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01-Mar-24 Balochistan Police, Ziarat 9 Jobs 15-Mar View
27-Feb-24 Balochistan Police, Quetta 5 Jobs 04-Mar View
08-Apr-21 Balochistan Police, Quetta 6 Jobs 21-Apr View
06-Apr-21 Balochistan Police, Quetta 9 Jobs 21-Apr View
18-Mar-21 Balochistan Police, Quetta 500 Jobs 05-Apr View
10-Mar-21 Balochistan Police, Quetta 11 Jobs 27-Mar View
26-Feb-21 Balochistan Police, Quetta 16 Jobs 15-Mar View
24-Dec-20 Balochistan Police, Quetta 1 Jobs 12-Jan View
17-Nov-20 Balochistan Police, Quetta 44 Jobs 10-Dec View
20-Sep-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 19 Jobs 31-Oct View
18-Jul-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 12 Jobs 30-Jul View
06-Jul-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 38 Jobs 21-Jul View
13-Jun-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 63 Jobs 30-Jun View
11-May-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 13 Jobs 10-Jun View
12-Apr-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 163 Jobs 27-Apr View
28-Feb-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 139 Jobs 12-Mar View
15-Feb-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 239 Jobs 10-Mar View
09-Feb-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 466 Jobs 02-Mar View
09-Feb-19 Balochistan Police, Quetta 146 Jobs 02-Mar View
29-Mar-18 Balochistan Police, Quetta 35 Jobs 25-Apr View
21-Mar-18 Balochistan Police, Quetta 1 Jobs 15-Apr View
17-Nov-17 Balochistan Police, Killa Saifullah 27 Jobs 25-Dec View
04-Jan-17 Balochistan Police, Quetta 0 Jobs N/A View
13-Nov-15 Balochistan Police, Quetta 0 Jobs N/A View

Balochistan police work under the Police Rules of 1934 and are established by the Police Order 2002. There are many departments like Legal Affairs Division (Legal Branch), Finance and Welfare, Establishment, Operations, Training, Research and Development, and many more. Balochistan police jobs are being opened by the organization itself to make sure that the organization is well equipped with talented employees. Balochistan police obviously have an extraordinary position in Command and Staff at public level. They invite every single individual to pass on an extraordinary name to the affiliation.

Work Description of job in Balochistan police

Like different posts that are being displayed in Balochistan Police, jobs in this area are similarly important as others. It is very important for a candidate to know about the duties to be performed in the job in Balochistan police

  • Balochistan police ensures that peace is maintained in the region and there is no possible means to spread violence and terrorism activities
  • They are liable to enforce disciplinary measures in the province
  • They should be able to do legal and truthful investigations
  • They respond quickly and responsibly on the issues filed as complaints by the people of Balochistan
  • They arrest those who violate laws and break the laws without any regret
  • They make sure to provide and distribute information about all the laws to community
  • They have developed some of the indicators to judge the performance of people according to the law
  • They enforce a proper mechanism criteria to check all the discrepancies and problems in the system
  • They are accountable for their performed duties in front of the media, political government and to the law enforcing bodies.
  • They should know how to interview the victims and the suspected criminals
  • They should know how to write down the statement given by the victim and the criminal in a proper way without adding anything by himself
  • They should know the difference between a normal report, a theft case report, an illegal crime report
  • They should have an idea about the legal ways to collect the evidence
  • They should behave with the public in a respectable manner because they are public servants and they should not forget their duty to protect the civilians
  • They should do regular patrolling to make sure that there is peace in the locality assigned to them
  • They should know about how to act in emergency situations and deal accordingly

Skills required to get hired in Balochistan police jobs 2024

Below are stated some of the skills required in to get jobs in this sector::

  • It is their utmost duty to listen and deal all the matters brought before them with wit
  • They should have steady decision making authority and should be disciplined enough to accept the commandments stated by the government of Pakistan
  • They should be familiar with the strategies of how to put into all the rules and instructions practice by the people
  • The candidate should be of mature age and mind.
  • There should not be any hint of prejudiced judgment or nepotism
  • They should not lose control in national crisis conditions and manage them in the best possible way by using their intellects
  • They should own decent communication skills
  • They should know the art of instant compromise without further intensification of the matters.
  •  They should make sure that the judgment is unanimously accepted by every one without any issue

Provision of Latest Advertisements for Balochistan police jobs 2024

Balochistan police Jobs advertisements are made accessible so candidates can go after positions that they want. The Balochistan police makes an ad that fits in all the data that candidates need before they fill the form. Before you begin filling in your application form, it is significant that you read through the advertisement first.

In the commercial ad, data like previous working experience, expected set of responsibilities and skills, application submission date and other significant details are completely referenced in the newspaper. For different Jobs in Balochistan police, the promotional ads for them are distributed in papers like Jung, Dawn and different sources. Furthermore, ads for various job posts in Balochistan police department are moreover posted on the, so visit their site and to get some answers concerning new jobs.

Types of Balochistan police jobs

Candidates can apply in Balochistan police by for different posts like

  • police constable
  • Assistant Sub Inspector
  • Sub Inspector
  • Driver
  • Inspector
  • Head Constable
  • Computer Operator
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Call Center Operator
  • investigation officer
  • Hardware Technician
  • Wireless Operator

Male/Lady Constable and many other jobs that are mentioned on ads and on our website. Besides, females are encouraged to follow jobs in Balochistan police, as they are an important member of the Balochistan police department. Female applicants can follow jobs like female constables, record keeper etc.

Application process for Balochistan police jobs 2024

Balochistan police service has regularly incorporated and requested persons to apply here who have a comparable visualization and motive to end corruption relevant activities

  • To join, the Balochistan police job applicants should have a basic age of between 18 – 28 years with a margin of 5 years given by the government of Balochistan
  • Selected candidate has to go to the Government recruitment department for a written test.
  • Upon clearing it, the applicants will undergo tests about their fitness
  • The selected ones will be further asked to come for interview in Balochistan Police


Q. What is the least salary I can get in Balochistan police jobs?

Ans: The minimum and basic salary that will be offered in Balochistan police jobs is Rs.25000. Depending on the job post and position, it varies.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum age limit for Balochistan police jobs?

Ans: The age ought to be at least 18 years and a limit of 30 years. It is to be noted that a margin of 5 years is given to those who are competent and fit for the applied post.

Q. When is the last date to apply for Balochistan police jobs?

Ans: The Balochistan police online application will be acceptable till the date mentioned on the ad.

Q. What is the least qualification for Balochistan police jobs 2024?

Ans: The least qualification of Balochistan police jobs 2024 is matric and intermediate for lower level jobs and Graduation for higher level jobs.

Q. What is the procedure to apply for Balochistan police jobs?

Ans: The selected applicant should present the application form. It has a severe strategy against late or deficient applications. Besides, just the shortlisted applicants are called for the final interview.

Q. Is there a specific application form for government workers for Balochistan police jobs?

Ans: There are no unique standards for the public sector or govt. employees. They should apply through the appropriate channel like any other candidates.

Q. How can I get information about Balochistan police jobs?

Ans: Well, you can check on their official website. Moreover is a trusted website where you can find information regarding Balochistan police jobs 2024