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KE largely known as K-Electric is a private organization working under the regulations issued by NEPRA (National Energy and Power Regulation Authority). K Electric was once a government owned entity which was going in loss and was one of the largest organization that was draining billion of rupees from the treasury of the country. While, there were a lot of opportunities available which could have turned it into a profit making entity but because of the political reasons and technical incompetence and lack of coordination of the law enforcement agencies and the personal shortcomings of the people of the area having no sense of collective work, the entity which could have been one of the highest profit making is said to be the loss making entity regardless of all the strain put on by government. After years of hard work put in by the government, the entity could not be transformed from Loss making to profit making entity and thus hesitantly they had to call for the bid for the privatization of the organization.

Job opportunities in K-Electric 2024

Regardless, of the entity being private the Job opportunities available at K-Electric and the chances for career growth is worth a mention. K-Electric provides electricity that is generated by using oil, hence, it does require the people such as skilled labour, managerial employees, engineers, customer representatives, accountants and computer operators, etc. The skilled labour required by the K-Electric is outsourced and it does not make any direct hiring for the labour force required.

K-Electric does require engineers and make announcements for the job openings of the said requirements as per the organizational needs, whether it be fresh graduates or experienced engineers, K-Electric can accommodate you all. There are requirements for structural engineers, electric engineers and mechanical engineers for the furnace operations.

For Fresh Graduates, K-Electric have a new program known as Emerging Talent Program 2024, as per the website of the k-Electric the following are the incentives being provided to the people inducted through ETP (Merging theoretical knowledge and practical methodology, KE’s Emerging Program is the center point which cultivates existing talents in individuals to prepare them for challenging and rewarding professional careers at KE. Our Management Trainees get the opportunity to work closely with senior management on real business projects across different functions ranging from Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Supply Chain to Corporate.) There are testimonies present, the testaments would gladly recommend this program to the newly graduated people.

If you want to get a job in K-Electric, you have to visit www.ilmkidunya.com/jobs and find relevant jobs by clicking on search button. Apply for a relevant job as per eligibility which may include accounting, sales, supply chain and HR related jobs. All you have to do is visit this page if you want to see all the available posts.