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Marketing is considered one of the diverse career choices that candidates can pursue. There are a number of marketing roles that the candidates can perform depending upon their strengths and skills. Nowadays there are a number of disciplines that are categorized under the umbrella of marketing and with time this domain is getting more diverse by providing ample job opportunities to desired candidates. Marketing not only offers a huge variety of opportunities but also offers high-paying opportunities. So check the marketing jobs in Pakistan and make a successful career in this field.

Marketing and Sales

People can take advantage of marketing jobs for making ways of earning better. The nature of these jobs is quite simple and candidates do not have to perform complicated tasks. Users can earn a handsome amount of money without dealing with complex tasks in this way. The candidates must be aware of their job responsibilities to perform in a better way. These duties should be handled carefully by the candidates for the sake of business development. Let’s discuss all the duties assigned to the people with these jobs in detail:

  • The candidates are responsible for monitoring market trends in this job.
  • Moreover, they are also accountable for creating impressive marketing campaigns. The main purpose of these campaigns is to increase sales of the company.
  • Pricing strategies are also developed in this job role. These strategies are quite helpful for increasing the profits of the company.
  • Furthermore, the targeting strategies are also introduced by the candidates. These strategies are based on demographic data. The perfect implementation of these strategies offers increased ways of business development.
  • The progress of the company depends on the performance of the marketing officer. The skills and knowledge of technological tools make the performance of the candidates better.

Marketing and Sales Jobs in Pakistan

It is a matter of fact the initially the sales and marketing jobs are considered tough as a lot of patience and confidence is required at the beginning. But the hard work is only the key to pass the initial phase so that the candidates can get the reward at the end. Moreover, the sales and marketing job is considered as the flexible one as compared to the other job opportunities. There are many benefits of making a career in sales and marketing as it provides flexible working hours and the candidates do not need to sit for a longer time period by following the same time schedule. In this job, the employees need to sell something to the clients and have to convince them on their own due to which the candidates must have good verbal and communication skills to satisfy the clients. Various marketing and sales jobs in Pakistan are available and the candidates can select a suitable job position by considering their interests and skills. 

The some of the reasons that attract the candidates to get a Sales and Marketing Job are You will never be an unemployed, There is not any limit on how much money you can make, Sales and Marketing job helps you in becoming a better person, get to meet and connect with lots of new people, work in any industry

Marketing & Sales Jobs in Pakistan:

Marketing is also known as sales or advertising and public relations, is a dynamic career, the most significant opportunities for the industry. Marketing representatives are the driving forces every successful organization. Potential consumers of products and services to help clients identify the needs, they can have their advertising and instruction. Then, they help clients achieve these things through the process, using highly interpersonal skills. Marketers often referred to as the sales, business development managers, sales managers, advertising managers, consultants and advisors. Please do not forget to check out the contract, freelance, independence, opportunities for part -time and full -time here. Ilmkidunya is most visited educational site in Pakistan. This site works for the progress of education in Pakistan since 2003. Ilmkidunya job section offers scanned copies of Marketing and Sales Jobs from the newspaper and adds early in the morning in our database. So if you are looking for a job the public or private sector, you’re in exact place. The motive of this page is to provide daily published jobs from all newspapers in one platform for all job seekers. We have job alert services which are very appropriate for you simply you will leave your Email address our staff will deliver you alot of information about Marketing & Sales jobs. You can also share these jobs to your class fellows. Our objective to share best Pakistan Newspaper Jobs which will fulfill to your expectations.


  • Q:What is the job of sales and marketing?
    Ans: A sales and marketing manager have to do the research and develop the marketing opportunities to implement the new plans for the sales. They also perform managerial duties to meet the goals of the operation of the company.
  • Q: Are sales and marketing a good career?
    Ans: Sales and Marketing jobs offer good career choices for the candidates moreover with the years of experience in this field the personality of the candidates continues to develop. The sales and marketing jobs also pay well so the interested candidates can apply for the available job opportunities.
  • Q: What jobs are related to marketing?

    Ans: Some of the jobs that are related to marketing are mentioned below

    • Account Executive
    • Advertising/Promotion Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Copywriter
    • Marketing Manager
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Media Planner
    • Production Manager.
  • Q: Which is the best marketing job?

    Ans: Following are the best marketing jobs that the candidates can pursue and these are also considered as the high paying jobs in the field of marketing.

    • Corporate Communications Director
    • Marketing Research Director
    • Director of Email Marketing
    • Director of Digital Marketing
    • Content Marketing Director
    • Product Marketing Manager
    • Demand Generation Manager
    • Brand Marketing Manager
  • Q:What is the salary of MBA marketing?
    Ans: Marketing Management professionals can look for job opportunities in various agencies and companies along with the public and private sectors. According to the pay scale, the salary of the MBA marketing candidates is Rs.752, 000 per year.

