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11th Class FA Part 1 Education MCQ Test With Answer for Education Full Book

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We offer an online test in the form of multiple choice question. Students can get the test of almost all the subjects including English Online Test, Mathematics Online Test and so on. A student can get chapter wise online tests of all the subjects. Students are to inform that these tests are arranged by the expert and professional teachers. They extract the important parts of the subject and presented them in the form of MCQs test.

Education is the subject that FA level students take as the optional one subject. The subject offers knowledge about different aspects of education. What is the importance of education, what contributions education impacts on the society and citizens, how we can make the education system of our society of country better, what steps are necessary to take for the wellbeing of the education system? All these topics are discussed in this subject.

FA Part 1 Education Test

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11th Class FA Part 1 Education MCQ Test With Answer for Education Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 Co-curricular activities are included in:
  • A. Groupguidance
  • B. Individualguidance
  • C. Educationalguidance
  • D. Curricularguidance
2 Education does:
  • A. Develops political awareness
  • B. Promotes acquaintance with national intersets
  • C. Promotes civic sense
  • D. All of the above
3 In their respective ages, all prophets teach:
  • A. Fundamental ideology to mankind
  • B. Morality to mankind
  • C. Code of life to mankind
  • D. All of the above
4 To assess the effectiveness of teaching, a teacher keeps an eye on:
  • A. The classroom activities of the students
  • B. The attentionof the students
  • C. The understanding levelof the students
  • D. All of the above
5 Professional guidance is concerned with the point that
  • A. Which profession an individual should adopt
  • B. Why an individual should adopt a profession
  • C. Why an individual should prefer a profession over others
  • D. All of above
6 Information and ideas are concerned with:
  • A. Cognitive change
  • B. Affective change
  • C. Psychomotor change
  • D. None of the above
7 Educational psychology:
  • A. Is closely concerned with the educative process
  • B. Solves the problems of learning
  • C. Helps in understanding the nature of the learner
  • D. All of the above
8 What are community and society:
  • A. They are two names of one thing:
  • B. Community is unit of society
  • C. Community has no concern with society
  • D. Community is greater than society
9 Which of the following knowledge is restricted to the material world:
  • A. Scientific knowledge
  • B. Revealedknowledge
  • C. Intuitiveknowledge
  • D. Rationalknowledge
10 The fountain head of the objectives of education is an Islamic society is:
  • A. Quran
  • B. Arabic language
  • C. Political language
  • D. Social teahcings

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