Date Sheet for MA/MSc Part 2, 2nd annual 2021, 1st annual examination 2022

Exams Starts From:November 3, 2022

September 30, 2022

Past Sargodha University Ma/MSc Date Sheets

Date Sheet Date Announced Details
Sargodha University Date Sheet For MA / MSc IT 3rd Term Final Written Examinations 2022 September 21, 2022 View - Download
Sargodha University Date Sheet For MSc 2nd Term Final Written Examinations 2022 17th February 2022 View - Download
Sargodha University Date Sheet For MSc 4th Term Final Written Examinations 2022 17th February 2022 View - Download
Sargodha University Tentative Date Sheet For MA/MSc Part 1 and Part 2 9th October 2021 View - Download
Sargodha University MA/MSc Part I & II 1st Annual Date Sheets 2019 16-10-2019 View - Download

Sargodha University Date Sheet For MA / MSc IT 3rd Term Final Written Examinations 2023

Day & Date Subjects Lk No. Code & Paper
BBA 6441 BACC-4204: Advanced Financial Accounting
ADP In IT 6442 CMPC-205: Database System
BS-Computer Science 6443 Clv1P-3113: Data Structures and Algorithms (Old Scheme)
6444 CMPC-201: Data Structures and Algorithms
BS-IT 6445 CMP-3112: Data Structures and Algorithms
6446 CMPC-203: Data Structures and Algorithms
BS-Software Engineering 6447 CMP-3112: Data Structure and Algorithms
6448 CMPC-201: Data Structures & Algorithms
M.Sc (IT) 6449 CMP-311 2: Data Structure and Algorithms
BS-Mathematics 6450 MATH-203/MA1'11-2031: Algebra- 1
6451 MATH-5107: Algebra- I
6452 MATH-203: Vector Analysis & Mechanics
BS-Physics 6453 MATH-5122: Calculus
6454 MATH-204: Calculus
BS-Geography 6575 PSYC-203: Psychology
6576 SOCI-5101: General Sociology
BS-Geology 6577 GEOL-209: Geostatistics
6578 GEOL-5106: Geostatistics
BS-Civil Technology 6459 CT-212: Hydrology
6460 CT-212: Theory of Structures
BS-Electrical Technology 6461 ET-212: Electrical Machines-II (Old Scheme)
6462 ET-212: Network Analysis (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology 6463 MT-216: Islamic Studies (Old Scheme)
BS-Psychology 6464 Introduction to Biology
BS-Botany 6465 BOTN-5103: Cell Biology Genetics
6466 BOT-203: Cell Biology Genetics
BS-Chemistry 6467 BOTN-5103: Cell Biology Genetics & Evolutions
6468 BOT-203: Botany-II1/ Cell Biology Genetics Evolutions
6469 MATH-5122: Calculus
6470 MATHS-431: Analytical Geometry and Complex Numbers
BS-Zoology 6471 BOT-203: Cell Biology, Genetics aid Evolution (Old Scheme)
6472 BOT-203: Botany-III Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution
6473 BOTN-5103: Cell Biology Genetics & Evolutions
BS-English 6474 ENG-212: Introduction to Literature-I
6475 ENG-215: Intercultural Communication
BS-Economics 6476
ECON-202: Intermediate Micro Economics EDUC-51 13: Philosophy of Education
BS-Education 6478 EDU-202: Philosophy of Education
BS-Islamic Studies 6479 BISLC-202: Computer Science
BS-International Relations 6480 ECON-5112: Introduction to Economics
BS-Political Science 6481 POLS-61 15: Government & Politics of Pakistan
BS-History 6482 ECON-5112: Introduction to Economics
BS-Urdu 6600 URD-234: The Political History of Pakistan
6601 URDU-5110: The Political History of Pakistan
M.A (English) 6485 ENG-601: Modern Poetry
BBA 6486 BECO-4203: Macro Economics
ADP In IT 6487 CMPC-203: Data Communication & Networking
BS-Computer Science . 6488 CMP-2540: Computer Communication and Networks (Old Scheme)
6489 CMPC-205: Computer Networks (New Scheme)
BS-IT 6490 CMP-2540: Computer Communications anciNetworks (Old Scheme)
6491 CMPC-205: Discrete Structures (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering 6492 SS-2312: Pakistan Studies (Old Schtme)
 6493 BUSB-201: Human Resource Management (New Scheme)
M.Sc (IT) 6494 CMP-3440: Database Systems
BS-Mathematics 6495 MATH-5106: Calculus-111
6496 MATH-20l: Calculus-III
BS-Physics 6497 MATH-5123: Ordinary Differential Equations
6498 MATH-205: Ordinary Differential Equations
BS-Geography 6499 GEOG-201: Introduction to Cartography
6500 GEOG-201: Human Geography
6501 GEOG-5103: Human Geography
BS-Geology 6502 PKST-112: Pakistan Studies
6503 URCP-5106: Pakistan Studies -------- -
BS-Civil Technology 6504 CT-213: Fluid Mechanics (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology 6505 ET-213: Digital Electronics (Old/ New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology 6506 MT-211: Mechanics of Materials (Old /New Scheme)
BS-Psychology 6507 ITM-205/ITMG-405: Introduction to Management
BS-Botany 6508 CHEM-5103: Organic Chemistry
6509 CHEM-203: Organic Chemistry _.._
6510 CHEM-271: Organic Chemistry
BS-Chemistry 6511 CHEM-5103: Organic Chemistry
6512 CHEM-271: Organic Chemistry
