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BS mathematics is a very popular bachelor’s degree program among promising and bright students of Pakistan. The degree program will enhance students’ problem-solving skills, numerical computation skills, and quantitative skills which are highly valued in the field of mathematics.

Develop your skills and abilities to describe, analyze and discover various patterns with BS mathematics in Pakistan. You will learn from world-class faculty geared towards research in mathematics while also providing various opportunities for industry involvement. With your spectacular analytical skills and logical mind, you will become a highly sought bachelor’s degree graduate in the job market.

BS Mathematics degree objective the main objective of Bachelor of Science in mathematics is to produce degree graduates who:

  • Have a unique combination of practical skills and theoretical knowledge to advance in the field of mathematics and other related job fields.
  • Have an understanding of unique languages and mathematical tools to analyze the physical world.
  • Can succeed in the ever-changing global environment while adapting accordingly.
  • Are active towards engaging towards unique learning opportunities.
  • Are ready to take up their professional career in the field of business, research and education.
  • Are ready to continue advanced mathematics education and obtain a higher degree in the field of mathematics or related education fields.
  • Wish to become an integral part of their society through their unique professional skills and mathematical knowledge.

Importance Of BS Mathematics

Due to the various applications and usage of mathematics towards social science and applied sciences, it has emerged as one of the most important modern age subjects. These days various languages involving mathematics are being utilized for problem-solving everywhere. The variation towards real-world phenomena has been designed mathematically to provide guidance in our everyday life.

BS Mathematics Requirement

The bachelor of mathematics program will be responsible for producing promising and talented student graduates having the highest compatibility towards BS mathematics requirements enabling students to choose from some of the best careers which will greatly help them become great assets towards their university and of the society as a whole.

Prospective students will be required to undergo a bachelor of mathematics degree program comprising eight semesters and having a tenure of four years. Students will be required to study core mathematics and elective courses which should equate to a minimum of 130 credit hours to be termed eligible for graduation towards BS mathematics in Pakistan.

Prospective students must be having at least twelve years of formal education either being equal to FSc or A-Level with a major subject of mathematics. Students who wish to acquire admission towards a bachelor of mathematics must be :

  • Have 50% marks in their Matriculation exam or O level exams
  • Have 50% marks in their Intermediate
  • Have passed university entrance test with high marks

BS Mathematics Universities

The bachelor of mathematics degree course is offered by various leading universities of Pakistan including COMSATS University, The University of Lahore, University of Punjab, The University of Faisalabad, Government College University, UMT Lahore, FAST NUCES Lahore, NUST Islamabad among others.

Scope Of BS Mathematics

The scope of BS mathematics in Pakistan is very high as the program has been designed according to the curriculum of studies approved by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan which assures high-quality education comparable to international standards.

The degree program is designed to facilitate students towards careers in the private sector and public sector of Pakistan. Student graduates of bachelor of mathematics can further go for higher studies or work in the fields of marketing, advertising, accountancy, research, finance, commerce, research, IT, banking, and management due to the vast BS mathematics scope in Pakistan.

BS Mathematics Career

Mathematics play a vital role in today’s world as thinking logically and critically, problem-solving, numerical skills, and complex quantitative skills are highly sought attributes in various organizations in Pakistan. The BS mathematics degree course helps students to think logically and clearly and organize and analyze problems and complex situations accordingly.

Students can further develop specialized skills that they can utilize to gain solutions to complex mathematical problems. Having such unique skills enable mathematics degree graduates to advance their careers towards various fields in the role of statistician, quantitative analyst, sale or production forecast officer, mathematician, market analyst, financial consultant, production system planning officer among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the duration of BS Math?
    Ans: The duration of BS Math is four year consists of eight semesters. Every university offers BS Math program of 4 years now. The students of B.Sc in Math also have to complete four years because 2 year B.Sc program is excluded now.
  • Q: Is BS Math a good field?
    Ans: BS Math is a good degree for FSc pre-engineering or FA students. BS Math is a very good field after which the students can get good jobs. Many jobs are available after BS Math. You can also get good jobs in lectureship.
  • Q: Which country has a good scope of BS Math?
    Ans: BS Math has a very good scope in the USA, Germany, Hungary, Canada, Sweden, and China. BS Math is a good degree that has scope in many countries. You can get teaching jobs after BS Math. Government jobs are offered to BS Math candidates.
  • Q: Can we get admission in BS Math after FA?
    Ans: Yes, you can get admission in BS Math if you have passed FA with mathematics. Minimum 10 + 2-year qualification with Maths subject is required for admission in BS Math.
  • Q: Which qualification is required for admission in BS Math?
    Ans: If a student wants to get admission in BS Math, you need a minimum intermediate qualification. The students which have completed intermediate with Math can get admission in BS Math. The students of B.Sc Math can also take admission in the 5th semester of BS Math as B.Sc Math is now rejected.
  • Q: Can we do a teaching job after BS Math?
    Ans: Yes, you can do teaching jobs after BS Math. Several jobs are offered after BS Math. You can get good teaching jobs in schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Q: What is the fee of the BS Math program?
    Ans: The fee of BS Math ranges from institute to institute. The fee of BS Math is almost Rs. 30,000 to 50,000 per semester in public sector universities and Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 70,000 per semester in private sector universities.
  • Q: Is BS Math a difficult degree?
    Ans: BS Math is a conceptual degree. The students need to clear their concepts for getting good marks. BS Math is considered the hardest degree but the students can find it easy by getting concepts.

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