Online NAT-I Test Preparation for Pakistani Students

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The online tests for NAT-I preparations are specifically outlined apropos to NTS criterion. The NAT-I online tests programmed in our website are consisted of all categories such as NAT-IE (pre-engineering), NAT-IA (Arts and Humanities), NAT-IM (Pre medical), NAT-ICS (Computer Science), NAT-IGS (General Science) and NAT-ICOM (Commerce).

The NAT-I are for the students who have completed 12 years of education, NTS has facilitated this eligibility testing service for merit based admissions in reputed institutions to candidates. The students passing NAT-I tests are preferred fore- mostly by all public and private sector institutions of Pakistan. These tests are comprised of 4 parts such as: Verbal English, Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and Subject Knowledge. NTS offers platform to deserving candidates with opportunity to show their capabilities and nourishing their academic skills through these tests.

Moreover, NAI-I test is further comprises of six types which includes:

  1. NAT-IE for Pre-engineering
  2. NAT-IM for pre-medical students
  3. NAT-IA for arts and humanities
  4. NAT-ICS for computer science
  5. NAT-ICOM for Commerce
  6. NAT-IGS for general science

Evidently, candidates passing NAT-I have an academic and confidential edge over non-participants of NTS. The students who have passed NAT-I do better in admission interviews and entry tests because of having practiced required academic concepts in NTS tests. Besides, mere act of attempting the NTS tests puts the students in huge platform and equips them with courage to compete with fast pacing masses in their later level of education.

Keeping in view, the extent of significance of NAT-I tests have on future of students, the online tests sketched by our website is an endeavor of our website to assist them in preparation of NAT-I effectively. These online tests are drawn in accordance to NTS criteria with the aid of expert examiners and well reputed teachers.