11th Class Civics Online Test

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11th Class FA Part 1 Civics MCQ Test With Answer for Civics Full Book

Civics is the optional subject for the FA Students. It depends on the students which subject they wants to choose for their studies. Civics is taught in colleges and universities at a large scale.

MSQS Civics online tests SSC part 1 provides great help out the students for the preparation for the exams online and develops their ability and knowledge. There is 20 % objective is the compulsory part of the paper. Ilmkidunya has prepared thousands of short questions, Fill in the blanks, true false. These questions are prepared by the expert and professional teachers. To attempt this part of Paper, ilmkidunya has helped the students a lot by making online testing system for civics. This conics online test is prepared by the expert teachers. Ilmkidunya advised the students to solve these MCQ from the website. It will be very helpful for the students to enhance the knowledge and students become more competent and expert.

Ilmkidunya is the first educational website which provides the free online test for FA Students. The main motive of this website to improve the learning process and the students can easily access their educational quarries. It is the great effort of ilmkidunya’s team and students can take benefit from this website. The students become more competent and well prepared for the exams by attempting these civics online tests. Students can examine their self by attempting this online test as many times as they want until they find their self fully able. Students of all the educational boards can prepare their exams online.

FA Part 1 Civics Test

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11th Class FA Part 1 Civics MCQ Test With Answer for Civics Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 جرمنی میں ووٹر کی عمر ہے-
  • A. 20 سال
  • B. 19 سال
  • C. 16 سال
  • D. 23 سال
2 کس ملک میں استصواب رائے کا طریقہ رائج ہے-
  • A. امریکہ
  • B. سوئزر لینڈ
  • C. بھارت
  • D. برطانیہ
3 لفظ سوکس کا استعمال پہلی مرتبہ کب ہوا
  • A. 1882ء
  • B. 1883ء
  • C. 1887ء
  • D. 1888ء
4 برطانیہ کے دستور کا آغاز کس صدی میں ہوا-
  • A. گیارہویں
  • B. بارہویں
  • C. تیرہویں
  • D. چودہویں
5 کس دستور میں حالات کے مطابق تبدیلی کی جاسکتی ہے-
  • A. استوار
  • B. غیر لچکدار
  • C. عوامی
  • D. لچکدار
6 آئین کی کتنی اقسام ہیں
  • A. پانچ
  • B. چھہ
  • C. آٹھہ
  • D. بارہ
7 اقتدار اعلٰی کی سب سے جامع تعریف کس نے کی
  • A. جان لاک
  • B. جان آسٹن
  • C. تھامس ہابز
  • D. روسو
8 اقتدار اعلی کی خصوصیات میں سے ٍغیر متعلق حصوصیات کی نشاندہی کریں-
  • A. پائیداری
  • B. خوبصورتی
  • C. مطلق العنانیت
  • D. جامعیت
9 پارلیمنٹ جب چاہے دستور میں تبدیلی لاسکتی ہے
  • A. یورپی
  • B. امریکی
  • C. برطانوی
  • D. افریقی
10 کس کے بغیر پر امن اور خوشگوار معاشرے کا قیام ممکن نہیں-
  • A. رسم و رواج
  • B. مال ودولت
  • C. سیروتفریح
  • D. قانون

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  • Ayan

    11 May 2023

    Online paper ki tyari

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    26 Mar 2023

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    Maryam Mughal

    15 Mar 2023

    koi bta skta h health and physical education ka test hota h

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    Salma007 Ahmed

    18 Mar 2023

    ni hota

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    Ahmad Raza

    10 Mar 2023

    very good

  • Y


    20 Sep 2022

    yaar English mei mcqs nahi Hain civics ke ?

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    14 Aug 2021

    yr ki k pas civics k short question hy to send kry plz

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    Guest User

    25 Mar 2020

    Past papers nhi kia 1st year k?

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