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Welcome to the page of Electronic & Mechanical Jobs on  Electronics or electrical engineers make, test and manage the manufacture of electronic devices. These devices contain wiring and power sources in buildings, radar and navigation systems, electric motors and controls and the electrical systems used in powered vehicles. Mechanical engineers work in a wide variety of industries. They are often worked by manufacturing companies, where they design and test new products. These include automobiles, tools and equipment. Many mechanical engineers also work in manufacturing settings, where they progress equipment and processes based on hydraulic and fluid technologies. Ilmkidunya works for jobs section to provide you ideal jobs which identify your skills.

A degree earned in the field of the mechanical prepares the candidates to encounter numerous vacant job positions in this field. There are various public and private industries that offer Mechanical jobs in Pakistan. The candidates that are looking to get a job in this field are notified to check the latest job opportunities announced and apply for the suitable job position without any delay.

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Electronics and Mechanical Jobs in Pakistan

In the mechanical field, the candidates have to perform various duties such as includes product design and fabrication, heat and cold machine management, transport machinery maintenance, automated machinery management, the manager overseeing the working of the industrial plant, CAD and computer graphics, aerodynamics, as well as system control. Since mechanical is a broad field so the candidates can work on a variety of projects. To become a mechanical engineer the candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in the related fields along with some essential skills to perform the assigned tasks in an efficient manner. The candidates can also check theelectronics and mechanical jobs in Pakistanto learn about the available job positions. The jobs are vacant for candidates having an education at various levels along with experience in the field of electronics and mechanical.

In the field of electrical, the candidates have to design, develop and supervise the manufacture and maintenance of electrical equipment that include radar and navigation systems, communications systems, and power motors. Electrical engineers also design the electrical systems of the vehicles and auto craft. Electrical and electronics engineers work in various industries such as research and development, manufacturing, telecommunications, and other services.

Educational Requirements for Electrical & Mechanical Jobs:

The candidates should view the eligibility criteria mentioned for each job post to attain information related to the job requirements. The qualification requirements for electrical and mechanical jobs are different from each other. The educational requirements for both electrical and mechanical engineering jobs 2022 should be considered by the candidates to avoid all kinds of inconveniences faced during the application procedure. Let’s discuss the educational requirements for both of these job categories in detail:

  • To get an electrical engineering job, the candidates must have a relevant degree in this field. A Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is required for this purpose. However, candidates with a Master’s degree in the related field are highly preferred.
  • Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering is also acceptable for the job in the relevant field.
  • Likewise, the candidates who want to get a job in the field of mechanical engineering should also possess a related bachelor’s degree.
  • Some companies also specify the CGPA requirement or academic percentage for offering a job.
  • Individuals with a Master’s degree can also apply for teaching jobs in the relevant field.
  • The candidates can view the specifications of each job before applying to assess whether they fit right for the job or not. If they have a specification in Power Engineering, then they must apply for the relevant job.
  • On the other hand, the requirements for a telecom engineer are also mentioned in the job description.
  • There are more chances for experienced candidates to get their desired job. Thus, the engineers should complete an internship or training program after the completion of their degrees to get their dream jobs.

Technical Skills Required for an Electrical Engineering Job:

To get electrical engineering jobs in Pakistan, the candidates need to be efficient enough for fulfilling their responsibilities perfectly. The technical skills of the candidates are assessed because the efficiency of their performance majorly depends on these skills. These abilities are a combination of software and programming proficiencies. Following are the essential technical skills assessed in an electrical engineer:

  1. Good grip on Engineering Software:

    Engineers can improve their performance if they have a good grip on different advanced software. Different electrical designs are simulated through this software. The functionality of the models can be understood easily in this manner. This software includes MATLAB, PSPice, AutoCAD, etc. The engineers should also be efficient enough to write programs for a specific electrical circuit. They must have complete knowledge of C++, Java, and other programming tools.

  2. Knowledge of engineering Methodologies:

    To design a specific project, the candidates should have a sound knowledge of engineering methodologies. These methodologies are quite useful for solving different engineering problems. The knowledge of these tactics assists engineers to design their required projects without any difficulty. Additionally, they can get a lot of instructions regarding electrical design models in this regard.

  3. Project Management:

    This skill is of great importance for improving the performance of an engineer. This skill increases the leadership capabilities of the candidates. The candidates should be able to assign tasks to junior engineers. Moreover, they can lead the team to fulfill the requirements of a specific project. The tasks can be conveniently organized by the candidates in this way.

  4. Thorough Understanding of Engineering Concepts:

    Before designing any electrical circuit, the basic concepts of the engineer should be perfect. It is quite helpful for them to simulate their desired circuit quite efficiently. Additionally, they should be aware of the functionality of different electrical components. The perfection level of the design is based on the performance of the employee. However, the performance of engineers is based on their knowledge.


  • Q: What is the employment sector for mechanical jobs?

    Ans: Following is the employment sector for the mechanical jobs

    • Aerospace Industries
    • Automotive Industries
    • Construction and Building Services.
    • Indian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defense
    • Manufacturing Industries
    • Engineering Consultancies
    • Energy Utilities
    • Government Agencies
  • Q: What are some occupations related to mechanical technologies?

    Ans: The occupations related to mechanical technologies are as follows

    • Mechanical Engineering Consultant
    • Product and Material Testing Technologist
    • Drafting and Computer Graphics Engineer
    • Quality Management Engineer
    • Industrial Engineer
    • Product Engineer
    • Production Manager
    • Transportation Engineer
  • Q: Which department is best for the mechanical job?

