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11th Class FA Part 1 Physical Education MCQ Test With Answer for Physical Education Full Book

FA students can find the online test here at this page. This page will direct the students to the online test of Physical Education subject. Students are to inform that they can also find Education Subject Online Test, Sociology Subject Online Test, and all others. Students can find the test with chapter wise sequence and they are also offered with full book test. We give surety to students that they can easily assess their way of practice after going to this test system. The test system is formulated by expert teachers. The experts grabbed the most important topics of chapters or syllabus or introduced these topics into the test in the form of multiple choice questions. Students can get the quick result just after attempting the test. So, under these circumstances, it is sure that you can easily know that at which level you have conquered the preparation for the final examination.

Physical education is the subject which FA level students take as the optional one subject. It offers physical training to students. Students learn the best ways of exercise to keep the body maintain and healthy. The subject is accepting worldwide. In Pakistan, the subject got much popularity. Now, our students are pursuing Master degrees in this subject. Today, a good scope of this subject comes to see. However, students are also offered with other Online Study Resources at ilmkidunya.com for their good practice. Instead of the online test system, students can find Physical Education Past Papers which are also considered as the keys of good preparation. Ilmkidunya.com will also offer Date Sheets to FA students. Moreover, FA Result 2020 will also be declared at this site at the time of the announcement.

FA Part 1 Physical Education Test

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11th Class FA Part 1 Physical Education MCQ Test With Answer for Physical Education Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 Man has been utilizing physical education since
  • A. The first Olympics
  • B. Early modern era
  • C. Birth
  • D. The youth
2 "Physical education is the most complete/important part of the study it is a study whose purpose is to make a person's body, mind healthy by the help of physical activities" said by
  • A. Charles Butcher
  • B. J.B Nash
  • C. Rosaland Cassidy
  • D. John Dewey
3 Health education teaches principles and physical education enables to
  • A. Oppose them
  • B. Understand them
  • C. Learn them
  • D. Practice them
4 Physical education is the branch of study which deals with the muscles and their movements. Said by
  • A. J.B. Nash
  • B. Charles Butcher
  • C. John Dewey
  • D. Rosaland Cassidy
5 The height of the net for girls is
  • A. 2.24m
  • B. 3.24m
  • C. 2.43m
  • D. 3m
6 A partial fracture common in children is called
  • A. Impacted fracture
  • B. Serrated fracture
  • C. Green stick fracture
  • D. Oblique fracture
7 An example of involuntary movements is
  • A. Heart beat
  • B. Walking
  • C. Bending
  • D. Jumping
8 The ______ remove disease causing germs from the blood
  • A. Platelets
  • B. White blood cells
  • C. Red blood cells
  • D. Plasma
9 The contre of the discus should be ______ than the rim
  • A. Thicker
  • B. Equal
  • C. Thiner
  • D. Hollow
10 The activities which make the body flexible are
  • A. Gymnastics
  • B. Health
  • C. Game
  • D. Nothing

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