14th Chapter

MDCAT Chemistry Chapter 14 Test

Here you can prepare MDCAT Chemistry Ch 14 Hydrocarbons Test. Click the button for 100% free full practice test.

MDCAT Chemistry Chapter 14 MCQ Test With Answer for Chemistry chapter 14 (Hydrocarbons)

In this topic,Student should be able to :

a) Classify the organic compounds.

b) Explain the types of bond cleavage, homolytic and heterolytic.

c) Suggest how cracking can be used to obtain more useful alkanes and alkenes of lower masses.

d) Discuss the types of reagents; nucleophile, electrophile and free radicals.

e) Explain isomerism; structural and cis-trans.

f) Discuss the functional group and nomenclature of organic compounds with reference to IUPAC names of Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols, Haloalkanes and Carboxylic acids.


MDCAT Chemistry Ch 14 Test

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    Rimsha 15 / Feb / 2019

    Mostly the answers are wrong given bye them

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      Umer 28 / Jan / 2018