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28-Feb-22 Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur 7 Jobs 04-Mar View
27-May-21 Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur 62 Jobs 15-Jun View
09-Feb-21 Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur 1 Jobs 24-Feb View
04-Dec-20 Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur 9 Jobs 19-Dec View
03-Aug-20 Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur 9 Jobs 07-Aug View
03-Aug-20 Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur 92 Jobs 07-Aug View
25-Jul-20 Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur 36 Jobs 31-Jul View
15-Mar-20 Khairpur Medical College, Hyderabad 2 Jobs 15-Apr View
04-Feb-16 Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur 0 Jobs N/A View

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Khairpur Medical Collage is a public medical institution located in the city of Khairpur, Pakistan. This collage teaches the care and health related education to the interested students in a compassionate environment so that these students can enhance their skills in this profession. Principal of this collage is Prof. Dr. Asadullah Mahar. The institute has various courses for undergraduate programs and also has many departments including Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine and much more.

Khairpur Medical Collage has the aim of achieving world class reputation by becoming top level research and medical collage in the country as well as in the world. This institute has the objective of producing top level health providers who has an excellence in their profession so that they can represent their country name in a broader level.