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    Deputy Director Investigation

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      BPS-07 Intermediate 5 years

      BPS-17 Masters 7 years

      BPS-18 Masters 20-25 years

      BPS-18 Masters 15 years

      BPS-16 Masters 7 years

      BPS-18 Masters 5 years

      BPS-21 Masters

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The Banking Mohtasib jobs given by them are not normal like some other organizations. They participate seriously in passing on widespread aid to their workforces and in addition, do their best to make a flourishing association with them. They make sure a proper and adequate audit of the banking activities so that it could remain away from corruption. Besides every one of the important benefits like a helpful culture, great reward and health grants, a heap of diverse benefits and grants given by this respected department are given below:

  • Travel and Health allowances
  • Provident Fund Opportunity
  • Housing and Car Allowances
  • Helpful and centered administration department
  • Leadership and Cooperative Culture

Types of Banking Mohtasib jobs

The Banking Mohtasib Jobs 2024 list will cover the vacancies from different departments including consumer, investment, agriculture, operations and planning, and transactional banking. They are searching for applicants who are strong-minded, determined, hard-working, and who can adjust to the organization's current environment.

They are hiring some responsible people. They advertise whenever they are in need of applicants for their branches in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Across Pakistan. However, some of the Banking Mohtasib jobs include:

  • Assistant Director                   
  • Driver 
  • Office Assistant
  • Senior Auditor 
  • Advisor Deputy
  • Director Consultant                
  • Advisor Deputy Director                    
  • Assistant Director                   
  • Advisory Consultant  
  • Deputy Director Legal
  • Assistant Director IT              
  • Consultants   
  • Deputy Director                     
  • Assistant Director                   
  • Law Consultant
  • Deputy Director Legal
  • Assistant Director                   

Skills required for job in Banking Mohtasib

Banking Mohtasib employees work in a variety of types of jobs in different fields and their skills vary with respect to it. Such skills can be entered into your resume and during the interview for a job. Below are stated some of the skills required in to get jobs in this sector:

  • The candidate should be able to resolve all differences of opinion politely through an informal and friendly process of settlement rather than a formal argumentative way.
  • The candidate should not favor people in an unjust manner.
  • The candidate should have knowledge about  the services that are to be provided free like consultation service
  • On a managerial level, the candidate should possess capabilities to be answerable for the activities that happen in the bank
  • The candidate should be able to resolve the dispute very speedily because of the heavy inflow of complaints on a daily basis
  • The candidate should use his or her wit in making decisions without any biases. This will help him to find an appropriate solution to the problem being confronted.
  • The candidate should not be bossy as he has to work with a high-class and educated team.
  • The candidate should be humble and courteous in nature
  • There should be no hidden facts and figures, all the findings are to be presented clearly to show the actual picture of the issue generated.
  • Sensibly make all the decisions and maintain the confidentiality of clients

Eligibility criteria:

It is important to check the eligibility criteria before applying for such a job in Pakistan. The criteria are predefined in the ads posted in newspapers or on the website of ilmkidunya.com. It is to be noted that the ads posted here are relevant to the job postings done on the job portal of all the banks. So, there is no fake detail here. However, the criteria for banking mohtasib jobs 2024 states:

  • The candidate should not be of more than 60 years of age. The least age required for middle-level jobs is 18 years to 20 years.
  • The candidates with experience of about 5 to 8 years are preferred in high-level jobs.
  • The candidate should possess a recognized and verified degree from higher education commission HEC in any discipline like MBA. Mcom, MA Eco.
  • The candidate should have information on the protocols followed in banks.

How to apply for jobs in Banking Mohtasib?

It is not difficult to apply in this niche of jobs. There is a proper predefined criterion for the selection of candidates and the procedure of applying is well stated in the ads that are being posted in the newspapers and on the website of ilmkidunya.com. It is to be noted that all the ads posted here are in coherence with those of the newspapers, so they can be verified at any time.

  • You need to send the application to the address mentioned in the job advertisement.
  • You will have to fill an application form with all of your details in it
  • Make sure that the details you provide are true and authentic in relevance to your documents
  • In case of bogus or fake data, the application and CV will be rejected.
  • A covid vaccination certificate is mandatory to apply for banking mohtasib jobs.
  • In case of selection, the candidate will be asked to come and give an interview along with a short assessment. He/she has to bring along a work portfolio as well.


Q. What is the minimum Salary offered to low-grade employees in Banking Mohtasib?

Ans: It is about Rs.15000 at a low level which has been raised from Rs.12000.

Q. What is the most high-level job in Banking Mohtasib?

Ans: The most high-level job offered in Banking Mohtasib is of Secretary to the director of Banking Mohtasib and the director and CEO of Banking Mohtasib

Q. Is it important to have a very high-level qualification to apply for a job in Banking Mohtasib?

Ans: No, you can apply for basic education as there are a variety of jobs available in this department to accommodate worthy candidates

Q. Can females apply for jobs in Banking Mohtasib?

Ans: Yes, females can apply for different posts in Banking Mohtasib depending upon the nature of the job and its requirements

Q. What is the minimum age to apply for jobs in Banking Mohtasib?

Ans: The minimum age to apply is 18 to 20 years

Q. Where do I get to know about the jobs in Banking Mohtasib?

Ans: You can visit our website ilmkidunya.com for all the latest updates regarding jobs in Banking Mohtasib as they are regularly updated as well