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11th Class FA Part 1 Pakistan History MCQ Test With Answer for Pakistan History Full Book

Pakistani history is the compulsory subject in the syllabus of FA part 1.Social studies is the main subject being taught in college and universities. It is help our students to prepare all kinds of Pakistan studies general knowledge related to the written exams all MCQ test. Ilmkidunya has provided several free online tests on our website which is used as a guide for best possible preparation. Thousands of question are uploaded on the the website .it is not only increase the knowledge of the students, it also provide the great help to comprehend the topic. SSCpart 1 social studies paper consist of 20 % objective question paper, fill in the blanks, True false. Short question answer. These MCQ test are prepared by the experienced and expert teachers. After attempting these MCQ students will be able to judge their ability in a better way. SSC part 1 students can analyze their self by attempting this online test system as many time until they find their self fully prepared. We also come to know the Pakistani history.

Ilmkidunya is the free educational website which is offering free online test preparation for SSC part 1students. Students become get more and more information after attempting this test. After attempting this test ,students can get the result instantly .These MCQ test are get prepared from the old past papers,text book . Model papers. It is the more easy way to judge the ability and preparation of the students

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FA Part 1 Pakistan History Test

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Hamza Abid

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11th Class FA Part 1 Pakistan History MCQ Test With Answer for Pakistan History Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 تحریک آزادی کا دوسرا مرکز کونسا تھا
  • A. دہلی
  • B. میرٹھ
  • C. لکھنؤ
  • D. میسور
2 سرسید احمد خان کہاں پیدا ہوئے؟
  • A. لاہور
  • B. آگرہ
  • C. دہلی
  • D. سیالکوٹ
3 سندھ مسلم کانفرنس میں برصغیر کی تقسیم کی قرارداد پاس ہوئی
  • A. 1930ء
  • B. 1938ء
  • C. 1940ء
  • D. 1947ء
4 تقسیم ہند کے وقت برطانیہ کا وزیراعظم کون تھا؟
  • A. مونٹ بیٹن
  • B. لارڈویول
  • C. لارڈ اٹیلی
  • D. لارڈ کرزن
5 سرسید احمد خان وائسراے ہند کونسل میں کتنے سال مقرررہے
  • A. پانچ سال
  • B. آٹھ سال
  • C. چار سال
  • D. دس سال
6 علامہ اقبال وطن کب واپس آئے
  • A. 1910ء
  • B. 1912ء
  • C. 1908ء
  • D. 1906ء
7 بین الکلام کس کی تفسیر ہے
  • A. قرآن مجید
  • B. زبور
  • C. تورات
  • D. انجیل
8 سرسید احمد خان کہاں پیدا ہوئے
  • A. پنجاب
  • B. بمبئی
  • C. لکھنؤ
  • D. دہلی
9 کانپور مسجد کے سانحے میں مسلمان شہید ہوئے
  • A. 16
  • B. 18
  • C. 17
  • D. 19
10 1909ء کے مجلس قانون ساز میں اراکین کی تعداد تھی
  • A. 45
  • B. 65
  • C. 70
  • D. 60

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    02 Jul 2019

    The first lecture of fsc part 1 maths ch 1, there is a mistake that when we muultiply 0 with --1 the answer is 0, not -1.

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    Awais Khan

    25 Apr 2019

    nice testing

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    06 Apr 2019

    Nice testing website 😍😘

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    04 May 2016

    preparation of history

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    Sohail Kakar

    25 Mar 2016


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    Akbar Khan

    13 Mar 2016


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    06 Mar 2016

    TEST Pak Studies

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    Maher Shahid

    13 Jul 2015


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    26 May 2015

    There is no test for histroy of islam.

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    Salman Bashir

    29 Mar 2021

    history of Pakistan


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