    Ans: Following are some of the departments that offer mechanical jobs

    • Automation engineer
    • Research and development engineer
    • Senior mechanical engineer
    • Senior design engineer
    • Powertrain engineer
    • Instrumentation engineer
  • Q: What is a mechanical job?
    Ans: Mechanical engineers develop and design mechanical devices and systems that include machines, tools, and engines. There is a wide range of job opportunities for candidates in this field.
  • Q:Are mechanical engineers in demand?
    Ans: Yes, mechanical engineers are in the demand and many hire mechanical engineers for particular job positions to perform the assigned tasks. The candidates interested in this field can check the job opportunities. 
  • Q:Is it hard to get a job in the mechanical field?
    Ans: Yes, it is sometimes hard to get a job in the mechanical field due to the great competition among the new employees. It is not easy to hire new employees however there are multiple companies that hire people for this field.

Requisite Technological Skills for Mechanical Engineering Jobs:

To get mechanical engineering jobs in Pakistan, the candidates must possess some crucial technical skills. Technological skills allow mechanical engineers to perform their job tasks appropriately. The practical implementation of each project or design on advanced software is required in these jobs. Thus, the technical skills required in a mechanical engineer are as follows:

  • Understanding of Industry Standards:

    A mechanical engineer should be aware of the industry standards. He should attain knowledge about the latest software used by their competitors. Moreover, the designs introduced by the competitors need to be assessed for introducing something new and innovative.

  • Exceptional Computer Skills:

    Computer knowledge is considered the basic skill required for working as a mechanical engineer. Computer skills include an understanding of various programming and project designing tools. The engineer must be aware of automated model programming. Additionally, they should also be capable of using AutoCAD and other relevant software.

  • Efficient Designing and Simulating Projects:

    An engineer should be able to design and simulate projects according to the requirements of the company. He should be efficient enough to understand all the requirements perfectly to avoid all kinds of problems. The astonishing designs of the projects play a significant role in the development of the company.

  • Analytical Capabilities:

    Analytical capabilities are also assessed in the engineers for improving their performances. These skills allow people to think productively. The creativity of the candidate is also increased in this way. Thus, the engineers can present more impressive design ideas by attaining these skills.

electronics and electrical jobs

Career Growth Options in Electronics/Mechanical Field:

Several electrical engineering jobs 2022 are announced for hiring talented candidates. The field of Electrical and Mechanical engineering is quite vast. The candidates can enjoy astonishing job facilities after achieving field experience of at least 1 year. The jobs offered each year help people to make their future bright. The career opportunities are also responsible for identifying the scope of a particular field. A great number of job opportunities indicates that the scope of this field is quite high. Let’s discuss the career growth options in detail:

  1. Quality Management Engineer:

    The responsibility of engineers that lie in this job category is to check the functionality of all equipment or designs. Any issue or fault in the given design is also assessed by the quality management engineer. After the assessment of the problems, the engineer needs to solve all these issues by implementing advanced engineering techniques.

  2. Mechanical and Electrical Consultant:

    This job career is quite helpful for the candidates if they are looking for any suggestions and guidance regarding the electrical and mechanical design model. The efficiency of a model majorly depends on the proper guidance of the consultant.

  3. Industrial Engineer:

    This job post allows people to work in the industry by implementing engineering ideas. In this job, the engineer is responsible for eliminating waste in the production process. He devises the systems to increase the efficiency of the worker and machines. He provides an integrated platform of operation to offer remarkable products or services.

  4. Project Engineer:

    A project engineer is responsible for designing proposals for different projects. After the selection of the proposal, the engineers work on the assigned projects. He designs or develops the assigned project by following the instructions provided by the company. He designs the assembly and system of production for the progress of the company.

Electrical Engineering Job Specifications:

A large number of electrical engineering jobs are announced by different private and government sectors each year. These job positions are filled by candidates who are skilled enough in the specified field area. The job specifications are quite helpful for making people aware of their responsibilities. Thus, the specifications of electrical engineering jobs are given below:

  • The employees need to perform all the assigned tasks in a better way for the development of the company. These tasks include designing electrical products and systems.
  • Moreover, he also supervises the installation of electrical equipment. He should convey all the precautionary measures required for the installation of equipment to the employees perfectly.
  • He should be capable of developing electrical components or systems by following efficient technological methodologies.
  • He should communicate with the whole team to discuss potential engineering projects.
  • He has to use different programming languages for implementing the program of the circuit design. The working of the project or circuit can be easily understood in this manner.

Job Duties of a Mechanical Engineer:

The mechanical engineering jobs are provided to make the mechanical engineers satisfied. The candidates need to be aware of their job tasks and duties for improving their performance efficiency. The job duties of a mechanical engineer are as under:

  • A mechanical engineer needs to be efficient enough to perform all his tasks perfectly. He must be capable of analyzing different system problems by using mechanical devices.
  • He should be able to design thermal devices or subsystems. To complete this task, the engineer should possess a thorough understanding of mechanical engineering concepts.
  • Investigation of equipment failures is also included in his job responsibilities. It is quite helpful for the candidate to diagnose faulty operations.
  • After the identification of faults, the individual also has to suggest suitable possible solutions. The faults need to be identified timely because they are responsible for affecting the performance of the project.
  • The engineer must be capable of developing and testing prototypes of the devices.