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10th Class Civics MCQ Test With Answer for Civics Full Book

Civics is a field of study which deals with the rights, affairs and responsibilities of citizens. As a subject it is being taught in schools and colleges.

10th class, SSC part 2 Civics papers consists of 20% of objective and multiple choice questions. Students of 10th class can prepare their Civics subject on ilmkidunya. Ilmkidunya is giving a unique opportunity for the student of 10th class to practice their Civics paper online. On this MCQ online test page, 10th class students can evaluate their self for passing examination in excellent marks.

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By practicing their Civics subject online, they will be able to gove their best in exams. These online Civics question papers have thousands of objectives multiple choice questions and by attempting these online papers; students can assess their Civics preparation in better way. This free platform of Civics exams preparation will help 10th class students to achieve their paper with full confidence.

Ilmkidunya.com is a first educational website which has offered a new authentic system of online exams preparation for 10th class students. 10th class students of all educational boards BISES can prepare their exams online through ilmkidunya. Students can judge their preparation level for annual exams by attempting these reliable and to the point informative online tests.

Students of 10th class can examine their preparation by this online test system as many time as they want until unless they find their self fully prepared. 10th class students are advised to attempt this online test for Civics subject. 10th class Students of all BISEs can evaluate their preparation for Civics on ilmkidunya.

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10th Class Civics MCQ Test With Answer for Civics Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 اسلام میں وہ تمام حقوق شہریوں کو حاصل ہیں جو مقرر کردہ ہیں.
  • A. پاکستان کے
  • B. قرآن و سنت کے
  • C. امریکہ کے
  • D. اولیائ کرام کے
2 1866 میں علی گڑھ انسٹی ٹیوٹ گزٹ کے نام سے شائع ہوا.
  • A. ایک اخبار
  • B. ایک رسالہ
  • C. ایک گزٹ
  • D. اہل ہفت روزہ
3 ایک غیر مسلم کی جان بھی اس قدر قیمتی ہے جس قدر
  • A. عیسائی کی
  • B. مسلمان کی
  • C. یہودی کی
  • D. ہندو کی
4 1948،1965،1971 میں پاکستان پر کس نے حملہ کیا.
  • A. چین
  • B. افغانستان
  • C. بھارت
  • D. ایران
5 ملک میں دوسرا آئین نافذ ہوا.
  • A. 1962
  • B. 1961
  • C. 1960
  • D. 1958
6 قرارداد لاہور نے مسلمانوں کی متعین کردی.
  • A. ترقی
  • B. قسمت
  • C. راہ
  • D. منزل
7 صدر مشرف نے اقتدار سنھبالا
  • A. 1996
  • B. 1997
  • C. 1998
  • D. 1999
8 خاندان معاشرےکی ہے
  • A. اقلیتی اکائی
  • B. بنیادی اکائی
  • C. مثالی اکائی
  • D. انفرادی اکائی
9 سندھ طاس معاہدہ طے پایا
  • A. 1950
  • B. 1951
  • C. 1960
  • D. 1962
10 ضلع کونسل میں عورتوں کے لیے نشستیں مخصوص ہیں.
  • A. 13%
  • B. 23%
  • C. 33%
  • D. 43%

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