Online GAT General Test Preparation for Pakistani Students

Online self assessment tests offer multitude of boons. These online tests aid in adjusting and improving academic and general learning of students in their intended area of studies. Foremost, online tests can be conducted without supervision of instructors or tutors. Particularly, after matriculation, students have to indulge in self studies; they can’t possibly succeed unless and until they pledge themselves in studies whole heartedly. For the students focused on attaining education and gaining high marks, online tests play role of teachers in assessing their academic capabilities instantly.

The GAT General or Graduate Assessment Tests are part of NTS tests which are focused on providing students a platform to get on merit admissions in Universities for MPhill and MS programmes. The sole purpose of NTS is to play mediator between graduates and Universities. It is providing transparent testing services, on the basis of which universities select students on merit. GAT General Test is approved by all HEC affiliated Universities. The GAT General tests remain valid for admissions till 2 years after passing it.

The online tests sketched by our website are according to formula of examinations of NTS. We have outlined our online tests through past papers and important topics according NTS criteria. There three categories of online tests for GAT General Candidates: GAT (Business and Engineering), GAT (Art, Humanities and Social) and Gat (Agricultural and Veterinary). The candidates can attempt these online tests to measure their learning. The candidates will not only gain confidence to attempt the annual NTS GAT General Tests but also will be fully prepared for examinations.