• 07-Feb-21

    Senior Auditor

    • BPS-16 Bachelors

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  • 10-Nov-19


    Data Entry Operator

    Junior Auditor

    • BPS-14 Intermediate

      BPS-12 Bachelors

      BPS-11 Bachelors

    • 14 Jobs

      72 Jobs

      960 Jobs

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  • 31-Jan-16

    Jobs in Pakistan Military Accounts Department Islamabad 2016

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Pakistan Military Accounts Departments (PMAD) is a department under the supervision of Ministry of defense and has the responsibility of handling payments matters of the Armed Forces by establishing accounts and ordering financial matters to the defense authority. It is an organization that comprises of Accounts officers, Assistant account officers and auditors at the operation level and deputy controllers at the supervision level. The quality of PMAD is monitor by considering the reports of submitted in different time periods. The correctness of the reports is monitored through inspection of sub-offices as well by cross checking the reports submitted by the service Headquarters to the Ministry of defense.

Waheed Ahmed is the Military Account General is this division. The M.A.G’s accountability is a three fold activity done by different means.