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10th Chemistry English Medium Chapter 6 Test

Matric Part 2/10th Class Chemistry Chapter 14 MCQ Test With Answer for Unit 14 The Atmosphere

The students will be able to assess how fine they have prepared for their 10th class Chemistry board exam by attempting our 10 class chemistry chapter 14 mcqs online test. This online mcqs test is based on important topics and questions of chapter 6 to help you prepare for the Chemistry board exam's mcqs section. Students can improve their final exam score by overcoming the mistakes they will make in our chemistry class 10 chapter 6 mcqs test. Also our online testing system will also record the total paper solving time of every student to help them keep a track of time that they have spent on each mcqs question. The paper attempting process of the Chemistry online mcqs test is same for all of the chapters of 10th class Chemistry, you can access your desired chapter number for the top of this page.

10th Chemistry Chapter Wise Test
(English Medium)

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Mcqs Solved File:

This mcqs test of chapter 6 carries all of the important questions and main idea of the chapter. You will learn how to effectively solve the 10th class Chemistry board exam by taking this 10th class Chemistry chapter 6 mcqs test. After attempting the online mcqs test if you feel that you still need preparation for the test, we have provided the class 10 chemistry chapter 14 exercise mcqs solved file on this page. All important question the chapter 6 have been answered in this pdf file. This chemistry class 10 ch 6 environment chemistry the atmosphere solved mcqs file has been comprised by our highly experienced teachers. Preparing for the Chemistry online mcqs test with this chapter 6 mcqs file will be beneficial for all 10th class students.

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Matric Part 2/10th Class Chemistry Chapter 14 MCQ Test With Answer for Unit 14 The Atmosphere

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 Normaily rain water is weakly acidic because.
  • A. SO<sub>3</sub>
  • B. CO<sub>2</sub>
  • C. CO<sub>3</sub>
  • D. NO<sub>2</sub>
2 The formula of ozone is.
  • A. O<sub>2</sub>
  • B. O<sub>3</sub>
  • C. O
  • D. CO
3 The sphere just above the Earth's surface is.
  • A. Mescosphere
  • B. Stratosphere
  • C. Thermosphere
  • D. Troposphere
4 Which one of these pollutants are not found in car exhaust fumes?
  • A. CO<sub>2</sub>
  • B. O<sub>3</sub>
  • C. NO<sub>2</sub>
  • D. SO<sub>2</sub>
5 The percentage of SO<sub>2 </sub>released by the combustion of coal and petroleum product.
  • A. 40%
  • B. 60%
  • C. 70%
  • D. 80%
6 The process by which atmospheric nitrogen is turned into nitrates in the soil is called.
  • A. Nitration
  • B. Fixing
  • C. Oxidation
  • D. Reduction
7 Which is not a character of SO<sub>2</sub>
  • A. it is a colourless gas
  • B. It has irritating smell
  • C. It causes suffocation
  • D. It do not form sulphuric acid
8 PAN stands for
  • A. Poly aniline nitrate
  • B. Proxy acetyl nitrate
  • C. Poly acetyl nitrite
  • D. Proxy acetyl nitrite
9 Mesosphere has a temperature range.
  • A. 17 <sup>o</sup>C - 58<sup>o</sup>C
  • B. 58<sup>o</sup>C - 2<sup>o</sup>C
  • C. 2<sup>o</sup>C - 93<sup>o</sup>C
  • D. - 93<sup>o</sup>C
10 The layer above troposphere extend upto 50 kilometers called.
  • A. Mesosphere
  • B. Hydrosphere
  • C. Stratosphere
  • D. Thermosphere

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Zainab Riaz

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Lahore10 - Mar - 2023

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Abdul Sattar Chaudhary

Lahore29 - Apr - 2023

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Ahmad Hasnat

Lahore10 - Mar - 2023

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M Hamid

Lahore24 - Apr - 2023

01 Mins 11 Sec

Rabiya Fatima

Lahore09 - Mar - 2023

01 Mins 19 Sec

TNA Looter

Lahore09 - Apr - 2023

01 Mins 20 Sec

J Solangi

Lahore27 - May - 2023

01 Mins 20 Sec

Faria Sajjad

Lahore23 - Mar - 2023

01 Mins 30 Sec

Huzaifa Tariq

Lahore09 - Apr - 2023

01 Mins 33 Sec


Lahore26 - Apr - 2023

01 Mins 34 Sec

Ahmad Hasnat

Lahore10 - Mar - 2023

01 Mins 39 Sec

Abdul Haseeb

Lahore09 - Apr - 2023

02 Mins 08 Sec

Shahzaib Iqbal

Lahore09 - Apr - 2023

02 Mins 22 Sec

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