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The people who work in the field of adverting and Media are responsible for creating the marketing communication that attracts the audience to purchase the product. These people generally create advertisements for the company that employs them and then prepare the advertisements for the customers of the company. It is basically the art of delivering the message to the people. Advertising is considered one of the main divisions of the industry that ensures competitiveness in the corporate milieu. A career in advertising is the best employment option that a person can choose. The adverting agencies prefer talented and creative individuals that can complete the assigned tasks in a better way. If you want to get jobs in advertising and media, you must be able to excel in communication, because this industry is very competitive, so a successful career requires effort. One can become a freelancer, sales manager, public relations director, advertising manager, creative director, copywriter, and marketing communications manager as per their interest. This page gives you a complete overview of jobs in advertising and media sector

Many other job poMedia studies are useful for a wide range of the careers such as marketing, sales, and advertising, journalist and publishing broadcast media and performing arts, and leisure sport and tourism. There are various qualifications that are linked to media studies that include performing arts, broadcast & media, publishing, and journalism, advertising, and marketing, arts, crafts & design, information technology, travel, and tourism.

Job Prospects

Job opportunities in advertising/ media showbiz include openings in private advertising agencies; and also the advertising departments and the media departments of private and public sector companies. Job seekers can also find about the latest jobs announced from a variety of sources. For the convenience of the candidates all the advertising and media showbiz jobs are compiled here on this platform so that the candidates can get to know about them easily

Advertising/Media/Showbiz Jobs:

Welcome to Ilmkidunya job section, here is a list of Advertising/Media/Showbiz Jobs. Make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect job. Advertising is a form of communication to be used for marketing and promotion, persuasion or manipulation of the audience (viewers, readers or listeners, sometimes a specific group) continue to take some new measures, is a form of communication. Media and Showbiz industry can be a real profitable industry. So, if you are attentive in promoting your Advertising/Media/ Showbiz career, and are curious as to what appropriate jobs in marketing are out there for you, Ilmkidunya share all job about Advertising/Media/ Showbiz on this page on daily basis.

Here you can get wide scope for jobs in Advertising/Media/ Showbiz industry. Our staff goal to provide you lot of information about the jobs of these industries. By using Ilmkidunya you can find all private and public sector Pakistan Newspaper Jobs. We also provide job alert facility, simply u can leave your email address our team will provide you alot of information regarding jobs; this is very useful service for all job seekers. Hope we will help you to find a perfect job for you. You can also share these jobs to your friends and family through social media sites. Search and apply your Advertising/Media/ Showbiz career opportunity with us.

Career opportunities in the media field:

People are facilitated with multiple career options in the field of media for the sake of their satisfaction. People can select their desired job from a wide range of options. The selection of a job depends on the interest of the candidates. Different universities are offering quality education to students in this specific field for making their future successful. Let’s discuss some of the job positions expected after completion of your media degree:


A reporter is responsible for depicting his perspective regarding a particular event. He can write a report on any influential incidence. For this purpose, he must possess detailed information regarding the specific topic.


People after the completion of a media degree can also step into the freelancing field. It is a quite vast field and it allows people to write fiction or non-fiction-based content. Thus, the individual can work as a blogger, reviewer, writer, etc.

News analyst:

The candidates can also start their careers as news analysts. He can examine and interpret the news from different sources. The process of examination is performed before making the news public. He can also write commentaries, scripts, or columns as per his desires.

Program producer:

A candidate can make his future bright by working as a program producer. He deals with budgeting, funds generating, etc. Moreover, he is also responsible for casting or guiding the crew. The major responsibility of the candidate is to cast the overall production of the program. He is also accountable for managing the quality of the program.

Many other job positions are also offered in this field that can be filled by candidates as per desires. These positions include authors, editors, photographers, graphic designers, etc. People can select the job positions that match their requirements.

Advertising job specifications:

A lot of advertisement jobs in Pakistan are posted on different online platforms for the sake of user’s ease. The people can take advantage of these jobs for improving their ways of earning. The specifications include job tasks, eligibility criteria, etc, which are given below:

  • The main job responsibility includes meeting with client corporations and discussing their objectives.
  • Another crucial task included in the specified job responsibilities is to perform market research. The main purpose of this research is to focus on the specified areas.
  • The individual needs to create advertising plans and content. Such plans help people to reach specific demographics.
  • Moreover, the person has to design and prepare an advertisement as per the requirement of the company.
  • The candidates need to manage all the tasks in an organized way. It is quite helpful for improving their performance efficiency and productivity.


  • Q.1: What jobs can you get in advertising?

    Ans:The major in advertising allows the candidates to pursue the following careers:

    • Copywriter
    • Production coordinator
    • Creative director
    • Graphic designer
    • Account executive
    • Art director
    • Event planner
    • Marketing coordinator
  • Q.2: Is advertising a good career?
    Ans:Advertising is considered a good career as it offers a great wide range of opportunities and the candidates grow in their professional lives. In this job, the candidates have to communicate, create and implement the strategies.
  • Q.3: How do I start a career in advertising?

