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Pakistan is an agricultural country and the agriculture sector is majorly contributing to the economy of the country. Working in the fields and with the livestock has been proven as a great means of acquiring a job. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, people are fond of doing agricultural activities because of the fact that this requires a lot of effort and hard work. In this regard, the people in KPK’s agricultural department are continuously trying to bring revolution in the life of those who are an active part of this profession. Almost every 2 months, different agriculture department KPK jobs are advertised in the province’s local newspaper and on the website of ilmkidunya.com.

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Skills required to be a part of Agriculture Department KPK jobs

The agricultural department in KPK performs some serious duties because most of the economy of the province depends upon the stability of the agricultural sector. It is not a piece of cake to seek employment in the agriculture jobs KPK. Like other fields, there is a proper skill set that is predefined by the government for the candidates who want to be a part of it. Below are stated some of the skills required to get jobs in this sector:

  • Ability to adjust in different environments and places where there is a need.
  • The candidate must possess leadership skills and qualities so that he may provide guidance to the new employees, probably farmers.
  • It is very necessary to have good planning, organization, and execution skills so that the hired person does not face any issues
  • Must have time management skills and should know the importance of doing things on time
  • Since it is field based work, it is essential for the candidate to have good physical health to survive through the hardships of the day.
  • Should have a profound knowledge of the field in which he has applied
  • Should have basic information about crops and plantations.

Types of jobs in agriculture department KPK

Jobs in the Agriculture department KPK are offered in different sectors like administrative, engineering, and science. Every department has its own requirements and hires worthy candidates accordingly. In this regard, we have listed down below some of the career opportunities that are being offered in the above-stated sectors.

  • Farmworker.
  • Grower.
  • Grain elevator operator.
  • Agricultural equipment technician.
  • Purchasing agent.
  • Warehouse manager.
  • Agriculture specialist.
  • Sales representative
  • Crop manager
  • Environmental engineer
  • Feed mill manager
  • Research scientists
  • Contract Management Specialist
  • Agronomist Deputy Project Director
  • Pharmacist
  • Assistant Professor Electrophysiology
  • Assistant Agronomist
  • Assistant Director Field
  • Child Protection Officer
  • Assistant Director Citizen Feedback
  • Assistant Director Complaint
  • Assistant Director HR
  • Deputy Director Media Management
  • Assistant Director Service Center Operations
  • Deputy Director Citizen Feedback And Complaint Redressal and many more


Importance of agriculture department KPK jobs

Agriculture is the biggest sector in Pakistan that contributes to the GDP and economy of the country. Agriculture jobs in KPK help in increasing the income of an individual living in the province.  These jobs are the biggest source of employment in KPK and have helped a lot in reducing the level of poverty. This will lead to an increase in the bringing in more exports in the stated region due to an increase in demand for raw materials.

How to apply for agriculture jobs in KPK

There is a proper predefined criterion for the selection of candidates and the procedure of applying is well stated in the ads that are being posted in the newspapers in KPK and on the website of ilmkidunya.com. It is to be noted that all the ads posted here are in coherence with those of the newspapers, so they can be verified at any time. So, the criteria to apply for kpk agriculture department jobs 2021 is as follow

  • The candidate must be minimum Matric qualified and should possess the domicile of Mansehra or a nearby region in KPK
  • Academic qualifications, as well as prior experiences, are to be mentioned in the application form
  • Copies of documents like CNIC, diplomas, experience certificates domicile, etc are required to be sent along with the application either in email or via post
  • The candidates are usually hired as per quota defined by the government of KPK
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview if they got selected or shortlisted and the list will be displayed on the notice board in the Registrar office
  • There will not be given an allowance to those who come for the test
  • Make sure the submitted documents are truthful and testified. In case of fake documents, the application will be rejected and strict action will be taken against the candidate
  • During the time of the interview, it is very important to bring the original documents along with you


Q. What is the basic salary of an agriculture officer in KPK?

Ans: The basic salary is about Rs 25000. The salary depends upon the position for which the candidate has applied.

Q. Is Agriculture a good sector for jobs in KPK?

Ans: Yes, it is one of the best sectors in KPK to get employed in because of the different jobs available for all qualified and underqualified people with a chance of regular promotion as per govt rules.

Q. What are the different job posts in the agriculture department in KPK?

Ans: We have made a comprehensive list for you to look for your dream job in the agriculture department in KPK in this article above.

Q. Which job is best for Bsc agriculture in the agriculture department KPK?

Ans: Candidates with BSc in agriculture can apply as an agriculture analyst or Sales officer in the Agriculture department.

Q. What is the minimum qualification for a job in the agriculture department in KPK?

Ans: The minimum qualification is matric in this field.

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