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27-Mar-24 Higher Education Department, Azad Kashmir 1 Jobs 06-Apr View
06-Oct-22 Higher Education Department, Lahore 1 Jobs 04-Nov View
29-Apr-22 Higher Education Department, Lahore 238 Jobs 23-May View
03-Mar-22 Higher Education Department, Lahore 9 Jobs 10-Mar View
01-Mar-22 Higher Education Department, Lahore 9 Jobs 10-Mar View
25-Feb-22 Higher Education Department, Lahore 531 Jobs 14-Mar View
24-Feb-22 Higher Education Department, Lahore 9 Jobs 10-Mar View
11-Feb-22 Higher Education Department, Lahore 100 Jobs 25-Feb View
10-Feb-22 Higher Education Department, Lahore 100 Jobs 28-Feb View
26-Dec-21 Higher Education Department, Lahore 253 Jobs 10-Jan View
07-Dec-21 Higher Education Department, Lahore 1731 Jobs 17-Dec View
06-Dec-21 Higher Education Department, Lahore 1731 Jobs 17-Dec View
02-Dec-21 Higher Education Department, Lahore 1731 Jobs 17-Dec View
21-Oct-21 Higher Education Department, Peshawar 5 Jobs 05-Nov View
17-Sep-21 Higher Education Department, Karachi 1 Jobs 15-Oct View
11-Aug-21 Higher Education Department, Rawalakot 2 Jobs 26-Aug View
06-May-21 Higher Education Department, Lahore 441 Jobs 17-May View
02-May-21 Higher Education Department, Lahore 441 Jobs 17-May View

About Higher Education Department

The Higher Education Department deals with the education sector. It makes sure that all the individuals are properly taught all the ethics of education and know how to thrive in a competitive environment. In this regard, many education department jobs are posted on the official website of higher education departments to speed up the recruitment process of talented individuals. The fundamental aim of HED is to not just fulfill the educational requirements of the citizens of Pakistan but to expand their vision and prepare them to deal with the educational and monetary challenges of the advanced world.

Jobs in Higher Education Department

It is a main part of government association due to which a great number of people desire to join it. You can take a look at the most recent Education department job opportunities displayed through promotional ads in various newspapers. You can register yourself on their portal to see the job posts. They are in need to recruit individuals from Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi with best skills and top caliber. They also make sure that the newly recruited applicants understand the environment of this organization and prove themselves beneficial for it. For this purpose, learning and training programs are arranged regularly for the benefit of the applicant who has succeeded to secure a job in the education department. They give the credit to their leaders who are tenacious, eager, and especially focused around their work.

How to Apply for Higher Education Govt. Jobs?

  • Firstly, you have to Find out about the necessary requirements of the job position and afterward begin applying.
  • You can go to their site and click on the "Apply here" button.
  • Afterwards you will register yourself to continue with the further process.
  • After the completion of the registration process, you will search for the education department jobs that you wish to apply for.
  • The data that you will fill ought to be error free and complete otherwise the application form can get denied by the recruitment officer.
  • Make sure that you provide authentic information because the HR group will audit the applications very carefully.
  • When the applications are reviewed, the selected candidate will receive a confirmation call or email along with an invitation for the final interview.

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Higher Education Department:

The Higher Education Department of AJK is under legislative authority of ministry of Government. Currently the department is functioning in Directorate of Public Instructions Colleges, Divisional Directorates, and 10 District Directorates managing 173 colleges in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It was established in 1949. The department is divided into two sub departments such as: Directorate of colleges and Directorate of schools. The main functions and responsibilities of the department are to make prudent decisions, based on student's' best interests, to provide conductive environment, to promoting a culture of learning, to develop moral values, to promoting inter culture and internationalism and nationalism, to deliver a challenging and inquiry-based curriculum by promoting active learning and to review the curriculum – goals, methods, resources, assessment. So far the department has worked dedicatedly in transformation of the Human Resource into Highly Qualified and skilled force, has increased number of skilled faculty, in enhancement quality of assessment system and has increase market relevance of higher education programs. The department has objective to improve quality of HED, Expand Access, Enhance Equity and Strengthen Governance & Management.  The department has been performing its duties quite well over 50 years of its services. It has enhanced the education quality of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. For the readers of our website that are seeking job in HED AJK department, we will post any emerging vacancy. Keep updated by visiting our website on regular basis.