11th Class Fine Arts Test

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11th Class FA Part 1 Fine Arts MCQ Test With Answer for Fine Arts Full Book

Fine Arts Online Test MCQ FA Part 1

All those students who are looking for quick ways to get good practice for final examination of FA classes are welcome here. Here we are offering online test system which is considered as an easy and quick way to get good practice or measure your practice level. Students can find an online test of almost all the subjects but here they are limited to fine arts subject online test. The name of the subjects refers that about what it is actually. It offers knowledge of different kinds of artwork. Students in fine arts subject get a brief knowledge about painting, designing, drawing, graphics, sculpture and other related topics. The subject at FA level is considered as the optional one subjects. Students who have the extraordinary taste for this subject choose this. But, now the subject got an extension to such an extent that universities throughout the world are teaching the subject at master level. Now, many universities are adding the topic of the theater into fine arts studies.

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MCQs are the compulsory part of the exams. The 20 % paper is consists of MCQ. Those students, who are attempting these MCQ, students are able to easily comprehend the topic. It is not only increase the knowledge of the students but it can also prepare well for the exams. After attempting these tests, students can easily judge their ability and aptitude for the exams. Students can see the result immediately. Students can also repeat this test again and again until they can adroit in this test. Students can get grip on all the theories, objects and patterns, Styles. All the information and Syllabus is uploaded on the web site for the convenience of the students. This test makes the students more competent and intelligent.

Ilmkidunya is the free educational web site. Students can easily judge their preparation level for the final exams Ilmkidunya provides the great prospect for SSC part 1 exams to solve this online test and pass the exams with the notable grades.

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FA Part 1 Fine Arts Test

11th Class FA Part 1 Fine Arts MCQ Test With Answer for Fine Arts Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 خراش دار ٹیٹوننگ کا طریقہ آرائش.................. چمڑی والے قبائل استعمال کرتے ہیں.
  • A. سفید
  • B. گندمی
  • C. سانولی
  • D. سیاہ
2 ........... میں سلطان بنگال اور صادقین کوئٹہ چلے گئے.
  • A. 1956
  • B. 1954
  • C. 1958
  • D. 1953
3 وادی سندھ کی تہذیب تقریب................. میل کے رقبے پر پھیلی ہوئی ہے.
  • A. ایک ہزار
  • B. دو ہزار
  • C. تین ہزار
  • D. چار ہزار
4 موہنجوڈارو کے مشرق میں........... ہے.
  • A. دریائے راوی
  • B. دریائے چناب
  • C. دریائے سندھ
  • D. دریائے بیاس
5 ٹوٹو مصر کا وزیر ............. تھا.
  • A. داخلہ
  • B. صحت
  • C. خوراک
  • D. خارجہ
6 دریائے سندھ کے .............کنارے پر وااقع علاقے کو گندھارا کا علاقہ کہا جاتا ہے
  • A. مشرقی
  • B. مغربی
  • C. شمال
  • D. جنوبی
7 وادی سندھ کے لوگوں کے پاس ............. ہتھیار تھے
  • A. معمولی
  • B. بہترین
  • C. آتشیں
  • D. مضبوط
8 متحدہ ہندوستان میں عبدالرحمٰن چغتائی آرٹ اینڈ لڑیچرکا انعام حاصل کرنے والے .............. شخص تھے.
  • A. چھوتے
  • B. تیسرے
  • C. دوسرے
  • D. پہلے
9 مصر کی ابتدائی باقاعدہ حکومت ...............حصوں میں منقسم تھی.
  • A. دو
  • B. تین
  • C. چار
  • D. پانچ
10 اہل میسوپوٹامیہ................ تھے
  • A. ملازمت پیشہ
  • B. تجارت پیشہ
  • C. زراعت پیشہ
  • D. خانہ بدوش

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