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Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency has been developed. Essential components of Environment Agency is requested to prepare or change, and set up the National Environmental Quality Standards to take measures to propel examine and the change of science and advancement which may add to the evasion of pollution.

protection of the earth, and pragmatic change; give information and bearing to general society on biological matters; demonstrate shields for the elimination of mishaps and other destructions which may achieve defilement; and bolster the game plan and working of nongovernmental affiliations, bunch affiliations, and town relationship to dodge and control tainting and progress sparing headway. The Agency may endeavor demand or examination concerning characteristic issues, both willfully and upon disagreement from any individual or affiliation.

Our environment is being extremely damaged due to the climate change and different categories of pollution. All of us has to place role in saving our country from being destroyed due to the efforts of climate change. By being hired by this organization, we can also generate more awareness about protecting whole of our geographical community. Some of the jobs are relating to the scientific fields while others might relating to information technology nature.

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