Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
06-Jun-24 Rescue 1122, Multiple Cities 392 Jobs 24-Jun View
03-Jun-24 Rescue 1122, Lahore 45 Jobs 24-Jun View
03-May-24 Rescue 1122, Multiple Cities 15 Jobs 15-May View
17-Mar-24 Rescue 1122, Multiple Cities 180 Jobs 05-Apr View
25-Feb-22 Rescue 1122, Peshawar 250 Jobs 28-Feb View
10-Feb-22 Rescue 1122, Peshawar 136 Jobs 28-Feb View
24-Nov-21 Rescue 1122, Lahore 154 Jobs 30-Nov View
24-Oct-21 Rescue 1122, Islamabad 1000 Jobs 05-Nov View
21-Oct-21 Rescue 1122, Islamabad 1000 Jobs 05-Nov View
14-Jul-21 Rescue 1122, Peshawar 36 Jobs 15-Jul View
29-May-21 Rescue 1122, Islamabad 84 Jobs 14-Jun View

About Rescue 1122

Rescue 1122 is a crisis management organization that has its roots in the Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 2006 and is helpful in state of emergency situations. It is the best organization giving services and assistance for humans. This association is very useful as it offers Rescue 1122 jobs to the individuals and encourages them to be a part of this noble cause. Supposing that unexpectedly anything happens so on one call they reach alongside their team to assist individuals with their open heart.

Jobs in Rescue 1122

Here at, we'll be able to select the relevant Rescue 1122 jobs. Rescue 1122 has a skilled and active staff which is working day and night with a group of experts. They are running this association with diligence and have officers who get crisis emergency calls and then redirect the crisis data to the rescuer. There is another group of rescuers which are consistently ready to confront any emergency situation and deal with it. Therefore to keep themselves loaded with worthy employees it declares the most recent rescue 1122 jobs consistently.

Advertisements of Rescue 1122 jobs

Regular advertisements for jobs in Rescue 1122 are being posted in newspapers as well as on official websites. Here at ads are posted which can be verified from the website of Rescue 1122. The eligibility criteria for every job along with the application process is stated in the advertisement in detail so you need to read it very carefully.

rescue 1122 jobs

Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 Qualification and eligibility Criteria:

Just applicants meeting all requirements stated for rescue 1122 jobs 2024 will be qualified for Physical and Skill Tests.

  • Applicants need to present a medical report issued by the Government Teaching Hospital or DHQ Hospital with respect to their actual assessment (height, weight, chest, vision, and any visible disability)
  • A physical lab test will be done to ensure medical fitness and health of the applicant
  • Any individual with weak eyesight (under 6/18 without glasses), obesity with BMI 30 or above and Hepatitis B and C, HIV, and RPR positive will not be shortlisted at any stage.
  • If there is a bulk of application forms received by the recruitment department, the acceptance criteria can be revised.
  • Properly filled application forms will be considered by the recruitment department.
  • Applications found with wrong certifications and bogus data will be dismissed and a severe action can be taken against them.
  • Cell phones aren't permitted during the test.
  • The Organization has all the authority to drop the job post or reject any application at any point, without giving any explanation.
  • Qualified applicants will be informed about their test results and they will be called for final interview


Q: What is the hiring criteria for government workers?

Ans: Government representatives ought to apply through the appropriate channel subsequent to getting NOC from their particular offices.

Q: What is the basic salary for an employee of the rescue 1122 jobs?

Ans: The basic salary starts from Rs.15,000 - Rs.20,000

Q: How many jobs are declared open this year?

Ans: Many jobs are being declared this year. All the job postings are displayed through ads so you can look at the ads and website for complete information

Rescue 1122 is an initiative by Government of Punjab, Pakistan to provide emergency services in case of any unfortunate incident in the province. It was established in 2006 under Punjab Emergency Service Act. The department of Rescue 1122 provides emergency medical services and conduct rescue operations in case of fire and accidents. Rescue 1122 also runs Emergency Ambulance, Rescue & Fire services and a Community Safety programs. The provincial monitoring cell of Rescue 1122 is responsible for uniformity, quality and training of employees and the planning, research and development of the department. All such functions are done under supervision of Director General. The Emergency Services Academy of Rescue 1122 is first of its kind to be established in Pakistan. The employees get professional emergency management skills from here which include: emergency medical training, high angle & confined space rescue and water rescue and fire fighting, collapse structure search & rescue skills.

The Emergency Services Academy of Rescue 1122 is in the process of getting international accreditation. The Academy has achieved many milestones in just one decade of its coming into being. The PES has trained rescue workers in UK and is now giving training to Pakistan Army's Medical Corp. The services rendered by Rescue 1122 had been commendable so far. Through Rescue 1122 Pakistan has been able to establish a well managed emergency services system but there is still need of more infrastructure and technical advancement in the department. The candidates interested to grab vacant positions in Rescue 1122 department can get information from our page.