    Ans:To get into a career in advertising the candidates can choose from one of the following courses.

    • Client Servicing
    • Studio
    • Media
    • Finance
  • Q.4: Is it hard to find a job in advertising?
    Ans:The field of advertising is very competitive and getting a gig in the modern ad business is also difficult. Even the candidates looking for internships find it difficult to search the vacancy for exposure.
  • Q.5: Why should I study advertising?
    Ans:Advertising offers various areas of concentration that allow the candidates to fulfill the career goals in the areas according to their interests. The candidates can do the specialization in diverse fields such as copywriting, branding, art direction, or interactive ad design.
  • Q.6: What advertising jobs pay the most?

    Ans:Some of the High-Paying adverting jobs are as follows

    • Corporate Communications Director
    • Marketing Research Director
    • Product Marketing Manager
    • Demand Generation Manager
    • Brand Marketing Manager
    • Director of Email Marketing
    • Director of Digital Marketing
    • Content Marketing Director

Educational background for getting advertising and media jobs:

People need to view the eligibility criteria before applying for any job. It is quite helpful for meeting their desires regarding a perfect job opportunity. Furthermore, the candidates get to know whether they are eligible for the specified job or not. The eligibility requirements of media jobs in Pakistan 2022 are mentioned below:

  • A person interested in this job area should have a bachelor’s degree in the field of advertisement, journalism, or communication.
  • Thus, a bachelor’s degree is mandatory for getting a media or advertisement-related job.
  • People select an advertising-related degree if they want to stay connected with the media field. This degree program involves courses in journalism, mass media, media writing, etc.
  • If the candidates possess relevant field experience then they can easily take advantage of various incredible job offers.
  • Creative and confident people with the requisite degree are welcomed in this field. If the candidates have completed an internship program or training in this specific field, then they can take a lot of benefits along with their desired job.

advertising and media jobs

Learning outcomes of advertising field:

In every field, people learn a lot of attributes that are quite helpful for people to live a perfect life. The advertising field is also liable to offer various learning ways for the sake of people’s betterment. The learning outcomes in this field are given below:

  • The students will be made aware of the role of advertisement in businesses. After the completion of their degree program, they can easily explain this role.
  • Moreover, the students can also learn advertisement strategies and budgets in this way.
  • The identification of various advertising media can also be easily performed by the students after the completion of their degree program.
  • Knowledge of basic economic principles is provided to the students. Additionally, great emphasis is placed on the knowledge of marketing principles, communication tools, legal issues, etc.
  • Candidates are made efficient enough to identify ethical issues faced in the workplace. Moreover, related ethical standards and frameworks are also introduced to prevent people from these issues.
  • Students are made aware of the knowledge of various professional business communication models. These models allow people to lessen the communication gaps for achieving better outcomes.

Skills gained from the showbiz industry:

People can learn a lot of things from showbiz jobs in Pakistan. These jobs are responsible for refining the skills of the candidates. The main focus of the relevant degree program is to improve the communication skills of the people. The candidates must be proficient in both Urdu and English. Moreover, they have to focus on the audience's psychology. Let’s discuss all the skills learned by the students holding media degrees in detail:


Teamwork is the fundamental skill developed in the candidates while working in the showbiz industry. A single program is held after the completion of multiple tasks. Each task is performed by different team members. The collaboration of the whole team is necessary for the success of each event. That is why this aspect is of paramount importance in almost every field area.

Communication skills:

To work in this field perfectly, a person must be confident enough to share his thoughts and ideas with people. Moreover, he must be able to interact with people quite efficiently. Effective communication skills are responsible for grabbing the attention of more audiences. The increased satisfaction of the audience is considered the important objective of this field. Moreover, this skill also permits people to collaborate with the team members quite efficiently.

Problem-solving ability:

Problem-solving ability is also developed in the candidates by working in the showbiz industry. This ability is quite helpful for overcoming the challenges of the industry. The individuals can initially determine the nature of the problem in this way. After observing the problem, the possible solutions can be easily suggested by the candidates. Dealing with the problem appropriately is a highly demanded skill for the showbiz industry.

Scope of media field in Pakistan:

The scope of the media field is quite higher in Pakistan. People interested in media jobs can easily fill the online application form. Thus, they can simply apply for their desired jobs within a few minutes. Various showbiz jobs in Pakistan 2022 are posted in the newspaper and social media platforms for bringing convenience to the life of people. These jobs offer handsome salary packages to the people for grabbing their increased attention. Let’s discuss the benefits of studying media degree in detail:

  • The media industry is progressing with time and it is quite helpful for giving a wide range of job opportunities to unemployed candidates.
  • This degree program is regarded as an ideal option for media-oriented minds. The job positions in this particular field area involve reporters, correspondents, writers, etc.
  • This field industry is based on film, television, print, and radio. The major purpose of this field is to entertain the audience.
  • Movies, TV shows, books, magazines, etc. are the results of people’s hard work in this field. The job offers announced in this field are quite useful for polishing the skills of the candidates.