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10th Chemistry Urdu Medium Chapter 12 Test

Matric Part 2/10th Class Chemistry Chapter 12 MCQ Test With Answer for Unit 12 Hydrocarbons

In today's inflationary times, students face difficulties in joining separate test sessions for their 10th class board exam preparation, especially for Urdu medium subjects. We invite all students to benefit from our free online chemistry class 10 chapter 4 mcqs test. Our experienced teachers have arranged this test, eliminating the need for expensive Urdu medium test sessions. Students can conveniently attempt the test online from the comfort of their homes. Our mcqs test system will definitely increase your paper attempting speed and can also evaluate that how much syllabus you have covered and how much you still need to prepare. Students can start attempting the test by just clicking the “Start Chapter 12 Test” button. We have also given the benefits and whole process of attempting our mcqs test below on this page.

10th Chemistry
Chapter 12 Test

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10th Chemistry Chapter Wise Test
(Urdu Medium)

Benefits of Our Online Mcqs Test:

  • Self-assessment: Candidates can evaluate their exam preparation and identify their mistakes from the comfort of their homes.

  • Time-saving and cost-effective: Our online MCQs test is free, saving student’s time and effort compared to traditional test sessions.

  • Efficient syllabus coverage: Students can cover more syllabus in less time by practicing with our online tests.

  • Speed improvement: Students can improve their paper-attempting speed through regular practice with our online tests.

How to Attempt the Online Mcqs Test:

  • Students should Log in to our website to start attempting the chemistry class 10 ch 4 mcqs.

  • Then click the "Start Chapter 12 Test" button.

  • A new tab titled "Chemistry 10th Class Unit 12 Online Test" will open.

  • You can see total number of mcqs and allowed time on that page.

  • Press "Start Test" to begin your MCQs test right away.

  • Select the appropriate answer for each question one by one.

  • The test has a time limit of 15 minutes, and there are 12 multiple choice questions.

  • Each correct answer will earn you one point.

  • Click the "Submit Test" button after answering all the questions.

Features of our Online Test System:

  • Instant results: Test results are available immediately after completion.

  • Test cancellation option: Candidates can cancel the test at any point.

  • Time-saving: Our online testing system saves students' paper-solving time.

  • Feedback provision: Students can provide feedback on any issues encountered during the test.

  • Social sharing: Candidates can share their test scores on Facebook through our test system.

Solved Mcqs File:

Candidates who have prepared their 10th class chemistry syllabus can simply attempt our online mcqs test but for the candidates who still are not ready for our online mcqs test we have provided chemistry class 10 ch 4 hydrocarbons solved mcqs on this page. Our highly skilled teachers have picked out these 10th class Chemistry mcqs of Chapter 12. It is really easy to access these mcqs from this page, which cover all of the crucial concepts and topics of chapter 4. We assure you that you will definitely score perfect marks in our online mcqs test if you prepare from these mcqs.

Click Here for Chemistry English Medium Ch 12 MCQ Test

Matric Part 2/10th Class Chemistry Chapter 12 MCQ Test With Answer for Unit 12 Hydrocarbons

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 ان ہائیڈروکاربنز میں سے کون سا برومین کے ایکوسلوشن پر کوئی اثر نہیں کرے گا؟
  • A. CH4
  • B. C10H20
  • C. C2H4
  • D. C2H2
2 کلوروفارم کا کیمیائی فارمولا ہے-
  • A. CCl4
  • B. CHCl3
  • C. CH2Cl2
  • D. CH4Cl
3 الکینز کا جنرل فارمولا ہے:
  • A. CnHn
  • B. CnH2n
  • C. 2+CnH2n
  • D. 2-C2H2n
4 ٹیڑا ہیلائڈز کی ڈی ہیلوجینیشن سے اسٹیلین بنتی ہے یہ ری ایکشن مندرجہ ذیل میں سے کس کی موجودگی ہوتاہے
  • A. سوڈیم منٹل
  • B. زنک میٹل
  • C. میلنیشیم میٹل
  • D. پوٹاشیم میٹل
5 الکوحل کا بوائلنگ پوائینٹ کتنے درجے سینٹی گریڈ ہے؟
  • A. 68
  • B. 78
  • C. 118
  • D. 128
6 درج ذیل میں سے کون سی روم ٹمپریچر پر گیس ہے؟
  • A. C2H6
  • B. C6H14
  • C. C6H6
  • D. C8H18
7 مندرجہ زیل میں سے کونسا تبادلہ کا ری ایکشن ہے؟
  • A. الکاائنز کی ہیلوجنیشن
  • B. الکینز کی ہیلوجنینشن
  • C. الکینز ہیلوجینشن
  • D. الکنز کی برومینیشن
8 الکینز کے ساتھ ہائیڈروجن ہیلائیڈز کی ری ایکٹیویٹی کی ترتیب ہے
  • A. HI > HBr
  • B. HBr > HI
  • C. HCl > HBr
  • D. HBr > HCl
9 ًمندرجہ زیل میں سے کون سا تبادلہ کا ری ایکشن ہے-
  • A. الکینز کی ہیلوجنیشن
  • B. الکائینز کی ہیلوجنیشن
  • C. الکینز کی برومنیشن
  • D. الکینز کی ہلوجنیشن
10 جب ایسٹیلین پروموواٹر کے ساتھ ایکٹ کرتی ہے تو اس کا سرخ بھورا رنگ تبدیل ہوجاتا ہے:
  • A. سرخ
  • B. سبز میں
  • C. وائلٹ میں
  • D. ختم ہوجوتا ہے

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