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Agricultural Department Govt of Azad Jammy & Kashimr

The department of Agriculture AJK, under the act by the Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir was first established in 1952. The primary focus of the department is to demonstrate the improvement of farm practices and to promote the use of agriculture inputs. Improved seed, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and planting material all are the key features used to promote the use of agriculture inputs. After the establishment of this department the potential efforts made to fulfill the required facilities such as labs. In order to fulfill the requirements time to time developments were also made in various fields including establishment of entomology lab, fruit plant nurseries in order to promote the horticultural activities, soil science lab, procurement of agriculture inputs and supplies wing, etc.

In 1995, the department was reorganized under the new establishing extension and by the separation of extension wing. Training & Adaptive Research Directorate (ETAR) also established while re-organizing the department. Under the actions by the Technical Support Services (RTS) and newly organized Directorate of Agriculture Research, the establishment of several sections including the IPM lab, the soil lab, horticulture, and agronomy sections became possible. After re-organizing the department the agriculture inputs and material supply responsibilities shifted to the private sector.

What Functions are offering by Department?

Following Are The Core Functions Performing By This Department:

  • Between food production and consumption, the gaps are narrowing and maintaining by this department
  • In order to increase the farm income, ecological comparative advantages are exploiting by the department.
  • Horticulture sectors’ development is making possible.
  • The productivity of the major field crops including maize, wheat, pulses, millets, and forages is getting enhanced.
  • The substitution of high-value crops is making possible to increase the income of farms.
  • Land and water resources management is processing.
  • Community participation is making possible.
  • The department is promoting education, research, and training on agriculture.
  • In order to enhance agricultural productivity, the development of advanced technologies and better varieties are introducing.
  • Marketing of fruit and vegetables and shelf life improvements are making possible.
  • Possible steps are taking to protect the plants from pests and diseases.
  • The department also takes the responsibility of water conversation and soil protection.
  • The department delivers agricultural publications and information.
  • The department also shows all the agricultural statistics.

What Services Are Offering By This Department

The department of agriculture also offering some unique services to the masses and these are discussed below:

  • It is working for the extension of agriculture.
  • Agricultural researches are making on a regular basis.
  • Intended Pest Management, IPM is the core service of this department.
  • The services related to Agronomy, Fruit and vegetables (F&V), and Crop reporting Services (CRS) are also the main features.
  • The department takes care of Farm Mechanization.
  • It is also making further developments in parks and horticulture.

Jobs opportunities in Department of Agricultre

With the regular intervals of time the department offers job opportunities in the vacant position for the interested or qualified candidates. From BPS-1 to BPS-18 the job opportunites are offering by the department on yearly basis or on need base.

Candidates go through a uniform selection criteria in order to win these jobs. However, at ilmkidunya we regularly inform the candidates about the job opportunities declared by this department All the interested applicants can take the complete overview of these jobs and can also apply through ilmkidunya.