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11th Class FA Part 1 Punjabi MCQ Test With Answer for Punjabi Full Book

Punjabi Online Test Mcqs FA Part 1 11th Class

Punjabi is an optional subject . Students can choose this subject according to their choice. Both regular and private candidate selects this subject. Punjabi language is also the part of our culture. It is widely taught in college and universities by the professional teachers.

MSQS online test is great help out for the students to preparation for the exams and enhance their ability and knowledge. There is 20 % objective is the compulsory part of the paper. Ilmkidunya has prepared thousands of short questions, Fill in the blanks, true false. These questions are prepared by the expert and professional teachers. For the attempting of this part in the paper, Ilmkidunya has prepared thousands of questions for this purpose. These MCQ are prepared by the expert teachers. Ilmkidunya advised the students to solve these MCQ from this website. It will be very helpful for the students to enhance the knowledge and students become more competent and expert.

Ilmkidunya is the first educational website which provides the free online test for FA Students. The main motive of this website to improve the learning process and the students can easily access their educational quarries. It is the great effort of these team, students can take benefit from this website. It is free online test; the students become more competent and well prepared for the exams. Students can analyze their self by attempting this online test as many times as they want until they find their self fully prepared. Students of all the educational boards can prepare their exams online.

FA Part 1 Punjabi Test

11th Class FA Part 1 Punjabi MCQ Test With Answer for Punjabi Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 عبدالکریم جھنگوی نے کیہڑی کتاب لکھی
  • A. سک متراں دی
  • B. جگراتے
  • C. نجات المومنین
  • D. ہٹھ
2 پیر فضل گجراتی کس عہدے توں ریٹائر ہوئے
  • A. کلرک دے
  • B. افسر دے
  • C. سپرنٹنڈنٹ دے
  • D. چیئرمین دے
3 رائے احمد خاں کھرل کس علاقے دے رہن والے سن
  • A. جھامرہ
  • B. گوجرہ
  • C. گوگیرہ
  • D. گڑھ فتح شاہ
4 حضرت بہاؤالدین زکریا نے کنے سال دی عمر وچ قرآن حفظ کیتا
  • A. اٹھ سال
  • B. نوں سال
  • C. دس سال
  • D. ست سال
5 شاہ مراد کس ضلع وچ پیدا ہوئے
  • A. میانوالی
  • B. چکوال
  • C. قصور
  • D. جہلم
6 دلیر پور والی سڑک کیویں دی سی
  • A. پکی
  • B. خراب
  • C. زیر تعمیر
  • D. کچی
7 سید وارث شاہ دی شہرت کیس قصے پاروں ہوئی
  • A. سیف الملوک
  • B. مرزا صاحباں
  • C. شیریں فرہاد
  • D. ہیر رانجھا
8 احما کس شہر وچ افسر سی
  • A. جالندھر
  • B. نتالہ
  • C. دلی
  • D. امرتسر
9 ڈاکٹر محمد باقر نے کس ادب دی ترقی لئی بہت کم کیتا
  • A. اردو
  • B. فارسی
  • C. پنجابی
  • D. سندھی
  • E.
10 حضرت یوسف کس شہر نوں وداع کر رہے نیں
  • A. مکے نوں
  • B. کربلا نوں
  • C. کنعان نوں
  • D. کابل نوں

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