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Chemical engineering is an incredible field to choose which combines biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics. BS Chemical engineering is one of the best engineering disciplines. The Chemical engineering program is not an isolated engineering degree. The field covers the designing, control, and development of products and processes which includes the molecular change in both biological and chemical operations. BS Chemical engineering degree program prepares the students to practice professionally in development, research, control, process, pollution, and market analysis.

BS Chemical Engineering

BS Chemical engineering in Pakistan is the only engineering that links with experimental and natural sciences. It is a 4 years Bachelor’s degree program. This degree is based on rules and techniques of chemistry with practical practice in industrial production and processes. This program is all about the manufacturing and production of several kinds of chemical products and chemicals. This degree allows the students to learn different chemical processes to convert raw material into other useful chemicals and raw chemicals into other products like paints, glass, fiber, plastic, etc. BS Chemical Engineering degree demands systems, methods, and types of equipment for refining, processing, and compounding the raw materials or chemicals.

Use of Chemical Engineering

BS Chemical engineering is found in manufacturing plants and it maximizes the productivity of the product quality and minimizes the cost. Most of the biomedical, medical, military and automotive industries need chemical engineers to improve and develop technical products like fabrics, ultra-strong fibers, and biocompatible materials for prosthetics.

Scope of BS Chemical Engineering in Pakistan

BS Chemical engineering in Pakistan has a great scope. It is a good career for those students that are interested in physics, mathematics, and chemistry.  The industry of Pakistan is now becoming eco-friendly and trying to go forward in renewable energy sources. The BS chemical engineering scope in Pakistan has a wide range from aerospace and biotechnology to the petroleum and biomedical industries. This degree is now becoming highly profitable as it has a growing scope in Pakistan. There are many career opportunities for the BS chemical engineering graduates and this field also gives a chance to change it into some other engineering. Chemical engineering plays an important role in producing and improving products. Biotechnology is in highly demanding chemical engineers.

Types of BS Chemical Engineering

These are different types of BS chemical engineering which are given below:

  • Plant designing engineering
  • Chemical reaction engineering
  • Transport phenomena
  • Process engineering

Demand for BS Chemical Engineering in Pakistan

Chemical engineers are in demand in most of the manufacturing sectors of Pakistan. The demand for a BS in chemical engineering in Pakistan is high. It is a vast field to study with the application in plastics, petroleum, food, pharmaceuticals, and other areas. Pakistan is good in agriculture so it requires more chemical engineers for the agriculture of raw products. Chemical engineers have a high demand in industrial units. Chemical engineers are needed to work in plants and on the assembly line.  They are responsible to improve the quality of the products by chemical reengineering and also improve raw products and processes.

Benefits of BS Chemical Engineering Degree

Chemical engineering is very beneficial for the students:

  • To develop useful products that make life better and easier.
  • To get expertise in material sciences, information technology, and biochemistry.
  • To get highly paid jobs with flexibility given by the job providers in Pakistan.
  • To get fast-growing job opportunities in Pakistan.

Purpose of BS Chemical Engineering

The purpose of BS chemical engineering is to get the knowledge and understanding of troubleshooting and designing for the production of fuels, chemicals, biologicals, and pharmaceuticals. The major purpose of this field is to make a career in production, transportation, transformation, management, and operation of industrial processes.  This degree enables students to be experts in the installation, supervision, and construction of manufacturing equipment and plants. Chemical engineers ensure compliance with safety, health, and environmental regulations. The purpose of chemical engineers is to plan and design the equipment layout and monitor the production processes with costs.

Key Skills for BS Chemical Engineering

The common gained skills from BS chemical engineering program include:

  • Knowledge and understanding of chemical engineering methods, practices, and theories.
  • Understanding of scientific topics and manufacturing processes.
  • Advanced skills in laboratory and numeracy.
  • Understanding and awareness of ethical issues in chemical engineering.
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Leadership, project management, and teamwork skills.
  • Good understanding of the commercial application of general engineering and chemical engineering.

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