Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
31-May-24 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Multan 3 Jobs 15-Jun View
28-Jan-24 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Islamabad 4 Jobs 12-Feb View
07-Jan-24 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Sukkur 2 Jobs 21-Jan View
20-Oct-23 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Islamabad 12 Jobs 03-Nov View
22-Feb-23 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Multiple Cities 24 Jobs 09-Mar View
20-Jan-22 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Sukkur 2 Jobs 04-Feb View
03-Jan-22 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Karachi 13 Jobs 17-Jan View
15-Aug-21 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Lahore 10 Jobs 30-Aug View
10-Jun-21 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Lahore 1 Jobs 20-Jun View
08-Jun-21 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Lahore 1 Jobs 20-Jun View
07-Jun-21 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Lahore 1 Jobs 21-Jun View
30-Apr-21 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Islamabad 2 Jobs 15-May View
29-Apr-21 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Islamabad 12 Jobs 10-May View
27-Apr-21 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Islamabad 12 Jobs 10-May View
25-Apr-21 National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Islamabad 8 Jobs 10-May View

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is an independent government organization that takes a holistic approach at curbing acts of corruptions or any white-collar crimes. There are numerous departments that are within NAB for example legal department which is responsible for handling cases and another department deals with investigation of the white-collar crime. Numerous NAB Jobs are available for various age groups and educational backgrounds. It is important to note that NAB recruits candidates that are competent and professional for its jobs. Moreover, candidates are selected based on merit rather than any other criterion. If you are looking to apply for NAB Jobs 2024 then this website is the best place to learn about it. For more details, you can visit the official website of National Accountability Bureau, as further information that is more technical will be provided there.


About NAB

National Accountability Bureau NAB is the pinnacle hostile against corruption in Pakistan, and it has the duty to wipe it out by making the all encompassing methodology of mindfulness, counteraction and the requirement of law. This office was set up under National Accountability Ordinance 1999 and its base camp is available in Islamabad and it has kept up with its four local workplaces in common capitals. Capture set up its endeavors against debasement and it readies the public financial insight appraisal against the monetary psychological warfare and evacuates defilement from the public authority workplaces and retains the elaborate people.

The authority is given to NAB to embrace important mindfulness and anticipation of defilement and illicit utilization of sum and authorizes the tasks and endeavors against individuals engaged with the monetary wrongdoings and financial illegal intimidation. This division capacities under the constitution of Pakistan, which engages it to dispatch the examination of defilement cases, lead requests, and issues of the capture of the presumed people, who are viewed as associated with the debasement cases. The defilement cases are examined and the case is shipped off the responsibility courts for additional activity on these cases. It has set up its commonplace workplaces in the capitals of four territories and they hold the instances of their significant regions at the commonplace levels.

Commercial Advertisements for NAB Jobs

Nab Jobs Advertisements 2024 are given on different stages to guarantee that an extraordinary number of candidates go after position opportunities as opposed to a small minority of individuals. You can get the most recent notice for NAB Jobs from driving Newspapers like Dawn, Jung and so forth. A united notice is imprinted on papers alongside the application technique. Aside from finding out about different positions from our site, the best assets from which you can study NAB Jobs 2024 is simply the site of NAB. At the point when you visit the site, on the landing page you can track down an entire segment named "jobs." When you click on it, you will be taken to another page that has a list of latest NAB jobs 2024 that are open for new position applications. At the point when you click on the important job that you need to apply for, you will actually want to see a nitty gritty rundown of instructive necessities, age cutoff points, and qualification standards for that specific work. It is significant that you read the entirety of this data prior to applying.

The most effective method to Apply for NAB Jobs 2024

In the wake of visiting the authority site and pursuing the promotion of wanted work, the subsequent stage for NAB Jobs application is simple. At the point when you look through the solidified promotion, you will actually want to discover the application structure joined with it also. You need to download the structure and fill it with data that is required. After you have done as such, you should send the application structure without the duplicates of scholarly/experience authentications to the individual who has undersigned the record inside 15 days of distribution of jobs commercial ads.


Q: How to present the application form?

Ans: Interested applicants can submit applications to a given location.

Q: Who will be required to take the Test and Interview?

Ans: Just short-recorded competitors will be required for the meeting.

Q: Late accommodation of structure/application?

Ans: Applications got after the end date will not be engaged.

Q: What are the model criterions for government workers?

Ans: Government representatives ought to apply through the appropriate channel subsequent to getting NOC from their particular offices

Advertisement for NAB Jobs

NAB Jobs Advertisement 2024 are provided on various platforms to ensure that a great breath of applicants apply for job vacancies rather than a small minority of people. You can receive the latest advertisement for NAB Jobs from leading Newspapers like Dawn, Jung and the like. A consolidated advertisement is printed on newspapers along with the application procedure. Apart from learning about various jobs from our website, the best resources from which you can learn more about NAB Jobs 2024 is the official website of NAB itself. When you visit the official website, on the homepage you can find a whole section titled “Jobs.” When you click on it, you will be taken to another webpage that has a list of jobs that are open for new job applications. When you click on the relevant job position that you want to apply for, you will be able to see a detailed list of educational requirements, age limits, and eligibility criteria for that particular job. It is important that you read all of this information before applying.

How to Apply for NAB Jobs 2024

After visiting the official website and reading the advertisement of desired job, the next step for NAB Jobs application is easy. When you scroll through the consolidated advertisement, you will be able to find the application form attached with it as well. You have to download the form and fill it with information that is required. After you have done so, you will have to send the application form without the copies of academic/experience certificates to the person who has undersigned the document within 15 days of publication of job advertisement.