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Basically, IQ is an abbreviation for the Intelligence Quotient. So here the question arise that what is IQ? The IQ is the measurement of your intelligence and IQ is expressed in a number. In General, IQ is an assessment of your capability to think as well as to reason.

We can also say that IQ is a number. This number is the verdict of one of numerous standard tests. Mainly, these tests are designed to measure the intelligence of a person. The IQ score of the person score tells how much his intelligence is above or below the average score.

This test is the standardized way of comparing the capability along with the majority of people the same age just like you. 100 score means that compared to these people of your age group, you have basically an average intelligence.

A lot of psychologists use to say that the scoring in a range of 95 to 105 is of a normal intelligence or have an average IQ.

The IQ of an individual can be calculated by having the person take an intelligence test. If in this test you attain highest score more than 100, then you will be consider smarter as compared to the average person whereas the lower score means that you are less smart.

Therefore, here on this page we have given the Intelligence Quotient test. The test comprised of different types of multiple choice questions and anyone can take this test easily. By getting through this test, you will definitely be able to check your IQ level.  The test is simple and easy to take as well. You can also get the final result at the end of the test.


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