9th Chapter

MDCAT Chemistry Chapter 9 Test

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MDCAT Chemistry Chapter 9 MCQ Test With Answer for Chemistry chapter 9 (Periods)

The students searching for Chapter 9 MCQs of Chemistry are at the right platform from where they can access the online MCQs easily. The students often find it hard to get the relevant study material, so to overcome the problem of the students, the online test is available here by which the students can determine their preparation level before appearing in the test.


MDCAT Chemistry Ch 9 Test

The students can get the online MCQs that help them to prepare for the entry test in a better way. By practicing the MCQs, the students can have a better understanding of the topics, and they can score well on the entry test. So make sure to spend the maximum time on the revision and solving the MCQs. In this way, the students will be able to perform well and score well in MDCAT. To get the chapter-wise MCQs of all MDCAT subjects, stay connected with us.

In this topic,Student should be able to :

a) Explain and use the terms: rate of reaction; activation energy; catalysis; rate equation; order of reaction; rate constant; half-life of a reaction; ratedetermining step.

b) Explain qualitatively, in terms of collisions, the effect of concentration changes on the rate of a reaction.

c) Explain that, in the presence of a catalyst, a reaction has a different mechanism, i.e. one of lower activation energy.

d) Describe enzymes as biological catalysts which may have specific activity.

e) Construct and use rate equations of the form Rate = k[Am[Bn with special emphasis on: i) Zero order reaction ii) 1 st order reaction iii) 2 nd order reaction

f) Show understanding that the half-life of a first-order reaction is independent of initial concentration and use the half-life to calculate order of reaction.

g) Calculate the rate constant from the given data. h) Name a suitable method for studying the rate of a reaction, from given information.

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