17th Chapter

MDCAT Chemistry Chapter 17 Test

Here you can prepare MDCAT Chemistry Ch 17 Aldehydes and Ketones Test. Click the button for 100% free full practice test.

MDCAT Chemistry Chapter 17 MCQ Test With Answer for Chemistry chapter 17 (Aldehydes and Ketones)

In this topic,Student should be able to :

Discus Alcohols with reference to::/p>

a) Classification of alcohols into primary, secondary and tertiary.

b) Preparation of ethanol by hydration of ethene using conc. H2SO4 or conc. H3PO4

c) Reaction of alcohol with: i) K2Cr2O7 + H2SO4 (oxidation). ii) PCl5. iii) Na-metal. iv) Alkaline aqueous Iodine (Iodoform Test). v) Carboxylic acid (Esterification).

d) Dehydration of alcohol to give alkene.

Phenols a) Discuss reactions of phenol with: i) Bromine ii) HNO3 iii) NaOH b) Explain the relative acidity of water, ethanol and phenol.


MDCAT Chemistry Ch 17 Test

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    Bakhtawar 14 / Apr / 2018

    iss men to answer key hi ghalat hai