BS-Zoology 6513 CHEM-203: Organic Chemistry (Old Scheme)
6514 CHEM. 201: Chemistry-Ill Organic Chemistry
6687 CHEM-203: Organic Chemistry
6515 CHEM-5I03: Organic Chemistry
BS-English 6516 ENG-213: History of English Literature
6517 ENG-216: Prose-I (New Scheme)
BS-Economics 6518 ECON-203: Development Economics
BS-Education 6519 EDUC-5112: Educational Technology & ICT
6520 EDU-201: Educational Technology & ICT
BS-Islamic Studies 6521 BISL-203: Seerat-Un-Nabi (Asari Plasayl)
. BS-International Relations 6522 GEOG-5101: Fundamentals of Geography
BS-Political Science 6523 POLS-6113: Research Methodology
BS-History_ 6524 HIST-5105: Research Methodology
BS-Urdu 6525 URD-233: History of Sub-continent
6526 URDU-5109: History of Modern South Asia
6527 URDU-233: History of Bar 1', Azurn
M.A (English) 6528 ENG-602: Drama-Ill (19'h Century)
BS (Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, 1.R, Political Science, History, Geography, Education, Economics, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software 6529 Engineering) URCE-5103: Academic Writing (Compulsory)
BBA 6530 BLAW-4203: Money, Banking & Cadit Management
ADP In IT 6531 ENGL-201: Technical & Report Writing
BS-Computer Science 6532 ENG-2413: Technical and Report Writing
6533 ENGL-201: Technical & Report Writing
BS-IT 6534 --- ENG-2413: Technical and Report Writing
6535 1TSCC-201: Professional Practices (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering 6536 ENG-2413: English-III (Technical & Report Writing)
6686 SECC-205: Human Computer Interaction
M.Sc (IT) 6537 IT-3548: Web Systems and Technologies
BS-Mathematics 6538 ENG-203: Advanced Reading Skills (Old Scheme)
6539 ENG-203: English- Ill "Technical Writing and Presentation Skills" (New Scheme)
ENG-206: English-III
BS-Physics 6540
ENG-201: English-III (Old+ New)
BS-Geography BS-Geology 6541
6542 GEOL-207: Stratigraphy
6543 GEOL-5105: Stratigraphy
BS-Civil Technology 6544 CT-214: Mechanics of Materials (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology 6545 HU-215: Communication Skills-I
6546 ET-215: Electrical Machines-1 (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology 6547 MT-215: Communication Skills-II (Old Scheme)
6548 MT-213: Production Planning and Control (New Scheme)
BS-Psychology BS-Botany 6549 ENG-201/ENGL-401: Communication Skills-I
6550 ENG-203: English-III "Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills"
BS-Chemistry 6551 ENG-203: English-111/ Advance Reading Skills
BS-Zoology 6552 ENG-203: English-III (Old Scheme)
6553 ENG-201: English-III (New Scheme)
BS-English 6554 ENG-214: Fiction-I (Old Scheme)
6555 ENG-213: Fiction-I (New Scheme)
BS-Economics 6556 ENG-201: English-III
ENG-201: English-III
BS-Education 6557
BS-Islamic Studies 6558 BENG-201-English
BS-Urdu 6559 URD-231/URDU-231: English-111
M.A (English) 6560 ENG-603: Fiction-III
BBA 6561 BMAT-4202: Business Law
ADP In IT 6562 CMPC-201: Object Oriented Programming
BS-Computer Science 6563 CS-3210:Computer Organization and Assembly Language (Old Scheme)
CSCC-201: Computer Organization and Assembly Language (New Scheme)
BS -IT 6565 IT-2410: Information Systems (Old Scheme)
6566 ITSC-201: Enterprise Systems (New Scheme)
CMP-3310: Software Engineering (Old Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering 6567
SECC-201: Software Requirement Engineering (New Scheme)
SE-331I: Object Oriented Analysis & Design
M.Sc (IT) 6569
BS-Mathematics 6570 BUS-231: Principles of Management
6571 MATH-5I08: Probability Theory  •
MATH-205: Probability Theory
BS-Physics  6573 PHYS-5105: Electricity and Magnetism-II
6574 PHYS-201: Electricity and Magnetism-11
BS-Geography 6575 PSYC-203: Psychology
6576 SOCI-5101: General Sociology
BS-Geology 6577 GEOL-209: Geostatistics
6578 GEOL-5106: Geostatistics
BS-Geography 6455 COMPT-202: Introduction to Computers
BS-Geography, Geology, Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, Urdu 6456 URC1-5109: Introduction to Information & Communication Technologies
BS-Geology 6457 COMP-201: Computer Application in Geology
BS-Civil Technology 6579 CT-215: Engineering Geology (Old & New.Schemq
BS-Electrical Technology 6580 ET-214: Power Generation and
BS-Mechanical Technology 6581 MT-212: Applied Thermodynamics    
BS-Psychology 6582 PSY-202: Sports Psychology
6583 PSYC-402: Sports Psychology
BS-Botany 6585 COMP-203: Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies
BS-Chemistry 6587 CS-203: Computer Applications
BS-Zoology 6588 COMP-203: Computer Applications (Old Scheme)
6589 COMP-201: Introduction of Computer
BS-English 6591 ENG-214: Phonetics