Eligibility Conditions to Get Marketing Jobs:

People are making their careers in the field of marketing due to increased job opportunities. You can enjoy marketing and sales jobs in Pakistan by applying via online resources. These online resources contain all the information regarding the specifications of the job. People can directly apply through these websites by viewing all the details of the job regarding duties, required skills, salaries, etc. The candidates should be able to understand the eligibility criteria of each job before applying. After viewing the criteria, the candidates can assess whether they are eligible for the job or not. Several incredible marketing jobs in Pakistan every month for finding talented candidates. Let’s discuss the eligibility conditions for the aforementioned jobs in detail:

  • In the career field of marketing, a bachelor's degree is considered compulsory. However, in some companies, a graduate degree is preferred.
  • The candidates can hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing, business administration., etc. A candidate possessing a BBA degree is more likely to get jobs in this field.
  • However, some organizations mention the MBA degree as the basic requirement for offering jobs in the marketing field. 
  • Any experience in sales, marketing, advertising, and brand management is accountable for increasing the job opportunities in this field.
  • In this field, experienced and talented candidates are hired for the development of the company.

sales and marketing jobs

Benefits of Marketing and salesman Jobs:

A lot of marketing jobs 2022 provide handsome salary packages along with extra perks and benefits. There are a lot of advantages of choosing this career field. These advantages are responsible for grabbing the attention of more people. People move forward in a field by viewing all the aspects and benefits. Thus, you can view the benefits of the above-mentioned jobs as follows:

  • The most considerable benefit in this field is great income. The candidates are offered more ways of improvement in this field area. They do not need to wait for a year to relish increments in their salaries.
  • Additionally, limitless opportunities are offered in this field. Sales representatives play a considerable role in enhancing the revenue of the company. The candidates are allowed to take advantage of infinite job offers in this field.
  • Another benefit of this field is unmatched job security. The sales representatives are considered as the major requirement of each company. In the case of delivering consistent results, you do not have to be worried about being replaced.
  • Furthermore, people can learn a lot of new things in this field. The novel transferable skills are accountable for grabbing the attention of more candidates. These skills help you to create a challenging work environment. You can learn various technical tools as well through these jobs.

Appropriate Categorization of Marketing & Salesman Jobs:

People are attracted to sales jobs in Pakistan because they facilitate them with additional commission besides salary. The field of marketing is quite vast and many opportunities are declared annually. These jobs are divided into several categories and people can select any category of their choice. Increased benefits of each job category make it difficult for people to decide about the perfect job option. Here are details regarding some categories of this field:

  • Sales Development Representatives:

They work on the frontline of the sales team. They have to reach out the potential new prospects. Moreover, they identify the advantages of these prospects for their business. They are responsible for conducting research, prospecting, and qualifying leads. The candidates are accountable for closing sales and their work output is calculated by the number of calls or emails organized by them.

  • Sales Managers:

The candidates manage the tasks assigned to the members of a sales team. They have to organize reports for identifying the performance of the sales team. Their job responsibilities also include analysis of product data, discussion with clients, etc. Additionally, they are also liable to set sales goals for the development of the company. The sales team should work on these goals appropriately and their progress is checked by the manager.

  • Sales Engineers:

Sales engineers are regarded as an imperative part of a business. They are hired by companies that sell technical products or components. The candidate can explain the specifications of the product in a better way to the clients. Thus, increased client satisfaction is made possible in this manner. Their job duties include meetings with clients, handling queries of customers, etc.

  • VP of Sales:

The candidates with this job post are considered the fundamental part of the company’s revenue stream. They are in charge of the revenue and the performance efficiency of the sales team. They have to perform multiple tasks that include interviewing potential aspirants, checking sales figures, etc. Additionally, they are also responsible for introducing and implementing new sales strategies for the sake of the business’s growth.

Reasons Related to the High Demand for Marketing Jobs:

The commission offers can be relished by the candidates through sales jobs in Pakistan 2022. This is the major reason for people’s attraction to this field. People want to earn some extra money with their salaries. It can be made possible with the help of this amazing field option. Let’s discuss the reasons regarding the increased demand for these jobs:

  • People select this field because it comes with a lot of outstanding career prospects. The industry of marketing is providing multiple job opportunities to people. The reason behind this aspect is that the industry is growing rapidly with time.
  • Moreover, you can use your marketing skills for making your career successful. Social media marketing techniques are highly used by candidates for increasing their performance efficiency.
  •  Additionally, the candidates can relish creativity in this astonishing field. The candidates are made aware of creative and innovative ideas for increasing the sales of the company. That is why people are attracted to this field if they have creative mindsets.
  • A wide range of career paths is offered in this field. They include PR, content, and social media roles. The candidates have access to a range of media. They can use the combination of SEO and email marketing for improving their job performance.
  • These jobs offer a great number of successful opportunities to people. They can use various tools for improving their performance. Google Analytics tool plays a crucial role in the success of a candidate. You can collect audience insights in this regard.
  • This field helps to keep you social and collaborative all the time. You can learn various techniques to improve the interaction with clients and staff.