12th Class Islamic History Test

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12th Class Islamic History MCQ Test With Answer for Islamic History Full Book

FA class students are invited here for their good practice of final examination. We are inviting them to perform an online test of FA subjects. This is because this test will help them to assess the practice level and they will make further efforts to make them perfect for the final examination. Students can find an online test of almost all the subjects of FA class. But here at this page, they will be directed to Islamic History subject online test. Moreover, they can also find Pak-Studies Online Test, English Subject Online Test, and others through a friendly browsing method. The idea of this online test system is an exceptional one ide because students never get the opportunity before to assess them. So, must join this test system and you are also requested to share this test system with your friends.

Islamic history is the subject that intermediate students especially FA level students choose as an optional subject. From the name of the subject, one can easily take the idea that which topic of discussion it is offering. Yes, it offers complete events of Islamic history. How religious Islam introduces to people and how it got an extension. Moreover, the current affairs or events of Islam also discussed in this subject. Because of great knowledge of Islam, most of the students show interest in studying this subject. However, it is not so easy subject. Students are to be advised for getting exceptional they can also use Islamic History Past Papers.

Students are to inform that at Ilmkidunya.com they are not only limited to an online test system or FA Past Papers. However, they can find some other assistance too. For example, students will get their Date Sheets at the time of announcement and in the end, FA Result 2020 will also be published here at this site.

FA Part 2 Islamic History Test

Top Scorers of Islamic History Fa Part 2 Online Test


Hamza Abid

Abbottabad11 - Feb - 2023

10 Mins 50 Sec

Arslan Ahmed

Rawalpindi11 - Feb - 2023

02 Mins 33 Sec

Iram Khalid

Lahore16 - Jan - 2023

03 Mins 39 Sec

Guriya Snowwhite

Lahore25 - Mar - 2023

06 Mins 55 Sec

Hamza Abid

Abbottabad10 - Feb - 2023

10 Mins 50 Sec

12th Class Islamic History MCQ Test With Answer for Islamic History Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 ہارون کی بیوی کا نام بتایئے جو امین کی ماں تھی:
  • A. زبیدہ
  • B. خیزران
  • C. مراجل
  • D. بوران
2 ہارون الرشید کے اتالیق کا نام کیا تھا:
  • A. خالد
  • B. یحیٰی
  • C. فضل
  • D. جعفر
3 موسٰی الخوارزمی تھا:
  • A. مورخ
  • B. محدث
  • C. مفسر
  • D. سائنس دان
4 صلیبی جنگیں مسلمانوں کے خلاف یورپ کے عیسائیوں کا اجتماعی رد عمل تھا
  • A. سیاسی غلبہ کا
  • B. معاشی غلبہ کا
  • C. معاشرتی غلبہ کا
  • D. انفرادی غلبہ کا
5 علقمی نے تاتاریووں کو مشورہ دیا
  • A. تاتاری حکومت قائم کرنے کا
  • B. باطنی حکومت کے قیام کا
  • C. فاطمی حکومت کا قیام
  • D. عباسی حکومت کا قیام
6 الحاد کے لغوی معنی ہیں
  • A. مڑ جانا
  • B. سیدھا چلنا
  • C. متوازی چلنا
  • D. سیدھے راستے سے کترا جانا
7 متوکل کے قتل کے بعد خلیفہ بنا
  • A. معتضد باللہ
  • B. معتصم باللہ
  • C. معین باللہ
  • D. مستنصر باللہ
8 نفس زکیہ کا اصل نام کیا تھا:
  • A. یعقوب
  • B. عبداللہ
  • C. محمد بن عبداللہ
  • D. محمد بن علی
9 مہدی پیدا ہوا:
  • A. ہاشمیہ
  • B. بغداد
  • C. ایرج
  • D. دمشق
10 اہل بغداد نے مامون کی بیعت فسخ کر کے ابراہیم مہدی کی بیعت کی
  • A. 815 ء
  • B. 816 ء
  • C. 817 ء
  • D. 818 ء

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