-- ECON-206: Financial Management
BS-Economics 6592
BS-Education 6593 EDUC-5114: Teaching of History & Geography (Professional-I)
6594 EDU-203: Teaching of History & Geography (Professional-I)
BS-Islamic Studies 6595 BISL-204: Arabic Language & Literature (Part-II)
BS-International Relations 6596 INTR-5102: Theories of International Relations
SOWK-5101: Introduction to Social Work
BS-Political Science 6597
6598 GEOG-5101: Fundamentals of Geography
BS-History 6599 HIST-5104: History of Europe-I (1153- i789)
BS-Urdu 6483 URD-232: Computer
M.A (English) 6602 ENG-604: Research Methodology
BBA 6603 BSTA-4202: Statistics
ADP In IT 6604 MATH-201: Linear Algebra
BS-Computer Science 6605 MATH-2215: Differential Equations
6606 PKST-201: Pakistan Studies
BS-IT 6607 MATH-3215: Linear Algebra (Old Scheme)
6608 MATH-203: Linear Algebra (New Scheme)
MATH-2110: Probability and Statistics (Old Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering 6609
6610 MATH-201: Linear Algebra (New Scheme)
M.Sc (IT) 6611 IT-3541: Network Design & Management
6612 IT-4441: Data Warehousing
IT-4545: Mobile Computing
BS-Mathematics 6614 PHY-201: Mechanics-II (Old Scheme)
6615 PHYS-5163: Physics- III
6616 PHY-201: Physics- III (New Scheme)
BS-Physics 6617 PHYS-5106: Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics  __
6618 PHYS-202: Fundamentals of Quantum M_ echanics
BS-Geography 6619 STAT-201: Statistics
6620 URCS-5108: Introduction of Statistics
BS-Geology 6621 GEOL-211: Mineralogy
6622 GEOL-5107: Mineralogy
MATH-211: Applied Mathematics-II (New Scheme)
BS-Civil Technology 6623
6624 HU-211: Applied Mathematics-I1 (Old Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology 6625 HU-211: Applied Mathematics-II (Old Scheme)
6626 MATH-211: Applied Mathematics-Ill (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology 6627 MT-214: Basic Electrical Technology (Old/ New Scheme)
BS-Psychology 6628 PSY-203/PSYC-403: Experimental Psychology
ZOOL-5103: Animal Form and Function-1
BS-Botany 6630 ZOL-203: Diversity of Animal Chordates
BS-Chemistry 6631 ZOOL-5103: Animal Form and Function-1
ZOL-203: Diversity of Animal Chordates
6633 PHYS-5163: Physics-Ill
6634 PHYG- 102: Mechanics-II, Electricity & Magnetism-11
BS-Zoology 6635 ZOL-203: Diversity of Animals (Vertebrates)
6636 ZOL-201:/Zoology-III (Animals Diversity Chordates)
6637 ZOOL-5103: Animal Form and Function-1
6638 ZOL-201: Animals Diversity (Invertebrates)
BS-English 6639 ENG-217: Philosophy
BS-Economics 6640 STAT-204: Statistics-I
BS-Education 6641 EDUC-5115: Educational Psychology
6642 EDU-503: Educational PsycholcT ¦
13S-Islamic Studies 6643 BISL-205: Education
BS-Political Science 6644 H1ST-5101: Historiography
6646 SOCI-5101: General Sociology
BS-History 6647 HIST-5106: Muslim History-11 (Umayyads and Abbasids)
BS-International Relations 6648 SOCI-5101: General Sociology    _  _
BS-Urdu 6649 URD-235: Anthropology
6650 SOCI-6113: Cultural Anthropology
M.A (English) 6653 ENG-605: American Literature
BBA 6654 BSTA-4202I: Business Taxation
BS-Computer Science 6655 MNG-2210: Financial Accounting
6656 BUSB-201: Principles of Management
BS-IT 6657 MNG-2210: Financial Accounting
BS-Software Engineering 6658 CMP-3450: Database System
M.Sc (IT) 6659 IT-4442: Data Mining
6660 IT-4746: E-Commerce Applications Development
6661 11-4461: Enterprise Resource Planning System
6662 1r-4541: Data Security and Networks
BS-Geography 6663 GEOG-221/GEOG-5104: Map Work
BS-Geology 6664 GEOL-205: Introduction to Paleontology
6685 GEOL-5104: Introduction to Paleontology
BS-English 6665 ENG-217: Statistics (Old Scheme)
6666 ENG-218: Statistics (New Scheme)
BS-Economics 6667 ECON-205: Principles of Marketing
BS-Education 6668 EDU-206: Biology
6669 EDUC-5118: Biology
6670 EDU-204: Computer Assisted Language Learning
6671 EDU-205: Development Studies
13S-Political Science 6672 PSYC-5101: Introduction to Psychology
6673 POLS-5113: Constitutional Development of Pakistan
BS-History 6674 HIST-5107: Ancient Indian History
BS-International Relations 6675 INTR-5106: International Relations Since 1945
BS-Urdu 6676 URD-236: Punjabi Pakistani Languages
6677 URDU-5112: Punjabi Pakistani Languages
BS-Mechanical Technology 6678 MATH-211: Applied Mathematics-I I l
M.A (English) 6679 ENG-606: Stylistics
BS-Urdu 6680 URD-237: Literary and Linguistic Terms
6681 URDU-5113: Literary and Linguistic Terms
6682 URDU-237: Adbi Islahat
M.Sc (IT) 6683 11-4744: Enterprise Application Development
BS-Political Science 6645 POLS-5111: Introduction to Public Administration
BS-Geography 6684 CHEM-102: Physical Chemistry

