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Study and its purpose

Basically education is the procedure of facilitating learning, or the attainment of knowledge, abilities, values, beliefs as well as habits. The educational techniques involve the storytelling, discussion, teaching, training and also the directed research.

Normally the education takes place under the supervision of educators however the learners might also educate themselves. The education might be take place in formal or informal settings and any knowledge that has a determinative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts might be deliberated educational. The procedure of teaching is called pedagogy.

Usually the education is divided properly into stages which include preschool, primary school, secondary school and higher secondary school.

Formal & Informal Education

The formal education normally occurs in a structured environment whose clear objective is to teach the aspirants. Normally, the formal education takes place in a school environment along with the classrooms of multiple aspirants learning together along with the skilled, certified teacher of the specific subject.

The informal education system occurs in various places, like at home, work, and via daily interactions as well as shared relationships amongst the members of society.

Preschool Education

The preschools offer education to the aspirants from ages almost 3 years to 7 years old, depending on the state when children enter primary education.

Primary Education

The primary education comprises of first 5 years to 7 years of formal education. Generally, primary education comprises of 6 to 8 years of schooling starting in 5 or 6 years of age, though this varies between and occasionally within the states. The schools that offer primary education are commonly known as primary schools and elementary schools.

Secondary Education

In most of the states of the world and also in Pakistan, the secondary education consists of the formal education that occurs during teenage years. The main objective of the secondary education is to give common knowledge, to prepare the aspirants for higher education.

Higher Education

Higher education is basically the not obligatory educational level that goes along with the completion of a school like high school or the secondary school. The higher education is usually taken to include undergraduate and postgraduate education and also the professional training. Usually the colleges and universities provide higher level education. Communally, these institutes are also known as higher education institutions. Normally, the aspirants who completed higher level education receive academic diplomas and degrees. The higher level education usually involves work towards a degree-level.

The higher level education or university education includes teaching, research as well as social services activities plus it includes both undergraduate level and graduate level study.

Online lectures

While studying at different level, whether its secondary level or higher education level students always needs some assistance for their important subjects to get good grades. Keeping in view the needs of students, here on ilmkidunya we have uploaded a huge collection of online lectures of almost all the levels and of all subjects recorded by brilliant teachers.

You can view these online tutorials here. You are simply required to choose your class and subject of which you wish to get the online lecture. Stay in tune with us for more.   



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