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The Balochistan Labor and Manpower Department is one of the most important wings of the government of Balochistan. The main work performed by this department is to ensure the security and the rights of the labor. Many unfortunate and sudden accidents in the fieldwork have led to the creation of this important department. In this regard, Balochistan labour department jobs have been introduced to hire qualified and competent candidates. They will be delegated the task of ensuring the prevention of any accident or right violation act with the people of Balochistan. This department directly works under the Government of Balochistan and hence it is of great importance.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for jobs in Balochistan Labour department

The government of Balochistan has set up a very fine eligibility criterion to get hired at jobs in the Balochistan labour department. The criteria of eligibility have been stated under as follows:

  • The minimum age required is 18 years for lower-level jobs like Driver, mechanic, etc. The minimum age for high-level jobs like mechanical engineering is 25 years.
  • Experience is preferable in the case of high-level jobs and low-level jobs. This leads the candidate to acquire a permanent position at a job.
  • Minimum qualification required is matric and middle-level pass for low-level jobs whereas bachelors in relevant field is required for high-level jobs

Skills required in Balochistan Labour department jobs

It is important to have good training when you have a job in the labor field. It is very necessary for the candidate to be physically fit and healthy to get recruited for jobs in Balochistan labour department. Candidates should have enough skills to make the right decisions in the nip of time. They should have enough knowledge about how well the tools and machines are used and deployed.

Responsibilities performed in Balochistan Labour department jobs

Responsibilities that are performed in this particular department are different from that of the other departments. This is because of the fact that the nature of labor jobs is entirely different from other jobs. Few of those responsibilities are stated below:

  • This department ensures that all the rights or the labor are very well preserved
  • Those who work in this department are liable to provide protection in physical and moral ways
  • The candidate should be able to ensure that the old aged employees receive their retirement benefits on regular basis without any delay
  • The candidate who is hired in the labor sector at a managerial post has to make sure that the environment in which the employees are working is safe and secure.
  • He has to make sure that no accident occurs intentionally and unintentionally making the employees feel confident about their jobs
  • At a managerial post in labor sector, it is important to pay overtime cost to those who do overtime to earn their living
  • The candidate has to make sure that there should not be any  prejudice in hiring employees
  • Make sure that any employee that is hired is aloof of the reference of any political or industrial personality
  • The candidate has to make sure that the field workers are well provided with all the raw material they require for performance and execution of labor work
  • The candidate has to keep a check on the raw material that is present whether it is enough or more has to be ordered
  • The candidate is liable to do inventory management by using different statistical approaches like Just In Time inventory management system

How to apply for Balochistan Labour Department jobs

There is proper and predefined criteria for the selection of candidates and the procedure of applying is well stated in the ads that are being posted in the newspapers in Balochistan and on the website of It is to be noted that all the Balochistan labour department jobs 2024  posted here are in coherence with those of the newspapers, so they can be verified at any time.

  • Academic qualifications, as well as prior experiences, are mentioned in the application form.
  • Copies of documents like CNIC, diplomas, experience certificates domicile, etc are required to be sent along with the application either in email or via post.
  • The candidates are usually hired as per quota defined by the government of Balochistan
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview if they got selected or shortlisted and the list will be displayed on the notice board in the Registrar office
  • There will not be given any allowance to those who come for the test
  • Make sure the submitted documents are testified and have the right and correct information. In case of fake documents, the application will be rejected and strict action will be taken against the candidate
  • During the time of the interview, it is very important to bring the original documents along with you


Q. What is the basic salary in Balochistan labour department?

Ans: The basic salary is about Rs 25000. The salary depends upon the position for which the candidate has applied.

Q. Are jobs in Balochistan labour department of good scope?

Ans: Yes, it is one the best sectors in Balochistan to get employed in because of the different jobs available for all qualified and underqualified people with a chance of regular promotion as per govt rules.

Q. What are the different job posts in the Balochistan labour department?

Ans: You can apply on low-level jobs like driver, mason, contractor and high-level jobs like officer or director in Balochistan labour department

Q. What is the minimum qualification for a job in the Balochistan labour department?

Ans: Minimum qualification is matric in low-level jobs like driver, mason, and graduation is required to get hired in high-level jobs like the director.

Q. Can females apply in Balochistan labour department jobs?

Ans: Females can only apply in office-based jobs in the Balochistan labour department.