Sargodha University invites applications for MA/MSC study programs annually and students are also called to appear for exams annually. MA/MSC study programs are two years study programs. Every year many students apply for MA/MSC study programs. Sargodha University is offering MA/MSC study program in various subjects and the annual examination session of all these subjects are commenced at the same time. The university declares the final date sheet almost a month ago and students are provided MA/MSC date sheet along with their detailed roll number slips.

BA Date Sheet Punjab University

Sargodha University MA/MSC Exams Updates

According to the recent examination schedules of Sargodha University, it comes to see that every year the annual examination session of MA/MSC classes is conducted in September or October. However, the final examination schedule or dates are different every year. It has also seen that part II students appear first and the part I students appear at last. However, the MA/MSC date sheet 2023 for both of the parts, part I and part II will be declared at the same time and the result of both of the parts is also declared at the same time.


Keep it in mind that the university announces the MA/MSC date sheet almost a month ago and the date sheet also takes as an examination reminder by the students. After declaring the date sheet students have ample time to revise their subjects before appearing for exams. Students can get complete updates regarding MA/MSC date sheet 2023 until its final announcement at Ilmkidunya. Moreover, students are addressed to get the date sheet from the official website of Sargodha University.



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  • Faisal Mukhtar

    08 Oct 2021

    MA part 1 ki date sheet q nahe A rahi

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    08 Oct 2021

    which uni

  • M

    M Bilal Ashraf

    26 Aug 2021

    Ma Islamiyat part one ki datasheet chahiye please yahan clear nhi mill rho

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  • W

    Waqas Ahmad

    03 Jul 2021

    Assalam o Alaikum. Sir Uni of Sargodha MA Pak Study Composite annual Exams kab Hungay.?

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    02 Jul 2021

    Sir MA URDU part 1 ka exam kab hon ga sargodha university ka

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  • M

    M.Wajid Iqbal

    30 Jun 2021

    Sir M.a pak study ky paper KB hain

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  • J


    01 Oct 2020

    sir plzzzz bta den m.a urdu 2nd part k exams kb hn

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  • A


    30 Sep 2020

    Sir please tell me can I do ma physical education privately

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  • M

    Muhammad Mohsin Hussain

    27 Sep 2020

    sir m.a physical education part 2 k papers kb he?

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  • J

    Jameel Khattak

    24 Sep 2020

    Sir MA Pak study ka annual exam kb hu ga

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  • I

    Imtiaz Ahmed

    23 Sep 2020

    M.a physical education part 2 gcuf k exam kub ho rhy hain

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