Batch of Practical papers will start at 11:30 AM.
  • The Third Batch of Practical papers will start at 2:30 PM

Any delays or modifications in the timetable will be communicated to you. The major goal of providing datasheets is to mentally prepare students to go over their course work.

Latest News & Updates on Matric Class Date sheet

According to the latest updates, the final Matric Exams 2024 Date Sheet has yet to be declared. The Board, on the other hand, announces the exam date. Students who are in search of matric paper 2024 date are informed that the exams will start in March 2024. The date sheet for the 9th and 10th grade will be posted on the board's official websites. This page provides the students with all information regarding their exams and schedules.

Examination Schedule of Class 10th

The Chairman of the Punjab Board of Education will be issued the entire academic and examination programme for the matric class for the year 2024. After the announcement by the boards, the information for class matric date sheet 2024 will be available here. The information on the 2024 exams is mentioned on this page

Matric Annual Exams Date 2024

Bise Lahore: Exams will start from March 2024

Bise Gujranwala: First papers of Health & Physical Education will be on March 2024

Bise Multan: 10th class papers will start from March 2024

Bise Faisalabad: Start of exams from March 2024

Bise Sargodha: According to board, exams will start on March 2024

Bise Rawalpindi: March 2024 will be the first date of exams

Bise Bahawalpur: First paper will be on March 2024

Bise DG Khan: Group 1 and 2 paper to start from March 2024

Bise Sahiwal: The start date exmas is March 2024

Bise Federal: For all 10th and matric students, exams will start on March 2024


Matric Date Sheet of 2024

The date sheet of each Board is declared according to their timetable. The Ministry of Education oversees all boards, and they must follow the ministry's rules, laws, and policies.  Punjab Board, Sindh Board, Baluchistan Board, and KPK Board will release their 9th and 10th class date sheets 2024 following their timetables. When the date sheet is uploaded by the board, students in the 9th & 10th grade will be allowed to check it. Several boards publish the date sheets, which are available on ilmkidunya.

Matric Date Sheet of all Educational Boards

There are several educational Boards in Pakistan. Each Board has its timetable to release the exam date and date sheet. Pakistan is divided into four provinces, each of which is divided with more than one examination board. The 9th and 10th class exams are held according to the timetables of all boards. According to previous prior years, the date sheet matric 2024 is uploaded in March. This year's schedule will be different. When the date sheet becomes available, you will be alerted.

The name of all the Boards in Pakistan are listed below.

  • Punjab Board
  • KPK Board
  • Sindh Board
  • Baluchistan Board

Punjab Board Matric Date Sheet 2024

The Punjab Board was established in 1999. Currently, the Punjab Board has ten boards in existence. Lahore, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Multan, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, D.G Khan, Sahiwal, and Federal all have Punjab Board affiliates. The board is in charge of conducting all SSC and HSSC exams for all classes. Students from the Punjab Board can use our website to receive all of the information they need about their exams, result, and datasheet.

When the board announces the 10th class date sheet 2024 Punjab Board, it will be uploaded here. Due to Covid, the Punjab board's datasheet will be issued on March 2024 last year. However, the date sheet is expected to be released in March2024 this year. The exams will be conducted from March 2024 in Punjab Board. Students in the arts, sciences, and humanities will be able to obtain their 9th /10th-grade date sheets as soon as they become available.

KPK Board Matric Date Sheet 2024

SSC and HSSC exams are held by the KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) board for all programmes. With the KPK board, there are a total of 08 interconnected boards. All boards must provide datasheets on schedule. Students who have been waiting for the 9th and 10th-grade date sheet for 2024 have been advised that the matric date sheet 2024 would be uploaded as soon as the board announces it. In March, the KPK bard announces the date sheet according to the expected date.

When the KPK board uploads the date sheet, students will be notified. The KPK board includes the following Boards.

Sindh Board Matric Date Sheet 2024

Every year, the Sindh Board conducts exams for the 9th & 10th class. Students in the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities can get their datasheets from this page once the board has made them available. The Sindh board held matric exams in March last year. Based on statistics from previous years. The date sheets for 9th grade are distributed in March. This year's date sheet may be available in March 2024 as the exams will be conducted in May. Sindh has a total of 06 boards under its jurisdiction. Following are the Boards affiliated with Sindh Board.

Baluchistan Board Matric Date Sheet 2024

The Baluchistan Board has released the date sheet for the 9th and 10th class on 29 January 2024. You can check the matric date sheet on this website. Students in the Arts, Humanities, and Science groups can examine the Baluchistan board's date sheet without wasting their time. The exam schedule will be released in March, and the exams will begin on April 01, 2024.

Students should begin studying for final exams as soon as possible. Every year, the Baluchistan board is in charge of conducting SSC and HSSC exams. The Baluchistan board received thousands of applications. Baluchistan includes the boards of AJK and Quetta. Students in the 9th and 10th grade can quickly acquire all of their exam information on ilmkidunya.

Step by Step guide to download Matric Date Sheet 2024

Students of matric (SSC) are often concerned about their educational performance and their upcoming 10th class matric date sheet. Students of matric often get information concerning their matriculation date sheet or exam schedule from unofficial sources which provide false news regarding their matriculation (SSC) date sheet. The 10th class students can easily follow our step-by-step guide below to obtain their desired matriculation (SSC) results.

Step 1

Well, students don’t have to worry as they can easily visit ilmkidunya.com and obtain their desired Matriculation (SSC) date sheet. Matric student’s can keep themselves updated and well informed by visiting this page often in order to get all the latest information regarding Matric (SSC) 10th class date sheet.

Step 2

Students of matric 10th (SSC) class can easily check their matriculation date sheet by visiting ilmkidunya.com as the annual date sheet for 10th class will be  released soon and matric students must not waste their time and start their examination preparations immediately. The annual date sheet examination dates for subjects can change as matric date sheet is still not officially declared yet by the educational boards of Pakistan.

Step 3

Students of 10th class (SSC) can obtain their respective annual date sheets by visiting the desired section on ilmkidunya.com and downloading their respective date sheet by clicking on the download button and saving it on their computer or mobile phone.

Step 4

The 10th class (SSC) matric students can also easily obtain their official date sheet from all the respective board's official websites. Typically the 10th class (SSC) date sheet is available in PDF image format, and the date sheet includes details for all the student’s papers, including paper time and division for the students.

Step 5

The students of 10th class (SSC) matric can share their downloaded matric date sheet when obtained with their family and friends and share it with their community through their social media profiles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Matric 10th (SSC) annual exams 2024 going to be held?

According to the date sheet for 10th class (SSC), the papers will be held on March 01, 2024.

When is the first paper of matric 10th (SSC) annual examination?

The first paper of matric (SSC) is going to be held on March 01, 2024.

When was the date sheet of matric (SSC) 10th class released?

The annual date sheet of 10th class (SSC) has been released in January 2024.

When is the last paper of matric 10th class?

The last examination is going to be held on March 18, 2024.

When are the practicals going to be held of the 10th class?

The 10th class practicals will be held in the month of March 2024.


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