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Prize Bond Results 2021

A prize bond is considered as a lottery bond that is offered by the National Savings Pakistan or the ministry of finance. The prize bonds are allotted in Pakistan on behalf of the government of Pakistan.

Here we would like to share an idea with the users that out of the best investments in Pakistan, the use of prize bonds is considered the one. It is a golden investment type or is also called a carrier type investment security that comes with no premium or profit.

In Pakistan, prize bonds are issued with a proper series or sequence. However, every series lasts in one million numbers (1,000,000). It comes to see that no profit or interest is applied on these bonds and every draw is announced quarterly. During the prize bond results in every quarter, the winners are announced through the lucky draws. The major cities of Pakistan are allocated for the process of the lucky draw. In Pakistan, almost 36 times a year the prize bonds lucky draws are held. According to a survey, it has been confirmed that every year almost 70,600 Pakistanis are nominated as the winners who win almost 1.6 billion Pakistani rupees annually. The following is the further details regarding the prize bond scheme in Pakistan.


Background/History Of the National Prize Bond Scheme

While throwing the light on the background of the prize bond we find that the first prize bonds with the dimensions of Rs. 10 and Rs. 100 were issued in the sub-continent by the unbroken Indian Government. The act was done on January 15th, 1944.  The bonds could be cashed on any date after January 15th, 1949. It was called a five-year interest-free bond 1949 scheme.

However, after the partition, under the act by the government of Pakistan, the National Prize Bond Scheme was introduced in 1960 by issuing a bond with the dimension of Rs. 10. The initiative of this scheme is to offer public prize bonds at cheaper rates and to give them heavy cash prizes through the lucky draws. Through this scheme, the government of Pakistan is earning billion of rupees but the issue is that every investor is not earning the amount that he or she bears to buy the prize bonds.

Buy A National Prize Bond

Well, out of the most common questions from the users’ side the basic one is that from where they can buy prize bonds in Pakistan. So, all the users are informed that the scheme of the National Prize Bond was initiated by the Central Directorate of National Savings, CDNS. However, the State Bank Of Pakistan gives authority to the Bank Al-Habib to increase the outreach of the planned scheme to the general public. Users are also informed that the National Prize bonds of all the dimensions are available at all field offices of SBP BSC (Bank). Moreover, these can also be purchased from the National Saving Centers and all the designated branches of the commercial banks. Moreover, for the convenience of users, there are many authorized dealers in almost all the major cities of Pakistan are available that deal in almost all types of prize bonds. You are recommended to buy prize bonds from the authorized banks. However, if you want to buy the prize bonds from your near dealers then make sure that you are buying the right things in the right amount of money.  

Prize Bonds Results Schedules

Today, the prize bonds in almost 09 dimensions or quantities are available and these are included on Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 7,500, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 25,000, Rs. 40,000, and Rs. 40,000 premium bonds. Every month 2 to 4 lucky draws are held. For every single prize bond, 4 lucky draws are scheduled annually and throughout the year almost 36 lucky draws are held. The lucky draws are held in different major cities of Pakistan. For every single prize bond, almost 3 awards or prizes are announced. The first prize is given to one candidate, the second prize is given to three candidates, and the third prize is distributed to many candidates and the number of candidates is different according to the different dimensions of the National Prize Bonds. Users are informed that here on this platform, Ilmkidunya, they will are provided the prize bond list 2021 and they can also check prize bond results of every single lucky draw. Users can also find all prizes or awards of every single lucky draw.

Banks Involved In Prize Bond

In order to buy or sell the national prize bonds or to claim cash or prize of the prize bonds users can visit the decimated branches, throughout Pakistan, of the following banks:

1.    MCB Bank Limited

2.    Habib Bank Limited

3.    National Bank of Pakistan

4.    Bank Alfalah Limited

5.    United Bank Limited

6.    Allied Bank Limited

Sell The National Prize Bond

Users who have purchased a prizebond once can also sell the prize bonds whenever they want. The same centers that are offering the services of buying prize bonds will also entertain you when you will go to sell them. As you have to beware of the scammers while buying the national prize bonds you must also beware of them while selling your prize bonds.

How Long A Prize Bond Can Be Used?

The last but not the least point of discussion that how long a prize bond can be used? Users are informed that the prize bonds do not expire until the scheme will be terminated. Moreover, the winners are allowed to claim their prize or rewards within the six months of the lucky draw.


FAQs About Prize Bond

1.       How to check the prize bond?

The national saving centers offer a complete chart of the prize bond results at the time of the lucky draw. You can get these charts from the saving centers. Moreover, users can also have the opportunity to prize bond check online from the official site of National savings.


2.       What is the prize bond of the state bank of Pakistan?

A prize bond or national prize bond is a lottery that is offered by the National Savings of Pakistan or the finance ministry of Pakistan. These lottery bonds are distributed on the behalf of the government of Pakistan.


3.       How to claim a prize bond?

The prize bond winner can claim the prize or reward by filling the claim form. The winner will be asked to give a photocopy of the valid CNIC along with the original duly signed prize bond and a photocopy of the duly signed prize bond.


4.       How to purchase a prize bond?

The National Prize bonds of all the dimensions are available at all field offices of SBP BSC (Bank). Moreover, these can also be purchased from the National Saving Centers and all the designated branches of the commercial banks.


5.       What is a prize bond, how to check the prize bond number?

Prize bond is a lottery and the numbers can be checked by matching them through the given list of the numbers that are taken via a lucky draw. In order to check numbers, the prize bond list is issued by the National Savings. However, users can also get the opportunity of an online prize bond check.


6.       How to win a prize bond?

It depends upon your luck. You have to match the number of your prize bond to the numbers that are taken or offered visa the lucky draw.


7.       How to check the prize bond number in Pakistan?

The easy way to check the bond list or prize bond results is to check through the listing issued by the National Savings. The list of numbers is based on the lucky draws.


8.       How to check fake prize bonds?

The basic way to check the genuineness of a prize bond is to take a look at the print, logo, and lining, and numbers drawn on the bond. Moreover, the National Savings also offered a unique size of prize bonds. Moreover, for their convenience users can also check prize bond online through an app that scans the bond and gives the result whether the bond is original or fake.


09.     How to check the prize bond draw?

Prize bonds are drawn on the given schedule. During the day of the draw, users can check results through the official site of National Savings. Moreover, you can also find the draw results in the printed form through the prize bond dealers or local distributors.


10.     How to fill prize bond claim form?

The prize bond claim application form can be obtained from the banks or the national saving centers. Users are required to fill all the required spaces to claim the reward.


11.     How much tax deduction on prize bond?

For non-filer winners, the tax is 20% of the total amount. However, for filers, the amount of tax is 15% of the total amount of money.


12.     Which prize bond to buy?

The prize bond of any type or dimension you can buy. However, there are two types of premium bonds including Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 40,000 prize bonds are currently running.

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